Octopath Traveler Best Weapons Guide

In Octopath Traveler, you can choose from six weapon types, and each type performs well in different battles. So deciding...

In Octopath Traveler, you can choose from six weapon types, and each type performs well in different battles. So deciding which weapon is best for you can get a little tricky. But you don’t have to worry, as here we will cover Octopath Traveler’s best weapons in detail.

Our best weapon list will include weapons for all types of players, so you can pick the weapon from our list, whether you are in the early stages of the game or late.

Octopath Traveler best weapons list

Here in the best weapons list, we will not just tell you about the most powerful weapons in Octopath Traveler but also the locations so you can find them easily. So without wasting any time, let’s jump straight to the strongest weapons you can find in Octopath Traveler.

The Golden Axe

This a mighty axe that you can get early on in Octopath Traveler. It gives a 256 points boost to your physical attack and 100 points boost to the critical hit chance. This is a massive boost, especially in the game’s early stages.

But to get this weapon, you need to start as H’aanit. Start playing as H’aanit and after that, go and unlock the Therion. After that, you need to continue the standard gameplay, and once Therion tale is completed, head to the Clearbrook.

There before unlocking Alfyn, go to the woman with a speech bubble. Get into a fight with this lady and defeat her. Enter the house in front of which the woman was standing, and you will find an old man. Now it is better to save the game because you have to steal from the old man, and the success chances are only 3%.

Captain’s Sword

Captains Sword is another powerful sword you can have early on in Octopath Traveler. You can quickly get this weapon between levels 8-15. This weapon offers a 60 points boost to the physical attack and 40 points boost to the speed.

As you know, speed is critical in battle, making this a good weapon in the early stages of Octopath Traveler. Moreover, it can sometimes decrease the enemy’s defense, and you get the upper hand in the battles.

You must head to the Cobbleston and find the Captain of the Watch to get this weapon. He is a strength 4 enemy you must defeat to get the Captain’s sword in Octopath Traveler. It is better to visit him during levels 11-15, so you can easily defeat him.

Giant’s Club

It is one of the best staff in the Octopath Traveler. This staff is more famous because of the 229 points boost it gives to the physical attack than the magic. You will also get 112 points to increase the elemental attack. The 86 points of critical damage on top of that make it a great staff in the game.

You have two options to get this staff. You can either go to the Lower Riveford and buy it from an old woman or head to the Ebony Grotto to collect it from a chest. Now the choice is yours. Though spending money wouldn’t be a good option, getting it from the chest in Octopath Traveler is good if you don’t have extra money.

Memorial Axe

This axe is best for heavy damage dealing in Octopath Traveler. This weapon boosts the damage done by physical attacks by 400 points, along with a 150 points addition in the speed. Moreover, it can sometimes lower the elemental defense of the enemies so you can deal additional damage.

The only way to get this weapon is by completing the Zeph and Mercedes questline in Octopath Traveler.

Transcendent Bow of Shadows

This bow is considered one of the best weapons in Octopath Traveler, as it can even beat the Battle tested weapon in the game. The elemental attack bonus it gives you overcome its downside, which is a physical attack.

If you have an archer who likes sorcery, there is no weapon better than the transcendent bow of shadows in the game. This weapon can even confuse the target so you can get more time to deal damage.

You can get this weapon after defeating the boss in the Shadow Over the Sands quest. The boss is difficult to beat, so you must be prepared before heading toward him.

Forbidden Spear

When it comes to a spear, you might be surprised that a forbidden weapon is the best spear. But it is the truth. This spear offers you a massive boost in magic and physical attacks. However, your speed gets a little lower, but the other bonuses you get compensated for it in the best way.

You can get this weapon from NPC in Quarrychest. You will need to spend 69,000 leaves to purchase this best polearm in Octopath Traveler.

Death Cleaver

Other than the battle-tested axe, if you go for the Death Cleaver in Octopath Traveler, it is not a bad option either. This weapon can poison the enemies it hits and deal massive physical damage.

This weapon can take out any enemy in its way because of the massive critical hit chance. You can get this axe from a chest in Everhold Tunnels.

Battle-tested Dagger

When it comes to the dagger, the battle-tested weapon also has the upper hand here. The damage and evasion bonus this dagger offer makes it the strongest dagger in the Octopath Traveler. It can deal a massive amount of damage to the opponent while reducing the target accuracy as well.

So not only can it deal damage but protect other party members by lowering the enemy’s accuracy. The only way to get your hands on this dagger is by completing Alfyn’s final chapter. After that, you can get it by buying or stealing from Vanessa Hysel in Octopath Traveler.

Battle-tested Staff

It is a higher-end staff in the game that offers a tremendous boost to the physical and elemental attacks. You will get a 399 points increment in the elemental attack bonus and 212 in physical attacks.

Other than that, it can slow down the enemies in Octopath Traveler. If you give this weapon to a character like Cyrus, you will get a killing machine in your party.

To get this weapon, first, you have complete Ophilia’s story. After that, you can buy it from Bishop Bartolo by spending 90,000 leaves. There is another way of getting this weapon, but it is pretty hard. You have to defeat an old woman in Clearsprings, but she is challenging to beat.

Battle-tested Blade

It is undoubtedly the strongest weapon in the Octopath Traveler. This offers a 400 points increase in the physical attacks you do and a critical hit chance bonus of 150 points. This weapon should be given to Olberic for dealing a lot of damage to the opponents.

You can purchase this blade for a whopping 84,000 leaves from the Erhardt in Wellspring. But you can only get this after completing the last chapter of Olberic. The other way of getting it is beating the townsperson in Lower Bolderfall.

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