New World Jewelcrafting Leveling (0-200) Guide

This extensive guide covers everything related to Jewelcrafting Leveling in New World. We will be telling you what exactly is...

This extensive guide covers everything related to Jewelcrafting Leveling in New World. We will be telling you what exactly is this profession about, who can best benefit from it, what other skills does it rely on and what is the most efficient way to power level it to the maximum level.

New World Jewelcrafting Leveling

There are a total of 7 crafting-based trade skills to choose from in Amazon’s new MMORPG, New World. Players can choose the profession of their liking as each crafting profession in the game focuses on different items and unlocks newer recipes for said items as you level that profession up.

In this guide, our focus will be on Jewelcrafting and the best ways to level it up quickly and efficiently without wasting too many resources or money.

We will be going into detail about the requirements of power leveling Jewelcrafting as well as talk about the different rewards and recipes you can expect once you reach Level 200 ( maximum level).


Jewelcrafting is a crafting skill that allows you to craft trinkets like Amulets, Rings, and Earrings which provide passive bonuses to your character.

These passive bonuses are very important when the player is trying to make a specific build. Jewelcrafting can also be used to craft gems that go into weapons and armor slots.

Jewelcrafting can be performed at Outfitting Stations in any settlement however, these outfitting stations have tiers of their own.

So, if you want to craft items from the higher tiers, then you’ll have to either upgrade the Outfitting Station at your settlement or find more stations with higher tier levels in some other settlement.

Materials and Other Relying Skills

Jewelcrafting requires a lot of materials that can be obtained by either gathering these resources, refining them, or trading with other players. The player is free to choose however they want to acquire these materials.

The main resources for these are precious metals such as silver and embedded gems which determine the type of bonuses the created item provides.

Jewelcrafting relies on a few other skills for their resources which means that the players will gain XP for those skills while performing Jewelcrafting as well. These skills are:

  • Stonecutting (Cutting Gems)
  • Mining (Mining Tools, Elemental/ Non-Elemental Nodes)
  • Smelting (Metal Ores, Precious Metals and other materials)
  • Arcana

Benefits of Leveling Up Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is a very powerful skill because it gives you passive buffs and allows you to craft gems for your equipment.

The higher your Jewelcrafting level is, the better trinkets and gems you can craft which ultimately means better stats for your character.

Leveling up Jewelcrafting is not tricky at all. You just need to keep crafting trinkets and gems until you reach Level 200 which is the maximum level right now.

As you level up the skill, it will allow you to craft different types of trinkets. At the start, you will only be able to craft Amulets with Rings unlocking at Level 50. With the benefits out of the way, let’s talk about power leveling your Jewelcrafting.

How to Power Level Jewelcrafting

There is no fixed way of leveling up your Jewelcrafting skill in New World but we have come up with a method that lets you level it up quite quickly. You will be crafting the same trinkets a specific number of times until you reach the next unlock.

Although we have a divided and detailed guide below that takes you level by level in the Power Levelling guide. This section is for players with less patience.

We will try to summarize exactly what you need to do to get to level 200. We still recommend you read the extended guide for more details.

In short, you need to only craft one type of item to level up, that is the Flawed Gemstone Amulet. You may use any kind of gemstone, and combine that with a silver chain, a silver setting and a silver ingot.

To get to level 200 you need to craft 8591 total Amulets, which means you need 8,592 of each type of item in the recipe.

Crafting an amulet will net you 192 EXP, and since both the silver chain and setting are made with the Jewelcrafting skill, they each net you 15 EXP and 12 Exp per amulet.

To fulfill your silver needs you may in other words need 343,640 Silver ores.

We will be telling you in detail about what to craft at what level and all of the required materials for these trinkets so, you don’t have to worry about calculating that stuff.

Level 0 to 6

For the first 6 levels you need to craft 51 Silver Settings at the Outfitting Station which require the following resources:

  • 204 Silver Ingots OR 816 Silver Ore

Level 6 to 12

For the next 6 levels, you need to craft 51 Silver Chains using the following resources:

  • 255 Silver Ingots OR 1020 Silver Ore

Level 12 to 50

You need to craft 51 Flawed Gem Amulets from Level 12 till 50. You will be needing these resources to accomplish this task:

  • 51 Cut Flawed Gems OR 51 Flawed Gems, 102 Motes
  • 51 Silver Ingots OR 204 Silver Ores
  • 51 Silver Setting
  • 51 Silver Chain

Level 50 to 53

For the next 3 levels, you need to craft 103 Silver Settings using the following resources:

  • 492 Silver Ingots OR 1968 Silver Ore

Level 53 to 55

Now you need to craft 103 Silver Chains using the following resources:

  • 615 Silver Ingots OR 2460 Silver Ore

Level 55 to 100

You need to craft 97 Tempered Emerald Ring from Level 55 till 100. You will be needing these resources to accomplish this task:

  • 97 Cut Emerald
  • 97 Silver Band
  • 97 Silver Setting
  • 97 Silver Ingot

Level 100 to 102

You need to craft 329 Silver Settings and 329 Silver Chains using the following resources:

  • 2962 Silver Ingots OR 11844 Silver Ore

Level 102 to 150

You need to craft 312 Brilliant Pearl Ring for which you will require the following ingredients

  • 312 Brilliant Pearl
  • 312 Silver Band
  • 312 Silver Setting
  • 312 Silver Ingot

Level 150 to 151

You have to  craft 680 Silver Settings and 680 Silver Chains using the following resources:

  • 6120 Silver Ingots OR 24480 Silver Ore

Level 151 to 200

To reach Level 200 of Jewelcrafting, you need to craft 680 Pristine Gem Amulets. You will be needing these resources to accomplish this task:

  • 680 Cut Brilliant Gems OR 680 Pristine Gems,13600 Gems, 13600 Wisp, 40800 Flawed Gems, 13600 Weak Solvent.
  • 3400 Essence OR 13600 Wisp, 68000 Motes
  • 680 Quintessence OR 2040 Essence, 8160 Wisp, 40800 Motes
  • 680 Weak Solvent
  • 680 Silver Ingots OR 1316 Silver Ores
  • 680 Silver Setting
  • 680 Silver Chain

Once you’ve crafted all of these trinkets at the Outfitting Station, your Jewelcrafting skill should have reached Level 200 and now you can focus on the real stuff, which includes crafting gems and other rings with high-level passive abilities suited for your character.

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