How To Get The Golden Axe In Octopath Traveler

When it comes to starting weapons, the Golden Axe is probably one of the best and one of the most powerful weapons you can wield early on in Octopath Traveler.

If that sounds overwhelming, it is because the Golden Axe does an insane amount of damage to shred every enemy you face early on. Its power spike is why getting the weapon requires a bit of grind.

How to get the Golden Axe in Octopath Traveler

The Golden Axe is quite powerful when it comes to starting weapons. It has an attack power of 265 which is quite a lot. It is like the Drake Sword in Dark Souls that you can get early on in the game if you are using your brains (and some arrows) and you can use it to absolutely destroy enemies. So, therefore, to get an upper hand in the deep combat system of Octopath Traveler, you need the Golden Axe.

Recruit H’aanit and Therion

The Golden Axe is located in Alfyn’s Village. There are, however, certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before you proceed to the village.

Pick up H’aanit as you head for your destination and have Therion join your party as well. H’aanit is easy to become allies with after you help her take out some beasts.

For Therion, head north and continue southwest making your way to Bolderfall. Use the signposts to help you reach your destination without getting lost in the dense world.

Upon reaching Bolderfall, meet with Therion who will introduce himself as a master thief that is true as he has a 100% success rate in the town when stealing items. You can approach any character in this town and have Therion steal their belongings.

Fight the boss

Do note that you will have to deal with the boss before you can be friends with Therion. The best way to deal with this dungeon enemy would be to use soul stones so to break the guard of the boss and eliminate him quickly.

Now make your way to Clearbook which is located in the northwest and then the south region of the map.

Fight the woman guarding the door

Now before interacting with Alfyn, proceed to the save point and save your progress. Fight the Granddaughter nearby so you can get access to the place that holds the weapon. Use the ‘Provoke’ option via H’aanit and then engage in battle.

The woman is vulnerable to sword attacks as well as Forest Fox or Marmot as these will break her shield. When she breaks with enough hits, use high-level charged attacks of your pets to seal the deal. Now proceed to the door she was in the way of and steal from the old man.

Steal the Golden Axe

Remember you only get four chances before you are unable to steal a particular item anymore and get a bad reputation. Therefore, it is advisable to save the game again so you do not miss the weapon if you fail all four attempts.

You can always reload the save. Otherwise, you can restore the reputation at a tavern north within this town but it comes at a price of 2000 leaves.

Do not worry if you do not manage to seize the weapon quickly. It has a 3% success rate, so keep trying repeatedly until you manage to do so.

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