NBA 2K24 Best Inside Out Playmaker Build For PG

Inside-Out Playmaker archetype for PG in NBA 2K24 is responsible for creating opportunities for the team to score thanks to its high speed and pass accuracy.

In NBA 2K24, Point Guards are responsible for ensuring the ball is passed to the right person on offense who will capitalize on the pass and score for the team. A playmaker’s role is a bit broader, but the general principle remains the same: Create opportunities for the team to capitalize on and score. This NBA 2K24 2-Way Inside-Out Playmaker build prioritizes speed and passing accuracy above all else, to provide ample opportunities to disengage from stand-offs and get the ball rolling on creating game-changing opportunities for your team.

For an Inside-Out Playmaker Point Guard build in NBA 2K24, it is important to be great at making difficult passes while also being hard to pin down by the opposing team, so the ball stays in your control longer.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Inside Out Playmaker build

For a Point Guard player who wants to double as an Inside-Out Playmaker in NBA 2K24, the following are the recommended stats we have settled on:

Weight188 lbs
Close Shot48
Driving Layup73
Driving Dunk89
Standing Dunk
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot72
Three-Point Shot86
Free Throw72
Pass Accuracy87
Ball Handle93
Speed with Ball83
Interior Defense
Perimeter Defense77
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound33

How to set up an Inside Out Playmaker build

Playmakers are the key drivers of offensive tactics for many teams in NBA 2K24. They create ample scoring opportunities for the team and through their efforts, the rest of the team can bring out their own A-game.

We will need to put 89 points in Driving Dunk primarily to unlock Pro Contact Dunks Off Two, while other badges like Posterizer are the cherry on top, improving your dunk capabilities, especially off rebounds.

We are going to put 75 points in Mid-Range Shot, 89 points in Three-point Shot, and 68 points in Free Throw. This allocation helps unlock some very decent badges to improve utility in terms of passing. Limitless range and Catch & Shoot for instance are quite decent badges to increase the scope and speed of your passes.

Being a playmaker, defensive capabilities aren’t our forte. Instead, we apply good hit-and-run tactics while taking the path of least resistance. Avoid brawling with beefy defenders and utilize your speed and precise shooting capabilities to pass the ball around efficiently. To that end, we have 87 points in Pass Accuracy, 93 points in Ball Handle, and 83 points in Speed with Ball.

This stat distribution unlocks skills like Bail Out for more accurate mid air passes, while the overall high investment in Pass Accuracy and Speed with Ball helps ensure your passes will reach their designated mark, while also granting you superior dribbling capabilities.

While pure defense isn’t our forte, defensive skills tailored around claiming control of the ball are still quite in line with our role as playmakers. Invest 76 points in Perimeter Defense and 60 in Steal. You unlock the Clamps badge, which makes your bump hits more potent against ball handlers, allowing for greater chances to reclaim the ball for your team.

For the physical section, 82 points go into Speed, 91 points into Acceleration, 60 points in Strength, 79 in Vertical and 96 points into Stamina. This distribution, particularly in Strength and Vertical helps unlock some nice dunk packs such as Aerial Wizard and Fearless Finisher. The rest unlock quality badges like Handles for Days to improve energy efficiency and make sure you can move around the court with a high stamina cap before tiring out.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Inside Out Playmaker build

Badges play an important role as they bring out specific aspects of your build. The badges listed here bring great utility to this Inside-Out Playmaker Point Guard build in NBA 2K24. As always, the more point invested in specific attributes, the higher level badges you can unlock.

S-Tier badges

  • Fearless Finisher (Bronze): You can capitalize on incoming passes into successful contact layups more efficiently.
  • Giant Slayer (Silver): You gain considerable advantage in making layups over defenders taller than your character (in this case 6’2”).
  • Clamps (Bronze): While on defense duty, bump hits become much more effective against the ball handler, potentially allowing the ball to switch sides with this defensive badge.
  • Handles For Days (Gold): Since you lack in defense and strength, this badge reduces your energy depletion, leaving spare stamina for fancier dribbles to avoid having to directly contest stronger defenders head on and get around them instead.
  • Posterizer (Silver): Improves your chances of getting past your assigned defender and making a successful slam dunk.
  • Slithery (Silver): Makes it harder for enemy defenders to pin down the player, thus improving your control over the ball and making it easier to break through defense, ending straight into a finish at the basket.
  • Blow-By (Gold): Allows the player to juke their defender more easily and breach the opposing team’s paint.
  • Speed Booster (Gold): Allows for a short speed burst when trying to break away from a defender straight to the paint, or in specific situations when trying to reclaim the ball from the opposing team.
  • Killer Combos (Gold): While mixing up your opponents, their defensive ability can be compromised in several ways, making it easier to get the ball through. Also grants an evasive bonus when combining multiple dribbling techniques, further boosting your success in breaking past defenders.
  • Unpluckable (Gold): Boosts your overall ball control, making it harder for defenders to get it out of your possession with some stray blocks, steal attempts etc.
  • Bail Out (Bronze): When jumping, your pass has increased accuracy and more of a chance at reaching the specific offense member.
  • Blinders (Silver): Decreases the penalty on jump shots when a defender contests on time.
  • Limitless Range (Bronze): Increases the range of your 3-point shots for a higher frequency of sniper basket scores.
  • Deadeye (Silver): One of the best shooting badges, with Deadeye your jumpshots suffer a lower accuracy penalty due to late contests by defenders.

A-tier badges

  • Precision Dunker (Silver): Can apply successful skill dunks with greater ease.
  • Physical Handles (Bronze): Makes your movement more free form and precise while dribbling, allowing you to quickly change directions when defenders try to intercept you.
  • 94 Feet (Bronze): Increases team defense capabilities by allowing defenders to tail and interrupt ball handlers who make a break towards the perimeter, into the backcourt.
  • Work Horse (Bronze): Loose balls can be passed over opponents with greater ease. It also boosts your speed attribute, allowing for easier disengagements from stronger defenders.
  • Hyperdrive (Gold): Reduces the time it takes to complete a dribbling animation while moving, allowing you to safely navigate the court.
  • Ankle Breaker (Hall of Fame): Can confuse defenders via special dribbling techniques, allowing you to put a dent in their defense and breakthrough from that sliver of opportunity.
  • Needle Threader (Silver): Improves your chances of getting difficult passes through tight defenses, straight to an open teammate.
  • Agent 3 (Silver): Strengthens your pull-up shot game, making it easier to score from the three-point range, bolstering your risk factor as you become a deadly adversary on both close and long range.
  • Interceptor (Bronze): More oriented for defensive play, when the ball isn’t in your hands, you gain an increased chance at successfully getting in between a pass by opponents, boosting ball stealing capabilities.
  • Dimer (Silver): When in the half-court, assist passes made to open teammates will improve the accuracy of the shot that the pass receiver will make.
  • Pick Dodger (Bronze): As opponents create screens to have more offensive leeway, this badge will improve your ability to navigate around those screens and prevent them from gaining more ground.
  • Fast Feet (Bronze): Launch and cut timings are noticeably sped up, minimizing downtime, and allowing you to tail ball handlers more efficiently.
  • Challenger (Bronze): Contests with excellent timing have an increased chance at shutting down perimeter shots.
  • Ankle Braces (Bronze): Your focus threshold increases, allowing you to avoid getting confused and suffer ankle injuries from complex dribbling maneuvers and intercepting them.
  • Green Machine (Silver): Increases the size of your Green window after a few consecutive excellently timed releases.
  • Catch & Shoot (Gold): After receiving a pass, the next jump shot you perform will be significantly stronger and more accurate.
  • Guard Up (Silver): When defenders fail to time their contests, your jump shot will gain increased accuracy.
  • Space Creator (Silver): Upon disengaging from a defender, your shots will gain a buff and your cross up capabilities will be greatly improved as well.
  • Spot Finder (Gold): Improves ability to get open and receive a pass in the heart of the opposing perimeter.

B- Tier badges

  • Acrobat (Bronze): Improves the success rate of difficult close ranged basket shots / layups.
  • Bunny (Gold): You can pull off successful hop step layups and dunks more frequently and easily.
  • Float Game (Silver): Floating shots will be easier to perform.
  • Pro Touch (Gold): Gives an additional boost on your shots for timing your layups properly.
  • Scooper (Silver): You can perform quick scoop layups with greater ease.
  • Whistle (Silver): Increases chances to get more free throws when creating contact at the rim or during jump shots.
  • Triple Strike (Gold): Improves ability to counter the opponent’s triple threat by covering their shooting, dribbling, and passing routes.
  • Touch Passer (Silver): Speeds up player pass timings after immediately receiving a pass from a teammate.
  • Special Delivery (Gold): Flashy passes will boost the receiver’s stats, allowing him to dunk the ball in the basket either directly via Alley-oop pass, or have more success in raw shots after receiving the pass.
  • Corner Specialist (Gold): Gives a boost to shots taken from the corner of the court.
  • Middy Magician (Silver): Pullups and spin shots, specifically from the mid-range area, receive a great boost in accuracy.
  • Open Looks (Silver): Your ability to shoot accurate wide open jump shots greatly increases.
  • Guard Up (Silver): Improved chance to make jump shots when defenders fail to properly contest, however, must make sure that the defender is in close proximity for the contest to count.
  • Comeback Kid (Gold): Improved ability to make shots while trailing.
  • Claymore (Gold): Increased chance to knock down shots made by opposing shooters from the perimeter.

C-Tier badges

  • Aerial Wizard (Gold): When a teammate’s shot misses the post, your ability to capitalize and turn the rebound into a score via a dunk or alley-oop is greatly improved.
  • Slippery Off Ball (Gold): Improves your ability to navigate around an opponent’s screen.
  • Break Starter (Gold): After grabbing rebound shots, your next pass will be much stronger.
  • Off-Ball Pest (Silver): Your Bump hits become more effective, and you are more efficient in preventing opponents making a breakthrough to your paint.
  • Relay Passer (Silver): Provides a shot boost to the shooters who receive a pass from you.
  • Free Points (Bronze): Improves your ability to shut down free throws during the game.
  • Spin Cycle (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to make higher level spin layups and dunks.
  • Two Step (Hall of Fame): Improves dribbling capabilities to make Eurostep and cradle layups / dunks more feasible, adding to your dramatic finisher repertoire.

Best animations for Inside Out Playmaker Point Guard

For our Point Guard in NBA 2K24, we recommend going for the following animations:

  • Base: Victor Oladipo
  • Upper Release 1: Oscar Robertson
  • Upper Release 2: Markelle Fultz
  • Release Speed: 100%
  • Animation Blending: 100%/0%
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