Octopath Traveler Best Party Combinations

With a total of 8 playable characters and numerous NPC companions to summon, there are an insane amount of Octopath...

With a total of 8 playable characters and numerous NPC companions to summon, there are an insane amount of Octopath Traveler party combinations you can try to set up your team for different encounters. To make these combinations, you need to know the abilities of each character. Because the wrong combination at the wrong time can be very devasting for you in the game.

With each combination, you also need to assign a specific job to each NPC from the 12 sub-classes. This is important for you when you are facing different foes as these Octopath Traveler best party combinations will complement each other in battle and cover the weaknesses of different classes.

Octopath Traveler Best Party Combinations

Before forming any combination, you need to level up each character to be able to use their full potential. From the many possible combinations, we have prepared the 5 best combinations you can make and assign the suitable sub-class to each of them.

Cyrus, Ophilia, Primrose, and Olberic

This is one of the best party combinations in the Octopath Traveler, as it has a cleric (Ophilia), Scholar (Cyrus), Dancer (Primrose) and Warrior (Olberic). With (Primrose, Cyrus, and Ophilia) players can inflict any kind of elemental damage to their enemies. Against any spell caster, these four would be one of the perfect combinations.

With Ophilia, you don’t worry about your health, as she instantly heals any other member. A warrior like Olberic is perfect for attacking enemies physically. A dancer like Primrose in your party is useful for weakening the enemies with her various dance moves.

Last but not least Cyrus is nearly perfect for his elemental magic like (Lighting Bolt, Firestorm, etc.). With his ability to analyze, is essential when traveling to look out for any upcoming attacks.

H’aanit, Olberic, Ophilia, and Therion

With a hunter (H’aanit) and a warrior (Olberic), you can never worry about enemies. This pair can defeat any enemies in front of them. H’aanit’s ability to simultaneously attack multiple foes at once is incredibly useful when facing hordes. Because of this ability and amount of damage, H’aanit should have Warrior sub-class.

With Olberic’s ability to defeat foes one by one is very beneficial when fighting one on one fight. With a Cleric like Ophilia in the party, you should be able to heal the members in your party. In the final slot, you should have a stat booster like Therion to boost you whenever you need it.

This combination is the strongest in terms of physical attacks on your enemies.

Alfyn, Therion, Tressa and Ophilia

Money and resources are an essential part of the game, as it is needed to buy weapons or potions from the various shops in the game. Having Therion and Tressa in your teams means you don’t have to worry for money and resources, as they steal money and resources from enemies along the way.

The healing abilities of Ophilia and the apothecary skills of Alfyn perfectly complement each other. It is necessary to assign sub-classes to each one of them according to their abilities.

Tressa’s stealing abilities are perfect for the sub-class Thief and Therion as a sub-class Merchant. These will benefit you in getting items and wealth. With apothecary skills of helping teammates of Therion and elemental magic of Ophilia, it is wise to choose them as the Cleric sub-class and Sorcerer sub-class respectively.

This combo is perfect for the initial stages of the game.

H’aanit, Ophilia, Primrose, and Tressa

Although it doesn’t seem like the powerful combination in Octopath traveler, they are perfect for getting others to fight for them. Trainer like H’aanit is perfect for getting control over the monsters and using them to fight alongside in the battle.

In Octopath Traveler, NPC (non-playable characters) are useful in fighting, someone like Ophilia and Primrose are perfect for summoning these NPC to fight the enemies for them. With a thief like Tressa in your team means you don’t have to worry about money.

With a large amount of money, you can pay armies to fight for you. Although these abilities will be useless if you don’t know your enemies and their strength and weakness. It is highly recommended to do research about your enemies before the battle so that you can summon the perfect combination of allies, monsters, and NPC to fight and win for you.

Alfyn, Olberic, Primrose, and Therion

You need to have a perfect strategy to pull this combination off, otherwise, it will be useless to get this combo. Considering the abilities of both Olberic and Aflyn, they should be Apothecary sub-class and Warrior sub-class respectively. Both of these should be used to fight the enemies face to face, even if they are taking damage, don’t pull them off.

Primrose and Therion should be used for assistance to Olberic and Alfyn. With Primrose abilities, she should be given Cleric sub-class, with this she can summon an NPC healer to help with the damage to the teammates. Therion should be given Rune Lord sub-class, to assist Olberic and Alfyn via elemental magic. It is risky to have this party combination, but with the above strategy you will deal with foes with ease

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