NBA 2K24 Best Floor Spacing Slasher Build For PG

The Floor Spacing Slasher build in NBA 2K24 for Point Guards allows you to make plays and score from anywhere on the court.

Creating the perfect build in NBA 2K24 almost seems impossible. At least that is what the general consensus is. A build that can not only do it all but also do it well. Lucky for you, we put that theory to the test and came up with this NBA 2K24 Floor Spacing Slasher build for Point Guards that can actually do everything.

Our Floor Spacing Slasher build for PG in NBA 2K24 focuses on aggression to allow scoring points from anywhere on the court, whether it is 3-pointers or layups.

Body Setting and Attributes for NBA 2K24 Floor Spacing Slasher build

For this build, we will be going with the Point Guard position for our Floor Spacing Slasher build. For the remaining attributes, look at the table below:

Weight190 lbs
Close Shot54
Driving Layup74
Driving Dunk85
Standing Dunk30
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot77
Three-Point Shot92
Free Throw67
Pass Accuracy77
Ball Handle93
Speed with Ball83
Interior Defense50
Perimeter Defense85
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound40

How to setup Floor Spacing Slasher Build for Point Guards

Floor Spacing Slasher build allows players to focus their shots however they please. The build is perfect for making a basket however you want to. Whether it be dunking, shooting a 2-pointer, shooting a 3-pointer, or taking those risky shots from the corner of the court, players will be able to make a shoot and make it count no matter what.

The build allows your character to steal the ball, and stay in control of the ball for longer than others, making it easier to create an opening. This won’t be difficult as your new character is already the master of making surefire shots for any given situation.

Playing through MyCareer or any other game mode to upgrade your character even further, players can focus on their shooting and dunking, as these are the most vital attributes of these builds.


Next, you might want to focus on your ball handle, strength, stamina, and vertical to make sure that your physical abilities can keep up as well. Playing the Floor Spacing Slasher build requires aggressive tactics. You cannot stay docile on the court when playing with this build.

Your ball-handling skills will be tested to the max, but the build pays off in the end as you will be making the most baskets with this one build in any match.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Floor Spacing Slasher build

S Tier


Any jumpshot taken when a defender is closing out in their peripheral vision suffers a lower penalty.

Handle for Days

Dribble uses up less energy. Players can dribble for longer as they plan and make an opening for their next shot.


Stealing the ball in passing lanes is easier, taking control of the ball as you move on.

A Tier

Catch and Shoot

Increases your chances of landing a jump shot when you catch the ball. This badge will help players make a basket after they catch a pass.

Corner Specialist

All shots taken from the corner of the court get a free boost. Perfect for those risky shots from the corner of the court.

Green Machine

If you get consecutive excellent releases, players will get an additional bonus for each consecutive release.

B Tier

Relay Passer

Gives a boost to all shots to assist your teammate. This badge will help you keep the ball in your court at all times without losing the ball during a pass.

Best Animation

Just knowing how to throw that ball is not enough, actually throwing the ball in a way that’s flashy, practical and safe also matters. For this purpose, you should choose what animation your character has, especially for jumpshots. The custom jumpshot creator in NBA 2K24 will allow you to mix and match animations from others to create your own style.

Our recommended animation for the jumpshot for this Floor Spacing Slasher Build is:

BaseStephen Curry
Upper Release 1Stephen Curry
Upper Release 2Jason Kidd
Release Speed25%
Animation Blending60% – 40%
Release HeightA-
Defense ImmunityA+
Release SpeedA+
Timing ImpactA+

The shot is easy and safe. Defenders won’t be able to knock the ball out of your hand when you are shooting, and you can charge the shot for some extra distance as well.

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