NBA 2K24 Best Defensive Anchor Build For PF

For our build, we will be going with a 6’10” power forward and gradually make our way towards the ultimate goal in NBA 2K24, defensive anchor

Power forwards or PF are the powerhouse in basketball when it comes to post control and scoring two pointers. These players are exceptionally good at playing with their backs towards the basket and have full control over contact dunks and layups. This doesn’t make them any less good at defense. Power forwards can play defense beneath the basket and can overpower finishers or stop long shots with their massive range. When combined with defensive Anchor archetype in NBA 2K24, Power Forwards become a force to be reckon with. 

For our build, we will be going with a 6’10” power forward and gradually make our way towards the ultimate goal in NBA 2K24, defensive anchor. As this build is more geared towards scoring 2 pointers and stopping enemies, offense and defense will be our primary focus here.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Defensive Anchor build

The following stats are recommended to create a Power Forward build with the Defensive Anchor archetype in NBA 2K24. As always, we recommend sticking with the stats and not altering them too much as you will end up deviating from the results. 

Height 6’10” 
Weight 250 lbs 
Wingspan 7’5” 
Close Shot 62 
Driving Layup 48 
Driving Dunk 68 
Standing Dunk 83 
Post Control 77 
Mid-Range Shot – 
Three-point Shot – 
Free Throw 28 
Pass Accuracy – 
Ball Handle 30 
Speed with Ball – 
Interior Defense 85 
Perimeter defense 49 
Steal 44 
Block (focus) 99 
Offensive Rebound 75 
Defensive Rebound (focus) 99 
Speed 60 
Acceleration 60 
Strength (focus) 90 
Vertical 83 
Stamina 85 

For a Power forward, nothing is more important than offense and stamina/speed. With our defensive archetype mix in the build, this allows our PF to both block the attackers and collect rebounds with perfection.

How to set up a Defensive Anchor

Power Forwards are second to forwards and play an important role in controlling the paint and post area. These players can convert layups and dunks into 2 pointers with ease. With our defensive anchor archetype, the power forward in NBA 2K24 gets an additional ability under its belt. With this build, you can block the opponent’s offense and collect both types of rebounds with ease. 

For offense, we have 83 points in Standing Dunk and 77 points in post control. This allows us to convert any pass and rebound into a standing dunk or use contact layups to score 2 pointers near the post. 

This build is not for the playmaking abilities. The main purpose of a PF with defensive anchor archetype is to score and defend. So, we will be leaving this section deliberately. 

For defense, we have 85 points in Interior defense, 99 points in Block and 99 points in Defensive rebound. This massive focus on defense will end up unlocking a lot of important defensive/rebound badges for our build. It also allows us to overpower opponent’s finishers and chase down rebounds with a 100% success guarantee. 

For the physical part of our PF build with the Defensive Anchor archetype in NBA 2K24, we have 90 points in Strength and 83 points in Stamina. This allows our build to survive the onslaught from enemies without getting tired easily.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Defensive Anchor build

This section deals with the badges that you are going to unlock with investing skill points in proper attributes. Badges determine an archetype for your build and in our case Defensive anchor for our PF in NBA 2K24.

S-Tier badges

  • Anchor (HoF): This badge allows you to defend the paint area. 
  • Boxout Beast (HoF): This badge allows you to fight and win a a good position inside paint. 
  • Bulldozer (Silver): This allows you to overpower defenders easily. 
  • Chase Down Artist (Silver): This badge improves your chances of getting a chase down block. 
  • Fast Twitch (Silver): This badge increases your speed for standing layups and dunks around the rim. 
  • Pogo Stick (HoF): This badge allows you to recover faster after a landing. 
  • Rebound Chaser (HoF): This badge improves your ability to chase rebounds. 
  • Unpluckable (Bronze): This badge grants you immunity against the defenders. 

A-Tier badges

  • Backdown Punisher (Silver): This badge improves your chances of backing down your opponents. 
  • Brick Wall (Gold): This badge improves your screens and drains your opponents on contact. 
  • Dropstepper (Silver): This badge improves your dropsteps in the post. 
  • Post Spin Technician (Silver): This badge improves your post spin technique. 
  • Precision Dunker (Silver): This badge vastly improves your skill dunks. 
  • Rise Up (Silver): This allows you to dunk easily from under the basket. 

B-Tier badges

  • Aerial Wizard (Silver): This badge increases your chances of finishing lobs and putbacks at the rim. 
  • Immovable Enforcer (Gold): This badge improves your defensive strength against ball handlers and finishers. 
  • Post Lockdown (Silver): This badge improves your ability to defend against post moves. 

Best animations

The best animations for a defensive anchor build for PF in 2K24 are: 

  • Tim Dunkan 
  • Dirk Nowitzki 
  • A+ ball control 
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