NBA 2K23 Best Teams For PG

The Point Guard (PG) is a highly skilled position in NBA 2K23 that focuses mostly on offense. Being a Point...

The Point Guard (PG) is a highly skilled position in NBA 2K23 that focuses mostly on offense. Being a Point Guard means that you must be the best dribbler and passer which puts you on the spot as you’ll be chasing the opponent while trying to steal the ball.

Being drafted into the wrong team in MyCareer will kill your momentum and as, a result will decrease the odds of you winning the game. Therefore, to prevent from being traded to another team, you should focus on choosing a highly skilled team especially if you’re building a Point Guard.

In this guide, we’ll be going through the best team to join as a Point Guard in NBA 2K23 MyCareer.

Best teams to join as a PG in NBA 2K23

Washington Wizards

Taking the first spot on the list we have the Washington Wizards. They probably have the best assets to their Point Guards such as the 7’3 Kristaps Porzingis who’s one of the tallest and most athletic players on the current roster.

Porzingis possesses a three-point ability that allows you to Shoot Drive and Pass the ball around when being in a Pick-and-Pop spot, making him a valuable asset to your PG position.

Although Monte Morris is a good addition to your team, you can still try to add players like Bradley Beal who is the star of the team and similar to Porzingis, is one of the best three-pointers to have in NBA 2K23.

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs is one of the highly decorated teams who possess a good set of Point Guards in their arsenal.

They have acknowledged having a bad PG position and have rebuilt themselves as a valuable team in NBA 2K23 with players such as Tre Jones, Devin Vassell, Doug McDermott, Keldon Johnson, and Jakob Poeltl.

Although Jones doesn’t have an up-to-the-mark rating in the game, he can still be considered as a backup quality guard. Having Johnson on your team will be quite beneficial since he’s a young and promising talent who already is rated at 82 in NBA 2K23.

Houston Rocket

The 2x NBA champions have been struggling for a couple of years to have a good point Guard in their team and have lost the spark which they previously had during the Harden era.

However, with additions such as Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green, Jae’Sean Tate, Jabari Smith Jr., and Alperen Şengün, you can build this team back to the top of their division.

Players such as Green will be the best backup on the team and with your assistance will surely raise the tension for the opposing teams on the court.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons are one of the few teams in NBA 2k23 that focuses heavily on their Point Guards more than other positions. Since you won’t have the opportunity to play with anyone over an 87 OVR, therefore starting as the playmaker will be a better option here.

Players like Cade Cunningham and Saddiq Bey are young and passionate talents who are eager to strive in their respective positions to get their team a victory. That is where you step in to be by their side.

Sacramento Kings

The best way to become a Point Guard is by focusing on the opponent’s strengths. This is exactly what the Kings need; an assisting leader for the team.

Since scoring is an easy task for the Kings, it’s fair to say that they have De’Aaron Fox who is a hybrid Guard in their team regardless of his OVR in NBA 2k23.

With Domantas Sabonis, you can utilize Fox’s speed as a shooter to gain the victory and with a good PG on the team, that dream won’t be far away from becoming reality.

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