Nioh Disguises Guide – How to Change, Disguise Unlocks

Nioh Disguises Guide to help you change the look of your character regardless of your equipment and tips on unlocking new disguises in the game.

Nioh Disguises Guide to help you change the look of your character and tips on unlocking new disguises in the game.

In Nioh, players can unlock and equip various Disguises or outfits that change the look of their character. Disguises don’t really provide any benefits and are just for cosmetic purposes.

Disguises also end up changing the appearance of the player’s character and the look is no longer altered by wearing different gear pieces.

This way, when a player swaps out a gear piece for a new one, even if their stats change their character will look exactly the same as it did before because of the Disguise they are wearing.

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Nioh Disguises Guide

In our Nioh Disguises Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about changing the appearance of your character in the game.

How to Disguise in Nioh

To purchase Disguises, players need to complete the main mission ‘Spider Nest Castle’ in the Kinki Region of the game.

After completing the mission, they need to enter the hidden Teahouse from starting point on the map. From there, they need to trade and choose the Disguise from the list which they want to buy.

Once players have selected their desired disguise, they can simply press the ‘Transform’ button and it will change their outfit.

All the disguises in the game have different prices with the cheapest one costing 1300 Glory. To farm Glory, it is best to repeat low-level missions and fight the revenants there for some easy Glory.

Currently, the following Disguises have been confirmed to be in the game although more might be available:

  • Revenant
  • Li Naomasa
  • Hattori Hanzo
  • Kuroda Nagamasa
  • Marume Nagayoshi
  • Kobayakawa Hideaki
  • Tachibana Muneshige

This is all we have on our Nioh Disguises Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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