NBA 2K24 Best LeBron James Build

LeBron James is an icon in the NBA world so why not use a build in NBA 2K24 that lets you create the king's replica?

Replica builds make a return in NBA 2K24. This time, players are given the option to take a Replica build template of a player and either use it as is or tweak it further. Should you wish to create your own LeBron James build for NBA 2K24 instead of using the replica, we have got you covered with the build we made today.

Considering the role, we have chosen the Small Forward position for the LeBron James build in 2K24. Although they are a bit shorter than the Power Forwards, in terms of agility they have no match. Additionally, our NBA 2K24 LeBron James build will not only make the character perfect in the “three” position but will also allow him to dodge and score from different point ranges on the court.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 LeBron James build

Following are all the stats attributes associated with our build. Making up a Small Forward LeBron build with all these attributes will make him pretty much unbeatable in NBA 2K24.

Weight228 lbs
Close Shot71
Driving Layup80
Driving Dunk93
Standing Dunk45
Post Control92
Mid-Range Shot77
Three-Point Shot86
Free Throw83
Pass Accuracy87
Ball Handle85
Speed with Ball75
Interior Defense56
Perimeter Defense51
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound30

How to setup a LeBron James build

The build mainly invests in Finishing such as Driving Dunk. With good Ball Accuracy and Three Point Shots, the player will be able to score better on the court. This build mainly focuses the Playmaking and Finishing and invests the least in defense and rebound.

After the aforementioned skills, next, we have invested in Physical attributes. Good stamina is required to indulge and doge the opponent players while moving back and forth to create open lanes and attempting the basket. Their main role is scoring putting rebounding and defending on the lowest priority after the Power Forward and Center.

Reducing the Wingspan of the player raises up the strength. It also allows us to keep the silver Blow-by and the Speed Booster. In short, we get all the Strength and Speed badges for a 6’8” height.


Best Badges for NBA 2K24 LeBron James build

Badges are the main part and parcel for any build in NBA 2K24. Here we have all the badges for Best LeBron James Build. Indulging these badges in your build will make up a very powerful SF scorer helping you gain some quick points on the scorecard.

Tier S

Unpluckable (Gold)

The playmaking badge Unpluckable helps you tackle the opponents, especially the ones relying on their steal attribute.

Bail Out (Bronze)

This badge helps you reduce your errant passes especially while attempting the jump shorts.

Posterizer (Silver)

This badge increases the chance of the dunk shot against the opponent’s defender

Slithery (Silver)

This badge helps the player escape through narrow spaces and protect the ball from getting stolen by the opponents.

Bulldozer (HoF)

This badge helps you tackle a closing-out defender by making your ball-handling attribute stronger.

Tier A

Physical Handles (HoF)

This badge helps you tackle the defenders especially while moving on the perimeter.

Ankle Breaker (Gold)

This badge increases the frequency of the opponent’s defender stumble.

Blow-By (Silver)

This badge helps you pass the defenders close to the perimeter.

Speed Booster (Silver)

This badge helps you increase your attack power while playing near the perimeter.

Needle Threader (Silver)

This badge lets the player pass even through the narrow passage with a speedy boost

Tier B

Killer Combos (Bronze)

This badge helps the player to perform multiple dribbling moves together.

Triple Strike (Bronze)

This badge helps the player mainly in avoiding a triple threat.

Immovable Enforcer (HoF)

This badge helps the ones playing the defensive roles against ball handlers and finishers.

Touch Passer (Silver)

This badge allows the player to quickly pass the ball after receiving it.

Tier C

Brick Wall (Gold)

This badge helps you tackle a closing-out defender

Dropstepper (Gold)

This badge helps the player protect the ball near the post along with increasing the success rate of hop steps and drop steps.

Post Spin Technician (HoF)

This badge helps in improving the post spins.

Post Playmaker (Gold)

This badge helps players get a boost after an offensive rebound

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