Nioh Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments Locations Guide

Our Nioh Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments Locations Guide will help you find all six fragments during the Spider Nest Castle mission and earn the ‘Ressurector of the Hiragumo’ Trophy.

There are six Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments in total and all are found during Nioh’s Spider Nest Castle main mission. The mission basically tasks you to search a spider-infested fortress which is definitely tough to search.

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Nioh Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments Locations

One important thing to note that all the Nioh Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments are dropped by behemoth spiders which are automatically summoned when you destroy the orange spiderwebs scattered all across the mission area.

Once you’ve found all six Nioh Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments, you’ll be able to unlock Bronze Trophy titled Ressurector of the Hiragumo. So, if you wish to Platinum the game, you’ve come to the right place.

Teakettle Fragment #1
After the mission begins, head up the spiderweb and destroy the first orange-glowing web on the right-hand side to find the first one.

Teakettle Fragment #2
After going past the boulder near the hills, head to the ledge on the right-hand side and drop down through a hole in the rooftop. Dropping down should take you to a courtyard with another orange-glowing spiderweb.

Teakettle Fragment #3
After finding the second Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment, head inside the house and get inside the room on the right-backside. Grab the ‘Key to the Castle Gates’ in there, leave the house, and drop into the well on the left-hand side.

In there, you should be able to find another orange-glowing spiderweb which you need to destroy in order to find another fragment.

Teakettle Fragment #4
For this one, you need to have a bow in your inventory. Equip the bow and head up the ladder after getting Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #3.

After defeating the enemies, proceed towards the entrance gate and shoot another spiderweb using your bow.

Teakettle Fragment #5
For this one, you need to head over to the Shrine using the ‘Key to the Castle Gates’ you found earlier.

Once you’re in the new area with the Guardian Spirit, head down and find another spiderweb.

Teakettle Fragment #6
After getting to the Shrine, continue heading up to the top level of the castle while sticking to your left-hand side and you should be able to find the last orange-glowing spiderweb a little ahead just past the spider eggs supposedly in the centre of the upper courtyard.

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