NBA 2K24 Best Post Scorer Build For Center

Post Scorer builds are a thing of beauty in NBA 2K24. Who doesn't want to hold the defenders with their backs and slam dunk with a ferocity of thunderstorms? Read on to create a Post scorer that matches our description with this guide.

Post-scorers in NBA 2K24 are offensive players who play with their backs against the basket. Their main job is to use their strength and height to go past the defense and score 2-pointers with precision. Post scorers are the backbone of offense as they are neither afraid of contact nor of rough play. In this guide, we will create such a post-scorer build in NBA 2K24 that will dominate the court in an amazing fashion.

Post scorers are offensive players that need to be tall, aggressive and adapt at both offense and defense. One of the main points that make them unique is their ability to collect rebounds and do slam dunks. Post-scorer build can sacrifice speed in favor of height and ball control.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Post Scorer build

For our post-scorer build in NBA 2K24, we will be going with the following stats. All the attributes below have been carefully selected by us and we recommend that you stick to this guide word by word. For position go with Center. 

Height 7’3” 
Weight 258 lbs 
Wingspan 8’1” 
Close Shot (focus) 98 
Driving Layup 30 
Driving Dunk 50 
Standing Dunk (focus) 90 
Post Control (focus) 92 
Mid-Range Shot 58 
Three-point Shot – 
Free Throw 58 
Pass Accuracy 77 
Ball Handle 49 
Speed with Ball – 
Interior Defense 80 
Perimeter defense 35 
Steal – 
Block 87 
Offensive Rebound 50 
Defensive Rebound 85 
Speed – 
Acceleration – 
Strength 88 
Vertical 60 
Stamina 85 

For the post scorer build, our focus is on defense and collecting the pass/rebounds and converting them into 2-pointers with meticulously placed hoops and dunks.

How to set up Post scorer build

Post-scorers are the powerhouse of any team in NBA 2K24. This position has been graced by greats like Shaq O’Neal. They can take any pass, go over any defender and bring home those sweet 2-pointers that the team desperately needs. Post-scorers also excel at catching primary and secondary rebounds. Our post scorer build in 2K24 covers all these aspects in addition to post-ball control and defensive play. 

For this build, we are investing a whopping 98 points in Close shot, 90 points in Standing Dunk and 92 points in Post control. This allows us to not only collect the ball and hold our back against the defenders, but also allows us to perform perfect close shots for 2-pointers and some stylish slam dunks. 

Post-players in basketball are not playmakers. The focus is on offense and defense not moving the ball around. So, we have deliberately avoided putting any extra points in the stats that define playmaking in NBA 2K24. 

Now comes the defense. This is where the Post scorer build shines in NBA 2K24. Once you get the ball, either from a pass or rebound, it is your duty to keep it to yourself. With amazing jumping ability, Post scorers can easily transform it into a basket. To achieve this purpose, we have 80 points in Interior defense, 87 points in block and 85 points in Defensive rebound. 

The next part refers to physical. Strength plays an extremely important role for a post-player. It is their core mechanic to survive brutal defense from the opponents. For this, we have 88 points in Strength and 85 points in Stamina.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Post Scorer build

In NBA 2K24, badges not only define the overall build of your created character, but they also set its Archetype. For our Post scorer build in NBA 2K24, we are focusing on the following badges. Before we proceed, remember that any badge in the game can only be improved by investing more points in the same skill. This is the only way to achieve Hall of Fame badges.

S-Tier badges

  • Anchor (Bronze): This ability allows you to protect the paint.
  • Brick Wall (Silver): This badge allows you to drain your defender’s energy on contact.
  • Bulldozer (Silver): This badge improves your ball handling against powerful defenders.
  • Dropstepper (Gold): This badge improves your ability to use dropsteps in the post.
  • Fast Twitch (HoF): This badge increases the speed of standing dunks near the rim.
  • Fearless Finisher (HoF): You can easily convert contact layups into baskets.
  • Masher (HoF): This badge greatly improves your battle ability on the rim.
  • Unpluckable (Gold): You can’t lose your ball to defenders that easily.

A-Tier badges

  • Hook Specialist (HoF): This badge improves your post hooks.
  • Post Fade Phenom (HoF): This badge improves your post fades and hop shots.
  • Post Spin Technician (HoF): This badge vastly improves your post-spin technique.

B-Tier badges

  • Dream Shake (HoF): This badge improves your post-fakes and shot chances from close.
  • Immovable Enforcer (Gold): This badge improves the strength of defensive players.
  • Pro Touch (HoF): This badge gives you an additional boost if you have good layup timing.
  • Whistle (Gold): This badge increases your chances of drawing fouls when trying to score.

Best animations

These are the best animations that we recommend for a Center Post scorer in NBA 2K24. 

  • Rudy Gobert 
  • Al Jefferson 
  • Yao Ming
  • A+ release control
  • A+ release height 
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