Nioh Bonfire Locations ‘Keeper of the Flame Guide – Find All Bonfires

Nioh Bonfire Locations Guide to help you find and light all three bonfires in Itsukushima and unlock Keeper of the Flame Trophy.

During ‘The Ocean Roars Again’ mission, you’ll need to find and light three bonfires in the region. This basically prevents the area’s boss Umi-bozu from spawning minions which essentially makes the entire fight a lot easier.

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Nioh Bonfire Locations Guide

In our Nioh Bonfire Locations Guide, we have detailed the locations of all three bonfires in Itsukushima.

Nioh Bonfire Locations

To begin, the first thing that you need to do is to speak with the mage near the shrine. By doing so, you’ll acquire Flint to light the bonfires. Now all that remains is to find a bonfire and light it.

Nioh Bonfire #1
After speaking with the mage, cross the wooden bridge, and turn to your immediate right-hand side to find the first bonfire.

Nioh Bonfire #2
After speaking with the mage, cross the wooden bridge, and head straight. From the archway, turn right, and follow the wooden planks. Head right and continue following the path until you get a large wooden double-door.

Head straight after heading through the door and find a ladder behind a building. Continue to follow the rooftops and drop down from the gap to find the second bonfire on your right-hand side.

Nioh Bonfire #3
For the third and final bonfire, you need to go straight from the gap you used to find the second bonfire. Continue along the rooftops until you get to the very end. From the end, drop down from the right-hand side and go through a small sliding door.

A little ahead, you should be able to find the bonfire on your right-hand side.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Bonfire Locations Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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