NBA 2K23 Best Teams For SF (Small Forward)

Small Forward or SF is the player in NBA 2K23 who is neither the tallest nor the strongest player in the game, yet they have one of the highest impacts on a team’s win or loss.

They have to be one of the most versatile players in the game, taking on new challenges, and defending the opposing team’s best players regardless of what position they are in. They are one of the main considerations when selecting the starting lineup of your team.

The best player in the Small Forward position should have good defensive skills along with dribbling abilities. You can get away with any height, but your strength and agility need to be high enough.

If you think that you can perform all those duties well then you require a platform where you can showcase your talents.

That platform will come in form of a team who is worthy of further polishing your skills and that is the reason why we have put together a list of all the best possible teams for a small forward (SF) in NBA 2K23.

Best teams for small forward (SF) in NBA 2K23

Following are some of the best teams for SF in NBA 2K23 to join if you prefer playing the role of a small forward in the squad

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the most prominent teams from last season and they barely missed the playoffs by a small hiccup but that is absolutely fine. Because this season is their chance to up their game and show everyone who is the boss.

This team has a great lineup with mostly very tall players whom you can count on whenever you want a point. Darius Garland is their star player with 86 OVR and a phenomenal rating in every department.

Last season, Lauri Markkanen played as the team’s small forward although he did a decent job of handling that position for sure this team is in need of a solid small forward.

Cleveland Cavaliers need a player who is great on defense and is also consistent when it comes to scoring points. If you want to join the Cleveland Cavaliers as their small forward, bring a two-way scoring build.

Atlanta Hawks

The second team for small forward is the Atlanta Hawks who have one of the most solid starting players of the entire season such as Trae Young, Dejounte Murray, John Collins, and Clint Capela who are some of the best starters in the game.

Currently playing as the small forward for the team is De’andre Hunter with 79 OVR which is fine but not the very best. It would be a shame to have such a strong starting lineup with a weak small forward, so you have a chance to fill this gap by joining as their small forward.

Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets are one of the most celebrated teams of the past season but now they are in desperate need of some help. They need someone who is good at defense but can also score tons of points.

The current small forwards for this team are Gordon Hayward and Kelly Oubre Jr. both of whom have been given plenty of chances, but they haven’t really made much of an impact and it is finally time that the Hornets get an upgrade.

With Lamelo Ball as their point guard, you are going a lot of fun playing as the team’s small forward.

A good small forward, a good center, and a good point guard can go a long way. You need to be a good scorer so all those balls that the point guard throws at you, he throws with trust that you will score.

Orlando Magic

With Paolo Banchero as their star player who has been performing exceptionally well for the entirety of the season and with Cole Anthony as the point guard, Orlando Magic is one of the most promising teams for the season but with one shortcoming.

The team’s power forward Jonathan Isaac is not suited for the power forward position, although he is great when it comes to defense when it comes to scoring, this is where he lacks, and the Magicians need some magic of your perfect small forward build.

Open up MyPlayer and put together the best scoring build NBA 2K23 has ever seen and join the roster of Orlando Magic where your skills will be put to test and everyone will see how a good small forward can make all the difference.

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks after their fall in the previous season have been rebuilding their team from the ground up and have been adding very interesting players, to say the least to the team’s starting lineup.

Players like Christian Wood and Spenser Dinwiddie are great players with great ratings, but the team is still lacking in the scoring department.

The team’s current small forward, all have low ratings so it should be easy to get on the team as the small forward.

Luca Doncic is the star player for the Dallas Mavericks and let me tell you, he is a Triple-Double Machine and is always ready to assist you which is a rare phenomenon for a star play so it should be easy enough to adjust in the team.

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