Nioh 2 The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama Walkthrough

Nioh 2 The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama is the fourth mission that you will be exploring in the game. It is recommended that you reach level 21 prior to starting this mission.

Taking place in Soaring Region, this mission will be rewarding you with Samurai’s Locks x1, Master Archer’s Bow, Master Archer’s Cuirass, Master Archer’s Waistguard, 7400 Gold, and 2976 Amrita.

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Nioh 2 The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama

Once you have completed the Viper’s Sanctum, you will be moving onto the next chapter; Okehazama. As you arrive in the Owari Province you will find Tokichiro in front of you along with a Kodama shrine.

To the right of the shrine is a corpse lying near the ladder. The ladder can’t be interacted with for now so talk to Maeda Toshiie.

Talking to Toshiie you will find out that the path ahead is infested with Yokai and Imagawa clan’s forces. In order to proceed forward use the taunt gesture to make him move.

After he moves you will be able to go on forward. Heading straight you will discover a cave leading to a dead-end to the left where you will find a lootable corpse.

Keep going straight until you reach another dead-end where there is a broken bridge along with a Gaki. Kill it and loot its corpse to get a memory. Now, simply head onto the entrance of the cave.

Inside, you will encounter two Gaki. After taking care of them, you can loot around the area. Once you’re done with this area, you will find an Enki in the next room in the middle. Head back to the previous room and go up the slope to the right only to find yourself in battle with another Enki.

Head onto the left path and keep going straight, and take another left where you will be encountering another Yokai which is the Yamanba. Killing her will give you a Lock of Grey Hair.

Take the path to the left now to unlock the shortcut to the starting point, come back inside the room where you killed the Yamanba and head through the opposite door.

After heading out the cave, walk towards the steep path where you will see a small room to your right along with a second Yamanba.

After killing it, go up the steep path where you will see a mist; behind this mist is an Enki. Kill it and proceed up until you reach a bridge, now continue walking on the right edge where you will see a body lying below on the plank. Loot that body to gain Salt and a Large Spirit Stone.

Now head up back and cross the bridge where you will be fighting off a Nure-Onna.

Taking care of the Nure-Onna, head up the nearby slope where you will be fighting three Gaki and two Nure-Onna. Towards the upper section is the second Kodama shrine.

From here, there is a slope you can go down behind you. Kill the Karasu Tengu Yokai and head down and turn right where you will find the entrance to a cave and yet another Yamanba.

Follow the candles from here on out and keep going deeper into the cave until you see a white torii gate. Here, there are two Nure-Onna and Gaki. Killing the Yokai, head to the door where there are wooden floors.

Inner Cave
Reaching the inner depths of the cave, the first thing you are going to want to do is kick down the ladder to open up a shortcut near the starting area.

To the right side, there is a Gaki. In this room, drop down from the other end to the floor beneath you. There is a glowing corpse in this room, which if you get close to, will spawn Oni-bi Yokai.

Kill them and proceed down to the bamboo structures and loot the two corpses. Now, head back up to the red broken torii gate and you will find a mist, behind which is a Yamanba.

Kill the Yamanba and keep on heading straight till you reach a small room with candles. Above you will be a Nure-Onna that you need to get rid of using your ranged weapons.

Dark Realm
The path ahead will be infested with the Dark Realm. There is an Oni-bi, a Gaki and a One-eyed Oni. To deal with these Yokai, head inside the Dark Realm from the back. Retrace your steaps back to the Nure-Onna and head to the opening on your right.

Dropdown into the backside of the area, where you will see a well that you need to strike for an item. Around the corner, you will find the three Yokai, the source of the Dark Realm is the One-eyed Oni. Kill it and dispel the Dark Realm.

Once the Dark Realm is done and dusted with, head up to the shrine and in the middle, you will find the third Kodama shrine, a lootable corpse and a chest. Head outside the shrine, and take the left path where you will be facing off against the Imagawa clan.

Kill them and to the left there is a Nurikabe camouflaged on the left wall. Use the whistle gesture and it won’t attack you. Behind it, you will find a hot spring; use it to gain back some HP and gain some bonuses.

Continue forward and go to the top where you will find yourself back at the second Kodama shrine. Keep going forward until you reach a village infested with the Dark Realm.

Behind the gate of the village first is a Yamanba. Kill it, and take to the rooftops and head on down to the village proper after kicking the ladder down. The source of the Dark Realm here is the Enki below you; kill it to dispel the Dark Realm.

Keep on going straight after defeating the Enki, and you will see a broken house; head on down the slope where you will reach the lower level of the village.

There are two houses here, one on the left has a large chest, and one on the right has a dead body you can loot.

Go straight across the bridge once done with both houses, and you will find yourself at the second Kodama shrine yet again.

Now, make your way back to the Hot Springs and head back into the cave that has a shrine.

As you come out of the cave, there will be a soldier, also make sure to dodge ASAP when you hear the sound of an elephant, as that is usually followed by an electrifying lightning bolt.

You will now have reached the boss of the Nioh 2 The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama mission, Imagawa Yoshimoto. Make sure to check out our Imagawa Yoshimoto boss guide regarding all of his move-sets and abilities if you find yourself in a twist with him.

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