NBA 2K24 Best Glass Cleaning Interior Threat Build For Center

A Glass Cleaning Interior Threat build for Center position in NBA 2K24 will ensure you one of the strongest defenses in the game.

A good defense is the best offense, a sword that swings with nothing to protect, will never know true victory. That goes doubly so in the court in NBA 2K24 where opportunity switches on a moment’s notice and it is through solid defensive work that teams can turn the tide and seize victory. The following guide ought to help you on this journey to creating a worthy NBA 2K24 Glass Cleaning Interior threat build to act as a defensive backbone for the team.

Being able to defend your own basket, while capitalizing on opportunities created while in the opposing team’s basket is an essential back-and-forth aspect of NBA 2K24.

The Glass Cleaning Interior Threat is expected to take up a few core responsibilities. If you want to control an effective glass cleaning interior, you need to invest in good height and muscle/ball control as well as resilience skills to avoid interruptions and carry your momentum.

Body settings and attributes for Glass Cleaning Interior Threat build

We went with the Center Position for our NBA 2K24 Glass Cleaning Interior Threat build. As for the recommended attribute point allocation for the Glass Cleaning Interior Threat build, consult the table below:

Weight250 lbs
Close Shot84
Driving Layup55
Driving Dunk75
Standing Dunk92
Post Control49
Mid-Range Shot44
Three-Point Shot
Free Throw44
Pass Accuracy86
Ball Handle62
Speed with Ball48
Interior Defense82
Perimeter Defense37
Offensive Rebound93
Defensive Rebound84

Best Badges for Glass Cleaning Interior Threat build in NBA 2K24

Badges are milestone upgrades that you can unlock in order to boost certain aspects of your character further / unlock new skills. The pre-requisite to many of these is having invested a certain number of points into each of your character’s attributes.

Given the ones we applied in this NBA 2K24 Center Glass Cleaning Interior build, here is a breakdown of some of the better badges available.


Tier S

Boxout Beast

The Boxout Beast defensive badge greatly improves your strength capabilities to outmuscle opponents you end up fighting against in the paint. Since your goal is to net yourself a comfy rebounding position, being able to fight for your spot goes a long way as a glass-cleaning interior.

Brick Wall

Since your primary goal is to serve as a team player and set up situations where your team can score or pass comfortably and the opposing team cannot, the brick wall badge is great for improving the effectiveness of your screens, as well as draining energy from opponents on physical contact. Given your height and strength advantage, this will be a skill that goes a long way to dictate the pace of the game.


The Bulldozer badge is more offense-oriented for when your team is on the offensive. It improves your strength as a ball handler, allowing you to overpower defenders where they may have otherwise seized the initiative against you.

Fearless Finisher

The Fearless Finisher badge improves your contact layups. The various physical traits of this build mean you’ll likely always be able to gain an advantage against defenders and if they can contend, then the brick wall skill is good for draining their energy on contact and allowing you to break into a clutch layup.

Tier A

Backdown Punisher

This is meant to give you an edge over the defender assigned to you. With this badge, you’ll be able to cause more frequent backdowns and have a more open window to pass the ball to your team.

Post Lockdown

This is helpful for when opponents end up at or near the paint. Whether it’s Jump Hooks, the Skyhook etc. this badge will improve your defense capabilities against all post moves, denying your opponent potential scores. 

Tier B

Immovable Enforcer

This badge will improve your strength rating while defending ball handlers and finishers. Good for improving the likelihood of seizing the ball while they try going for a push.

Physical Handles

More of a quality-of-life badge, Physical Handles will reduce the chance of being interrupted by defenders on the perimeter while you are dribbling. Decent for covering the ground a bit.

Tier C


Clamps give your character an improved chance at defending the ball when hip-riding ball handlers. As a Glass Cleaning Interior, you likely won’t be making too many shots so the utility of this badge lies largely in being able to clear a path towards the opposing team’s basket.

How to setup NBA 2K24 Glass Cleaning Interior Threat build

As a Glass Cleaner, your main goal is to defend the basket while your team is on the back foot and clear a path / cover the opposing team’s basket for rebounds when your team is on the offensive.

The Glass Cleaning Interior needs to be able to assess the various tendencies of opposing attackers/ball handlers and intercept where necessary while maneuvering around them when the offense calls for it.

This specific build is centered around keeping control of the ball when it is in your hands and wearing out opponents / denying them key crossovers and layups wherever possible.

Your defensive capabilities make you more than capable of stopping and effectively harassing your opponent when the ball is in their control, while also being strong enough to push forward and clear a path for your team to set up comfy spots to take shots or go for the rebounds in case they miss. These badges are meant more for defense and supporting utility since you’ll be a team player setting up opportunities for your team while denying your opponent any.

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