Nioh 2 The Viper’s Sanctum Walkthrough

Nioh 2’s third mission takes place in the Viper’s Sanctum after you beat The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. For this level, you are recommended to have reached level 15. For a full walkthrough of Nioh 2 The Viper’s Sanctum read on below.

Viper’s Sanctum is found in the Awakening region and rewards the player with Shrine Maiden’s Gown, Shrine Maiden’s Hakama, Tanegashima Matchlock, Roaring Gun Ammunition x4, 5600 Gold, 2080 Amrita.

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Nioh 2 The Viper’s Sanctum

Towards the Sanctum
Starting the mission, you will have three possible paths you can take from the starting area. One is directly to your right; beside the wooden structure, the second one is the stairs on the far left that lead to the building and the third path is behind the structure if you go from the left.

The rightmost path has a single loot that you have to kill a ninja to get to; it’s a dead end. The wooden structure beside the path has stairs which you can go up to find some more loot.

If you go on the leftmost stairs from the starting area, they lead to a Dark Realm. You’ll encounter a number of different enemies here including Gakis, Dweller and a Yoki or a Magatsu Warrior; that you have to kill to vanquish the Dark Realm.

You encounter some on the stairs as you enter and some inside on the balcony shooting at you. Beware of the broken floor as well as you can get killed if you fall through them.

After killing the mini-boss, take the ladder in the hall to find some more enemies and loot in the corner of the balcony.

From this balcony, you can take the stairs down into the third path.

Alternatively, if you go back out to the starting area down the stairs you came in through, go to the wooden structure there and from the left corner behind it is the third path.

Go this way, it is a narrow path going up. On the first junction, you’ll encounter a Samurai right underneath the ladder that comes down the balcony.

Take a right to find two more warriors and some loot. Come back now as this is a dead end and go right; opposite of the direction that you came from. Right at the junction is a well, break the tie to pull up loot.

Keep going in that direction, take the u turn in the end and find another well on your left. Right ahead, you’ll encounter another warrior.

Kill it and loot the corpse on the wooden ramp on the right. Right there on the left is a house with Dark Realm in it.

Inside, you’ll find Gakis, an Aberrant Soldier and Ippon-Datara; killing who will dispel the Dark Realm. Having taken care of all the enemies there, head deeper into the house to get out the back into a huge cave.

The Cave
Inside the cave, you’ll find a Kodama Shrine placed in a cross-section with paths leading right and left. On the right side, you’ll find some loot and the path is closed by a wooden gate. On the left side is the main route that you’ll progress upon.

On this path, you’ll encounter some tough enemies including Aberration Soldiers, Samurais, dwellers and multiple Nure-Onna.

Explore the area; every closed route, to find loot and kill all enemies on the way. Be alert at all times as Nure-Onna can jump on you any time inside any closed pathway.

She does very swift attack which include, slash of the tale from a distance, dash attack, ranged attacks and she can also grab and squeeze you it she catches you.

At the end of a path, where you will find a Gaki upon a stone bridge feasting on a body, kill it and loot the corpse. From that bridge, you can drop down on a rock for some loot, then drop all the way to the bottom into the water. This is the Sanctum area.

Otherwise, instead of jumping straight down, you can keep making your way through the cave pathways until you circle around to a closed wooden gate which is the one you encountered before.

Head straight ahead from there. What you aim to ultimately do here is to get to the bottom of the cave.

On you path to the bottom of the cave; following the wooden door, you’ll encounter a warrior. Kill it and keep moving along the path, going downwards.

As soon as you get to the bottom of the cave, a Koroka might spawn right after you cross the bridge there. It has very swift attacks as it flies really fast, take care of it and move along.

Just by a broken bridge, you’ll encounter a few Gaki, kill them and look across the bridge. You should be looking for entrance to the Viper Sanctum; it’s a decorated door in the walls of the cave.

Upon trying to reach the entrance, a lot of enemies including Waira, Toxic Slime and Enki will quickly come to pursue and kill you.

The toxic puddles around the area will also be draining your HP. You must first take care of the Dark Realm nearby and drain the toxic puddles; to drain the toxin, you must break a blue snake statue near the puddle.

Final Dark Realm
Next to the Sanctum entrance is another entrance which has the Dark Realm inside. There’s a shrine in there as well. Head in there, you’ll encounter Mitsume Yazura and Nure-Onna in there.

Mitsume Yazura is a mix of different souls, it attacks with a jump to smash upon you from a distance and also does a ranged energy beam attack.

In order to dispel the Dark Realm and drain the poison puddle in there, you have to destroy a Serpent’s Statue located in the left corner.

Once you have cleared the dark realm and taken care of all the enemies, open the chest near the Kodama shrine, a Mujina Yokai will come out of a chest.

If you perform the same gesture as the Yokai, it will not attack you and instead leave behind some gear before disappearing.

Entrance of the Viper’s Sanctum
Having taken care of all that, you can now enter the Viper’s Sanctum. Right outside there a Koroka or Nure-Onna will spawn.

Take care of them and before heading inside the gate, grab an antidote and a memory placed near the small shrine on the left.

Once inside, you will face the boss of the mission Yatsu-no-Kami. Kill it to end the Viper’s Sanctum mission.

The boss of this mission is Yatsu-no-Kami, for more details regarding the moveset of the boss, make sure to check out our detailed guide on how to take it down.

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