Nioh 2 Scampuss Locations Guide

Not all yokai in the world of Nioh 2 are deadly. Some might be quite interesting to check out. One such intrigue is the Scampuss, a small cat-like creature who is as cute as they come. If you want to find them, our Nioh 2 Scampuss locations guide will help you out.

Interacting with a Scampuss in Nioh 2 gives a buff to your Yokai Force generation so you can perform better in combat.

Nioh 2 Scampuss Locations

We will be looking at where you can find each Scampuss during your missions in the world.

They might be easy to miss on a blind playthrough due to the fact that they are really small in size; but worry not, follow these directions and you’ll be able to spot these Scampuss easily.

The Village of Cursed Blossoms
The scampuss is near the last kodama of the mission,  on some bushes inside the dark realm shrine.

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames
Near the start of the mission, you can find the first Scampuss behind the house on the west side.


The next Scampuss is inside a house near the ladder that you kick down to open a shortcut to the 2nd shrine.

The final Scampuss of this mission can be found near the entrance of the burning forge.

The Viper’s Sanctum
The Inner Sanctum where you faced Nure-Onna, you can find a Scampuss behind a set of boxes.

The second one can be found near a broken bridge on the east side, inside a cave.

The third and final Scampuss of the Viper’s Sanctum can be found behind boxes on the right side of the entrance of the Sanctum.

The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama
Behind some boxes near the second encounter of the 2nd Yamanba, outside the first cave, you can find the first Scampuss.

Second Scampuss can be found on the path to the Hot Spring.

The Mysterious One Night Castle
The first Scampuss in this mission is found in the forest near the start of the mission.

Second one is found behind a water bucket at the back of the house where you encountered Enki.

The third Scampuss can be found near a tree next to the hot spring near the Fort’s exit.

The Hollow Fortress
The first Scampuss is found prison cells. Make your way to the far west side of the prison cells corridor to find the scampuss near a soldier.

Go around the second shrine to the houses where you fight a Dweller and a Rokurokubi. The Scampuss is inside an open house in that area.

Enter the castle from the east gate (after using the gate key) and you will see the Scampuss near a large shelf in the corridor.

A Way Out
From the start of the mission, continue on the path till you reach a tree with mushrooms and a bamboo torch on it. Follow the stairs on the right side of the tree to reach the scampuss location.

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