Nioh Easy Glory Farming Guide – How To Farm Glory Fast, Tips

Glory is a special currency used in Nioh’s Hidden Teahouse to purchase rare items and equipment. It can also be used to buy character skins and gestures for purely cosmetic purposes.

Glory is earned by killing soldiers and yokai in the game world, which can take some time so this guide should help streamline the process and help players in earning a lot of Glory in a short amount of time so they can purchase items from Hidden Teahouse, which requires completing Spider Nest Castle to unlock.

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How To Farm Glory Fast in Nioh
As players roam around the world of Nioh, the will occasionally come across red “phantom” swords sticking out of the ground. These only appear when the player is playing Nioh in Online mode.

Red swords act similar to Bloodstains from the Dark Souls franchise but instead of just showing players the way the other player died, they can be used to summon a phantom of that other player or NPCs created by the developers which also have preset gear (these are marked in red).

Players can summon these phantoms by holding down O at these graves which spawns an AI controlled enemy called Revenant which has the same gear and level as that of the player who died in that spot. Since players can see the gear and level of the phantom before they summon it, it’s wise to only summon those which the players can handle safely and won’t get killed by.


Defeating these Revenants will reward players with Ochoko cups which can be used to summon friends for co-op play, chance of one or more of the pieces of equipment which the Revenant was wearing and Glory, the currency used at Hidden Teahouse.

The best and fastest way to farm Glory is to make full use of this feature while players are still at the Isle of Demons, which is Mission #2 of the game. Since this is an early part of the game, a lot of players die here repeatedly which opens up numerous amounts of graves for players to summon Revenants and farm a huge amount of Glory.

However, defeating Revenants can be a challenge so players should still be careful even if the enemy is low level. While the best way to farm Glory is by playing the game online so players can summon phantoms of other players, those who can’t go online for some reason can still summon offline Revenants created by the developers.

Whether the Revenant is online or offline, it will still reward players with Glory upon death. Alternatively, those interested in PvP can wait till they have unlocked that feature and then farm glory through PvP combat against other players.

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