How To Defeat Galdera, The Final Boss, In Octopath Traveler

The Octopath Traveler final boss is a tough challenge. You have to first defeat the Omniscient Eye in phase 1 and then Galdera in phase 2.

In Octopath Traveler you will come across many bosses. These bosses appear in every Chapter and for each character that you have. Each boss that you face in the game has its own weaknesses which you can counter by either having the right equipment or casting powerful spells.

There are many bosses in Octopath Traveler but the final and true boss fight of the game is with Galdera. Before you fight Galdera, you will have to face the Omniscient Eye. The whole fight is progressed in two phases and if you want to learn how to defeat the final boss in Octopath Traveler then you should read on as we have covered all the aspects of the game.

Where to find Galdera

Galdera, as mentioned earlier, is the last boss in Octopath Traveler. it is also the most difficult one to take down and will require careful planning in order to defeat it. it is found in the quest At Journey’s End.

The quest At Journey’s End is not available as the game progresses. It only appears if you have completed all of Kit’s quests which are Kit, the Traveler, Search of Father (I), and Search of Father (II).

You also have to complete all of Lyblac’s quests which are Daughter of the Dark God (I) and Daughter of the Dark God (II).

In the quest “At Journey’s End” you will have to talk to Impresario in the West S’warkii Trial. They will instruct you to go to the Ruins of Hornburg as Kit went there to find his Father. This conversation will unlock Ruins of Hornburg for fast travel.

In the Ruins of Hornburg, move through the path, and you will find Kit and Lyblac near the Gate of Finis. Going into the Gate of Finis you will have to defeat the 8 shades of the Chapter bosses, each boss corresponds to each character.

After defeating them you can go up the stairs and the game will ask you to assemble your team of four characters each.

Moving on, you will then find Lyblac talking to Galdera and you will then the fight with the omniscient Eye will begin. After this fight, the next fight will be with Galdera itself.

How to defeat the Omniscient Eye and Galdera

The boss fight is in two phases. The first phase is against the Omniscient Eye. The second is with Galdera. While the fight is in two phases, the difficulty increases as you will not be able to save during the fight.

This means that if you die in the second phase, you will have to start from when you come in through the gates. You’ll have to defeat all of the Shades again and then come up the stairs for the final boss.

Best party composition for the Omniscient Eye

In the fight against The Omniscient Eye, it is better to have an elemental build because The Omniscient Eye is weak against magic. For the first phase, the following build is advised.

H’aanitWarriorSaving Grace, Divine Aura, Patience, Elemental Edge
OphiliaDancerSaving Grace, Divine Aura, SP Saver, Elemental Edge
TressaRunelordSaving Grace, Divine Aura, Surpassing Power, Elemental Edge
TherionSorcererSaving Grace, SP Saver, Elemental Edge, Surpassing Power

Try to keep as many HP potions and Defense or elemental potions with you. Other than that the more elemental attack especially light, lightning, wind, or ice should be kept for this battle.

General strategy

The Omniscient Eye summons three souls which aid it in battle. In the start, it will summon the Raging Soul. It is weak against light. When you attack the eye, the Raging Soul will take the damage from you and will later die out.

The eye will then summon a Screaming Soul and a Wailing Soul. The Screaming Soul is weak against Spear, dagger, or Bow and the Wailing soul is weak against Sword, Dagger, Ice, or Wind.

After these summonings, it will summon all three as the Eye’s turn arrives and regenerate their health in the next subsequent turns. Each soul will have a different Vulnerability to a single attribute.

The Omniscient Eye is vulnerable to Daggers, Axes, Staffs, Lightning, and Light. But you can only hit it when its soul is dead and it has a lot of HP on it. The souls also get an extra shield when the eye’s health drops below some point.

Best party composition for Galdera

For Galdera, the team will have the remaining 4 characters. In this team, you will have Olberic which will give enhanced attack for one or two rounds when he reaches 1 HP. It is dangerous for him but you do get more out of him than otherwise possible. The team is as follows.

PrimroseStarseerSaving Grace, Divine Aura, Elemental Edge, Patience
OlbericWarbringerSaving Grace, Physical Prowess, Surpassing Power, Fortitude
CyrusClericSaving Grace, Divine Aura, Patience, SP Saver
AlfynMerchantSaving Grace, Divine Aura, SP Saver, Patience

Here Alfyn will be very useful due to his Concoct ability. His Apothcary ability will be very helpful in fighting against Galtera. Cyrus acts as the healer or curse breaker in the team and Primrose is here for backup healing and damage dealing using the Primrose ability.

General strategy

The Galtera is a difficult enemy with lots of hitting power but not much HP than the Omniscient Eye. In the fight, it will be immune to two of its weaknesses in every cycle randomly.

It is generally weak against Spears, Daggers, Bows, Ice, and Light. He is also protected by his underlings and will be immune to damage until all three of the underlings are defeated.

The three underlings include Abyssal Maw, Lyblac, and the Blade of the Fallen. Galdera will also get three turns simultaneously when all three of the underlings are defeated.

When all of the underlings are defeated, you can attack Galtera. The main problem with fighting Galtera is that it can nullify all of your buffs in one turn but it gives you a warning when it is about to do it.

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