How To Change The Shot Meter In NBA 2K23

Along with improved graphics, we also get more customization options in NBA 2k23. One of these new options includes the ability to change the appearance of the shot meter or even turn it off.

All the options regarding the shot meter’s appearance are purely cosmetic and offer no gameplay advantage. However, turning the shot meter off gives you a decent increase in the shooting percentages but it requires practice to hit shots consistent with the shot meter off.

This guide will walk you through all the ins and outs of shot meter customization in NBA 2K23 so you can get the shot meter that suits you the best.

How does the shot meter work?

The shot meter has been a classic gameplay mechanic in this franchise. It helps players to achieve more consistent jump shots through visual assistance for the button release timing.

The shot meter is a bar that fills up when you hold down the shot button. There is a box inside the meter (known as the make window) that indicates the perfect timing for releasing the shot button. The closer you are to the center of that box, the more accurate your jump shot will be.

How to edit the shot meter in NBA 2K23

You can change both the appearance and the position of the shot meter in the game. You can do so from only the MyTeam menu.

Head into the Extras tab and then scroll down to find the Controller Settings option. Now, head into Shot Meter Type to select one of five customization options. Do note that these only change your shot meter in appearance, nothing more.

This is also where you can change the position of the shot meter on your screen. For example, you can show the shot meter as either a Straight Bar or a Curved Bar. You can furthermore place the shot meter on either the side of a player or above, among other settings.

If you want to disable the shot meter from showing on your screen, head into Shot Meter on the Controller Settings page and simply turn the feature off.

If you do disable the shot meter, you will find it harder to land your jump shots. You will have to purely rely on muscle memory which you cannot have without playing NBA 2k23 for long hours.

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