New World Best Rapier Builds

In this New World Best Rapier Builds guide, we will be discussing one of the strongest builds in New World. We will be helping you regarding different skill combinations that you need to make to get the most out of Rapiers in New World.

New World Best Rapier Builds

So, here are some of the best Rapier builds with the best possible combination of skills. We will guide you step by step for each build.

Rapier PvE Build

The following are some of the strengths and weaknesses that the players need to consider for this particular PvE build if you have Rapier as your main weapon


  • Offers the highest damage with the help of various weapons.
  • Provides some exceptional mobility skills to help move quickly on the battlefield.
  • Allows us to make attacks from a distance.


  • Crowd control is not good.
  • Cannot be used over a range.

Attribute Distribution

The distribution of attributes is also very important. The players will want to give away all the points for Dexterity, Rapier scales with Dexterity so most of your damage will come from that.

With gear bonuses and points from leveling up, your stats should like something like this

Dexterity: 300 points

Constitution: 200 points

Secondary Weapons

There are different options that you can use as your secondary options. Now, we will be guiding you about some of the useful options. You can combine it with a Bow or a Musket, as they will provide you with bonus Dexterity.

In this way, you can increase your range. Also, prefer lightweight armor, as it will provide you with the mobility necessary for Rapier. Moreover, this will provide you with 20% bonus damage.

Rapier Mastery Skills

Now, we will be focusing on the skills that you can use. The skill tree for Rapier comprises two sections; Blood and Grace.

Here are some useful skills to help you guys that you should unlock in the same order for this Rapier build.

Tondo: Tondo offers 5m increase in range. Also, causes bleed damage to the enemy along with 50% extra weapon damage. Additionally, it allows you to debuff the enemy.

Evade: This ability helps you to dodge the enemy more quickly. Evade also helps you to avoid the attacks of an enemy for a second. So, you can use it to keep yourself away right after attacking the enemy.

Fleche: Fleche is a strong ability that enables us to pierce through the enemies dealing 145% damage. Fleche allows you to run a distance of about 10m quickly.

Riposte: Allows you to stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Also, you will not be vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy for some time.

Red Curtain: This provides critical strikes that reduce the cooldowns by 5%.

Refreshing Strikes: This reduces cooldown by 1% on every hit.

Desperation: Desperation helps us to deal 10% extra damage when your stamina is below 40%.

Engarde: Deals 10% more damage when your target’s health is above 50%.

Controlled Breathing: Bonus of +3 to stamina on every hit.

Rapier and Bow PvP Build

This Rapier build mainly focuses on causing huge amounts of weapon damage to the enemy, so this can be quite helpful during War and other PvP situations. You’ll also be able to take enemies at range with a bow, so you’ll have some range versatility.


  • Allows you to reach the enemy at various ranges
  • Great DPS.
  • Allows you to dodge attacks effectively.


  • Positioning needs to be accurate to launch attacks on their target.
  • Not very effective against multiple targets.

Attribute Distribution

You will need to spend most of your points on Dexterity and Constitution for this build. The main focus should be on Dexterity, but we recommend not spending all of the points in Dexterity and save some for Constitution to increase your survivability

So, here is the perfect attribute distribution for this build. Focus, Intelligence and Strength are pretty much useless here so just stick with default values

  • Dexterity: 243
  • Constitution: 109

This attribute distribution is the best combination, as it provides everything you require on the battlefield. If you prefer more of a glass cannon approach, you can increase Dexterity a bit more and sacrifice health in its place.

Rapier Build Mastery Skills

The skills below are highly recommended for this build.

Evade – Evade helps you to dodge any attack coming from the enemy. So, this skill is quite useful in almost every situation. Also, it allows you to make Light Attacks quickly.

Fleche – This skill allows you to move a distance of 10m in no time. Also, it allows you to pierce through the enemy causing 145% damage quickly.

Riposte – Riposte has the ability to stun the attacker for 1.5 seconds. This defensive ability lasts over a span of 1 second.

Crescendo – Individual successful light attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability by 30% each.

Quick Lunge – Reduces cooldown by 80% on every kill.

Engarde Deal 10% more damage when the target has greater than 50% health.

Desperation Deals 10% more damage when your stamina is below 40%.

Controlled Breathing – You can get +3 to stamina on every hit.

Secondary Weapons

Your secondary weapons are necessary as a backup and in this build, we’ll be taking a look at the bow. The Bow is a good choice because it scales with the same attributes as Rapier so one of your weapons will not be weak.

The key skills to be considered are Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot. They cause a lot of damage to the enemy. Also, Evade Shot can provide you with mobility, so this can be a good combination of mobility and damage to complement your rapier

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