How To Find The Netherworld In Octopath Traveler 2

Finding the Gate to the Netherworld can be tricky if you want to defeat Galdera, a secret boss in Octopath Traveler 2.

The Netherworld in Octopath Traveler 2 is the gateway that leads you to the game’s secret boss Galdera. Yes, it seems that Galdera is looking to re-emerge from the depths Netherworld, and it is up to you to stop him in his tracks to prevent this evil from returning once again 

However, before confronting Galdera, you must first find and open the Netherworld Gate yourself. The process can be significantly time-consuming, involving the completion of a series of side quests and grinding out levels for characters to fulfill the level requirements.  

Defeating Galdera is most definitely an end-game endeavor so try not to rush it. The actual quests themselves are simple and can be completed smoothly.  

You can find the step-by-step process on how to find the Netherworld in Octopath traveler 2 below.  

How to find the Gate to the Netherworld in Octopath 2

Finding and gaining access to the netherworld gate is a multiphase process. You will be required to complete a few side quests to find the Netherworld in Octopath traveler 2. 

Complet “The Traveler’s Bag” side quest 

The first step to unlocking Galdera, and finding the Netherworld in Octopath Traveler 2, is to help Al by completing the side quest “Traveler’s Bag”. 

This quest will unlock a series of side quests that you need to complete to find the Netherworld gate location. 

To begin the quest, you must first complete chapter 1 of the game, after which the side quest will start by itself. In this side quest, Al will approach you and request you to recover his stolen bag and pursue the thief behind it. 

The location where this side quest begins and where the thief is found will be different for all characters in the game. 

One thing that is common is the overall setting of the area where the thief is found. He will always be found sitting beside a campfire next to a carriage, and a few barrels. The location of each, however, will be different.  

Pursue the thief, beat him in a battle to recover Al’s bag, and return to him. 

Complete the “Procuring Peculiar Tomes” side quest 

Next, you must start the Procuring Peculiar Tomes quest. You will need to level up all the characters in your traveling squad to a minimum of level 35. 

This is because the quest needs to be completed in different phases where specific parts may require certain level prerequisites.  

You can begin the quest by fast traveling to the Montwise in Crestlands and heading to the Montwise Library. Once in the Library interact with the Unusual Tome Specialist to start the side quest. 

The Procuring Peculiar Tomes side quest will ask you to retrieve three Tomes (Books), each found in a separate location. 

The first book The Curios Legend of the Great Wall can be found in the Winterlands at Stormhail. Fast travel there and head toward the Southern Stormhail Snows.  

Continue the straight path heading south and then follow the series of stairs that take you to the highest point where you will find an NPC Archeologist. You can either steal or buy the book from him. 

The second book or Tome that you need to acquire is called Dispatches from Beasting Island. Fast Travel to the Beasting Village in Toto’haha. The NPC can be very close to the fast travel point, at the end of the path towards the West. Talk to this Foreign Traveller and either steal or buy the book from him.  

The third and final book is called the Far Reaches of Hell which can be acquired by fast traveling to Crackridge in the Wildlands. Travel along the path heading to the south end of Crackridge. Here you will find the NPC Scholar gatekeeping the path ahead. 

This part of the quest will require higher party members as mentioned above. Only a level 30 or above Throne can ambush the Scholar NPC to open the path for you. 

You can then open the door in front of you to enter the room. Open the chest on the top left corner of the room to obtain the last book. 

After collecting all three Tomes, head back to the Unusual Tome Specialist NPC at the Montwise Library. Give him all three books to finish the quest. 

Complete the “Far Reaches of Hell” side quest 

After completing the previous side quest, you will notice a new quest marker for the Far Reaches of Hell side quest. Follow the marker that leads you to Al who is also inside the Montwise Library. 

Al will ask you to translate the three books so the next step will be to decipher them. Fast Travel to the Toto’haha Beasting Bay: Anchorage and board the ship to begin. 

Head north toward the Nameless Isle and disembark there. Now head to the farthest end of the island to the highest point where you’ll be welcomed by a boss battle with the Gigantes. 

Defeating the monster will force George to reveal himself. You must then extract information from him regarding the Deciphering of languages. 

You pick either of the four options available to you, namely, Osvald’s Scrutinize, Hikari’s Bribe, Temeno’s Coerce, and Castti’s Inquire. 

Choose any one of them and, should you succeed in acquiring information, you will receive a note to decipher the three tomes. Head back to Al to give the acquired information. 

Once you talk to Al the quest will finish and he will suddenly disappear.  

How to open the Netherworld Gate in Octopath Traveler 2 

Now for the final step to finding and opening the Netherworld Gate in Octopath Traveler 2, is to fast travel to The Sundering Sea. 

Disembark on the mysterious island showing the ”???” mark. Follow the path and enter the temple-like structure in front of you. Now continue to climb the staircase until you encounter Al. 

You will then be met with a prompt identifying eminent danger so be ready to face off against the strongest boss in the game, Galdera. 

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