Combat Tips To Help You Get Better At Palworld

Combat Tips to deal with different scenarios and get the most out of your Pals.

In Palworld, you can start combat with enemies by throwing your Pal Sphere near them. You can make Pal attack anyone on sight or focus on the enemy you are targetting. Similarly, wild pals will attack when you get close.

Because of all this, things can get messy if you do not follow a good approach in battle. To help you out, I just came up with some Palworld tips to aid you in combat.

Summon the right Pals in combat

The first thing you must ensure while starting the battle is that you are summoning a strong element-type Pal against the Pal you are facing. Some element type Pals are weak against specific element types, while others are strong. For example, Foxparks is one of the best combat fire-type Pals that are strong against grass and ice but weak against water.

Below, you will find all the element types and what they are strong and weak against. Some elements can also inflict status effects like poison, so use them wisely to improve in Palworld combats.  

TypeStrong AgainstWeak Against
FireGrass and IceWater

Join your Pals in battles with weapons

Your Pals will always be there to aid you, but you should also attack enemies. Make sure you have the best ranged and melee weapons, like Iron Sword, and use them effectively. You can use the CTRL key during the battle to dodge enemy attacks.

Sprinting will also allow you to dodge attacks and do a counterattack. Taking advantage of your surroundings while holding the weapon is a great way to dominate the fight in Palworld. For example, you can use rocks and pillars to block enemy attacks.

If some of your Pals are low in health, swap them with others with full HP to dominate the fight. Similarly, leveling Up allows you to improve your Pal stats and learn new skills.

Avoid combat when the same Pals are nearby

Sometimes, while battling with some Pal, you will notice that other Pals join the fight and attack you. This happens in situations when the same Pals are close by. To avoid this and take out Pal easily, look at the surroundings.

If similar kinds of Pals are close to each other, avoid starting the combat in Palworld, as you can’t handle many. If you still want to do it, ensure to revisit that location if you are defeated. This way, you can retrieve the lost items after the defeat.

Control your Pal’s behavior

You should control your Pal behavior according to the need after summoning them. Use the command wheel to select the behavior you want. The reason is that if you go for aggressive attack behavior, your Pal may end up killing the wild Pal you wish to capture.

You can only capture the injured Pal, not the defeated one; you should avoid that behavior while capturing. On the other hand, if you are in a challenging situation, the same behavior can save your life. Still, for capturing, I would recommend fighting alone.

Ensure your weapons are in working condition

Palworld has a weapon degradation system that can affect your combat if you don’t have a repair bench. To avoid that issue, make sure you visit the Repair bench regularly to get your items into working condition.

Build an Alarm Bell to command Pals

Throughout your journey in Palworld, your base will occasionally be raided by AI enemies. An alert system is the best method to deal with these raids. With the Alarm Bell, you can command your Pals, and they will defend the base. Certain held items like Power Band and Focus Sash can increase the Pal survivability.

Equipping better gear to your Pals in Palworld can boost their stats and help them handle some fights alone.

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