How To Make Money Fast In Palworld

Get your hands on a lot of Gold and progress smoothly.

You will need a lot of Gold to buy Pals and many other items from the merchants in Palworld. Normal ways of farming money may not be able to help you progress quickly, so you need to go with the fastest way. I will cover the best way to farm Gold and other ways if you cannot follow it for some reason.

Best way to Farm Gold in Palworld

The best and the fastest way of farming Gold is by assigning Pals like Mau to your Ranch. Mau Pal has the Gold Digger partner skill that allows them to dig up Gold. To take full advantage of this skill and earn a lot of money, you must fill all the Pal slots available at your base with Mau.

Once done, the Pals will start working at the Ranch and farm a lot of Gold for you every minute. If you want to automate this process, you can assign other Pals to your base to store the Gold in the chest. Placing a chest to store Gold near the Ranch in your base in Palworld can speed up how quickly you earn money.

If you don’t have Mau, the best way to find this Pal is to look for it in the Dungeons across the game world. There are a lot of dungeons where you can enter to find this Pal. You can see one in the picture below, just behind the Small Settlement.

Another low-level dungeon, ideal for earning money in Palworld and finding a Mau is on the beach, near the giant skeleton.

After entering a dungeon, you can clear it and go to the end. At the end of this dungeon in Palworld, if you see a Mau, you can defeat or capture it. If not, there is a glitch that can help you.

You need to stop just before the area where the final boss is to see which one it is. If it is Mau, you can move ahead. If it is not, turn back and get to the starting position. Again, if you go through the dungeon, you will find a different Pal at the end.

You can continue to repeat this until you find Mau. Capture it and then you are ready to start making money at your base in Palworld.

Ways to make money fast in Palworld

If you can’t follow the above method or have a problem finding Mau, you can go with the methods below to earn Gold in Palworld. These methods may not be as quick as farming money through Mau, but they can still earn you a lot of gold.

Sell Pals and other Items to Merchants

This is the second-best way of making money in the Palworld. In this method, all you need to do is sell extra Pals and resources like food, Clothes, etc to Pal or Wandering Merchants. Selling Pals and other items will make you a lot of Gold quickly but you cannot do it continuously for a long time.

While you are going through dungeons, you will gather a lot of loot that can be sold to merchants for a decent amount of money.

If you have captured Humans, you can even sell them to Black Marketeer. Don’t try to sell humans to the regular merchants, as things can get worse.

There is also a duplication glitch that you can use to make a lot of Gold in Palworld. For this trick to work, you must unequip all Pals at the base and then move towards the blue circle line. Now, select some items at the edge of the circle line and place them simultaneously while leaving the circle.

If the glitch works successfully, you can cancel the items, but you will receive the exact items back. You can repeat this process and continue to sell items to the merchants to easily make a lot of money in Palworld.

Open Chests and Collect Gold

You can follow this method from the beginning of the Palworld to farm Gold. Just open chests scattered throughout the map in different corners to collect Gold. If you are lucky and find some Copper or Silver Keys, keep them with you. You can open some chests using these keys to earn a lot of money.

Kill enemies

Killing Field bosses in the dungeons while taking advantage of the dungeon glitch we talked about earlier can help you make a lot of Gold. For defeating the enemies, sometimes you will get a Precious Pelt.

You can collect and sell these Precious Pelts to Wandering Merchants for 500 Gold each. Take advantage of the dungeon glitch and sell as many Precious Pelts as possible to get rich quickly in Palworld. It’s not just bosses; defeating Pals and even Syndicate Thugs can get you Gold as a drop.

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