Nioh 2 Viper’s Sanctum Kodama Locations Guide

This guide will help you get the 6 Kodamas in The Viper’s Sanctum. Finding all of these Nioh 2 Viper’s Sanctum Kodama Locations can be a bit challenging but we have you covered.

Nioh 2 Viper’s Sanctum Kodama Locations

The reason you should definitely be getting Kodamas is that for every 5 Kodamas you find you get an extra Elixir for that region. Finding all 150 Kodama will unlock the Kodama Leader trophy.

Don’t worry if you go through the mission without collecting the kodamas as everything is collectible through the option of mission select allowing you to replay the mission.

Kodama Location #1
Right at the level start, take the path on the right. You will eventually reach an enclosure with a bunch of boxes around. Destroy the boxes to find the Kodama.

Kodama Location #2
Head straight from the shrine and then turn right to go up the path till you reach the big center house. Go around the side of the house to reach the Kodama.

Kodama Location #3
Inside the caves after you reach the second shrine, you will have to follow the path to reach the circular center.

Continue on the path till another one opens up on the left, take this new path and you will find the kodama behind some rocks near the pool.

Kodama Location #4
After you reach the bottom of the cave areas where there are poison pools look for the kodama under the first broken bridge you see.

Kodama Location #5
Inside a cave on the east side, you can see a Nure-Onna patrolling. The Kodama is near a corpse in the cave.

Kodama Location #6
For the last Kodama, you will have to enter a poison pool right before the Yatsu no Kami boss fight. To clear the pool you will have to destroy blue snake statues around the area.

Inside the pool will be a Nure-Onna and Toxic Slime. The kodama is behind the slime.

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