Nioh 2 Yatsu no Kami Boss Guide

In this guide, we will discuss the Nioh 2 Yatsu no Kami Boss, its strengths, weaknesses, fighting style and how you would be able to take it out. This will guide will have portions about each topic mentioned so let’s get started.

Nioh 2 Yatsu no Kami Boss

This boss looks like a snake and its looks are not the only thing that’s snake-like, it also uses poison to cause damage. It is actually a serpent god and on its head is a horn that is made of countless blades and it can use those blades as arrows and hit you from a distance.

Its snakelike arms can also be used in the fight after being influenced by the dark realm, you can notice this influence is about to take place when it changes its color to black.

Before being a god, Yatsu no kami was a guardian deity for the humans that helped them in achieving certain goals. There were once several Yatsu no kami in the wetland but Matachi of Yahazu clan became greedy while trying to cultivate the land where it thrived.

You can find this boss in the main mission called The Viper’s Sanctum and The Golden Castle and it drops Yatsu no Kami Soul core.

Fight Walkthrough
It would be best to use a weapon with a long-range for this fight. Striking the head and arms would cause the most damage so doing overhead vertical attacks would be the most efficient way to defeat this boss.

Use a vertical attack to cut off his arms when he charges at you when the fight starts. It might be a bit difficult to sever both arms but taking out one is possible.

After that, you should be ready to dodge its attacks because he will try to cause damage by grabbing you.

Remember to dodge and block on his grab and tail swipe attacks respectively after baiting your orange attacks. You have to use ki in order to block his attacks and you will be able to get an opening during its attack to be able to counterattack and have leftover Ki,

The fight will be both offensive and defensive, as it is recommended to be defensive but there will be ton of attacking chances if you focus on the fight.

Keep an eye for any openings and punish him on his mistakes. His orange attacks will have the most openings.

He will keep getting new arms so remember to keep cutting them off and you will keep getting openings. Repeat these steps and you will be able to take out this boss easily

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