Nioh 2 Imagawa Yoshimoto Boss Guide

During the main mission: The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama, you will have to fight Imagawa. Imagawa uses Dual swords, lance, and a bow. This Nioh 2 Imagawa Yoshimoto Boss will show you how to beat this boss.

Nioh 2 Imagawa Yoshimoto Boss

The place where you fight Imagawa Yoshimoto isn’t too big so your mobility will be impaired hence you mostly have to stay defensive.

Imagawa can, in addition to his normal attacks, also use Guardian spirit Rokugezo which deals lightning damage. Using your guard has to be your utmost priority.

First of all, learn all his attack patterns so you know when to react to his attacks and how. Keep a close eye on his Ki Bar so you can push Imagawa when it’s low as it will provide you a great opportunity to deploy the grapple attack.

His bow attack is what could worry you the most as he may be aiming elsewhere but he will attack surprisingly.

You must know Imagawa’s attack patterns and how you must encounter the which have been explained in the following points:

  • Rokugezo Attack is where Imagawa will use his guardian spirit to call down lightning on your current position for a short period of time which you must avoid by dodging it!
  • Dual swords three-hit combo is where he will perform a quick three-hit combo with his swords. This attack stays active for a very short while so stay near to attack back when his attack finishes.
  • Dual swords charged attack is where he will charge his swords and attack you, dealing a high damage. Your counter moves should be to perform a burst counter if you’re quick enough.
  • He shoots his arrows in the sky and they land on your destination so you must run towards him to attack him or just guard the attack.
  • He will aim the bow towards you and fire a volley in an arc. Dodge the arrows or use your guard provided you have enough Ki.
  • Spear attack are slow but deal a lot of damage so you must quickly dodge them and when the attack ends, make use of the window and attack him back.

In a nutshell! Just avoid Imagawa’s attacks during the boss fight and attack back as soon as his attacks end. In this way, you will be able to defend yourself as well as get a chance to bring his health down and finally beat him.