NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges To Equip For Your Star Players

There have been humungous changes in shooting badges in NBA 2K23. You already know that badges grant you various boosts in the game and you want to equip your team with the best badges. So in this guide, we are going to spot all the shooting badges along with the best shooting badges one can equip.

Best Shooting badges ranked (Top 16)

The best badges that one can equip players with within NBA 2K23 are as follows:

1. Limitless Range: This badge grants the highest chance of scoring a point in the game. If you can shoot better from the deep, you already have an upper hand on the opponent.

2. Catch & Shoot: This badge will help increase your green windows, exactly what a shooter wants. However, for this badge to activate, you must shoot the ball as soon as you get it.

3. Deadeye: This badge boosts your shot meter to hit shots in front of defenders. This activates when you have a defender closing in on you.

4. Corner Specialist: This is yet another exceptional badge that boosts your shot for a good chance of getting a green if you’re in the corner. This help you gets a perfect release.

5. Claymore: This badge enhances the shooting abilities of a player that stays still. It triggers if you stand still for at least two seconds and then provides an exceptional boost for spot-ups.

6. Green Machine: This badge will help you nail the greens in NBA 2k23. This comes in really handy because shooting is heavily reliant on hitting your greens.

7. Blinders: This boosts your shooting if defenders are closing in on you from sideways. This helps you shoot prior to being caught by the defender.

8. Space Creator: This badge can stumble the players at the back, defending. The ability to make hop shots or step-backs is highly enhanced using this badge. If you like to size up when it comes to guards, this is your go-to badge.

9. Agent 3: Hitting the shots off the dribble is an art. This badge will ensure that you score most of the points! It gives the boost in hitting the 3PT shots.

10. Amped: Players make lots of fouls when are tired. This badge prevents them from making false moves.

11. Volume Shooter: This badge is for those who are after a maximum of three-pointers. This badge caps out pretty quickly therefore it’s not recommended to invest beyond silver in it.

12. Middy Magician: It grants you the ability to knock the center-oriented jumpers down. Not the best badge available out there but if you need to burn extra badge points, it’s a good pick.

13. Clutch Shooter: This badge comes into effect in the fourth quarter of the match so, only go for it if you have spare badge points.

14. Comeback Kid: This is one of the cheapest badges. It can give you 1 or 2 points whenever you feel down or are about to lose the game.

15. Guard Up: This could have been a better badge but the fact that this activates only if defenders don’t put up their hands on defense makes it a C-tier badge.

16. Slippery Off-Ball: When attempting to get open off screens, this badge helps the player more effectively navigate through the crowd.

How to get Shooting badges in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is all about making three-pointers, with less emphasis on typical dribbling. This trend reshapes the gameplay strategy, which is where the Shooting Badges come in.

Most Shooting Badges in NBA 2K23 help you score three-pointers and attack the opponent aggressively.

Shooting badges can be obtained through the MyCareer option. There, various badges are available based on your build. One thing to keep in mind is that the physical attributes of your MyPlayer will determine which tier-specific Badges are available to you.

This will make some badges expensive for certain builds. To compensate, you can equip one Core Badge in each category for free, as long as you can afford it under normal circumstances.

Here is a list of the three-point shot requirements for various shooting badges in NBA 2k23.

  • Limitless Range – 99 Three-Point Shot
  • Catch & Shoot – 60 (Bronze), 72 (Silver), 81 (Gold), 93 (Hall of Fame)
  • Claymore – 55 (Bronze), 69 (Silver), 76 (Gold), 86 (Hall of Fame)
  • Corner Specialist – 89 Three-Point Shot
  • Deadeye – 71 (Bronze), 82 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 99 (Hall of Fame)
  • Blinders – 70 (Bronze), 80 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 97 (Hall of Fame)
  • Volume Shooter – 78 Mid-Range Shot or 80 Three-Point Shot
  • Space Creator – 53 (Bronze), 65 (Silver), 74 (Gold), 83 (Hall of Fame)
  • Agent 3 – 68 (Bronze), 83 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 96 (Hall of Fame)
  • Slippery Off-Ball – 70 Mid-Range Shot or 70 Three-Point Shot
  • Green Machine – 60 (Bronze), 73 (Silver), 82 (Gold), 91 (Hall of Fame)
  • Guard Up – 60 (Bronze), 73 (Silver), 83 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame)
  • Amped – 70 (Bronze), 75 (Silver), 82 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame)

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