Octopath Traveler Blotted Viper Boss Guide

In the first Chapter of Alfyn’s Story, you will come across a yellow venomous snake known as the Blotted Viper in Octopath Traveler.

In the first Chapter of Alfyn’s Story, you will come across a yellow venomous snake known as the Blotted Viper in Octopath Traveler. This Viper resides in the Cave of Rhiyo where it bit Nina.

Alfyn needs a sample of the poison of Octopath Traveler Blotted Viper which can make an antidote for Nina. This venomous boss must be defeated first in order to obtain that sample.

To take down this boss, the first thing you need to know is where to find it. The best party setup coupled with exploitation of Blotted Viper weaknesses will result in your victory against this beast.

Blotted Viper location

Blotted Viper will be waiting for you in Cave Rhiyo situated in the Riverlands. You will visit it during Chapter 1 of Alfyn’s story while looking for the place where Nina was bitten by the Blotted Viper.

Alfyn decides to go and find the Blotted Viper in order to obtain a sample of his venom that can help in making an antidote.

Blotted Viper weaknesses

To fight against Blotted Viper boss in Octopath Traveler you need to exploit his physical as well as elemental vulnerabilities. This will help you get rid of the Blotted Viper quickly.

For Physical Damage, use a Dagger, Axe, or Staff as Blotted Viper shows weakness against these physical weapons.

As for the Elements, Blotted Viper weaknesses include the element of Ice and Dark which can be used in spells to drain this boss’s health quickly.

Blotted Viper special attacks

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Poison BreathSingle-target physical attack that can inflict poison for the next 3 to 5 turns
ConstrictSingle-target Physical attacks resulting in Unconsciousness that can stay up to the next 2 or 3 turns
SweepCauses Physical Damage to all the members of your party
Big BitePhysical Attack that results in quick 3-5 hits
The Viper is waiting to strikeBoost mode for the Blotted Viper

How to defeat Blotted Viper in Octopath Traveler

Blotted Viper’s HP and Shields increase with the number of Travelers in your story. The boss has 6024 HP and 8 Shield Points with 4 travelers.

The best strategy while fighting the Blotted Viper is to keep your HP saved while inflicting damage that coincides with the Viper’s weaknesses.

The Icicle Attack can cause Ice elemental damage to the viper. Similarly, an Axe Attack can be used to inflict Physical Damage.

Keep an eye out for the Viper’s Poison Breath because it can prove to be detrimental to your health. A traveler’s healing abilities can be brought to use if you suffer from this attack, particularly Ophilia.

Cause Physical damage with Axe Attack and Dagger Attack while boosting them with each turn. Keep repeating these attacks while alternating with Dark and Ice Elemental Damage in between and this will eventually bring the Viper to its knees.

Best party for Blotted Viper

The Best Party while fighting against the Blotted Viper includes Alfyn, Therion, Ophilia, and H’aanit.

Alfyn’s Apothecary skills make him a traveler with good offense and he can also counter the Viper’s Poison Breath by removing it.

Ophilia is equipped with exceptional healing skills that are useful while managing damage inflicted by the Blotted Viper.

Therion is also a great member to have in your party because he specializes in Physical Damage with a Dagger that aligns with the Viper’s vulnerability.

H’aanit is equipped with an axe and has a high physical defense which makes her a beneficial addition to the party against the Blotted Viper boss.

What else to bring to the fight?

There is not much that you need to bring to the fight against the Blotted Viper as it is an easy boss to defeat.

You need to keep its weaknesses in mind and exploit them with your Physical and Elemental attacks. A good strategy combined with this will help you deal high damage and take down the Viper swiftly.

Blotted Viper drops

  • Bottle of Poison Dust
  • 1600 Leaves
  • EXP 50
  • JP 30

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