How To Get 99 Overall In NBA 2K23

The quality of a superstar is denoted by their overall rating in NBA 2K23. As you progress and increase your skillset and efficiency, your overall rating will also increase. So naturally, players want to get as many 99 Overall stars as they can to make sure they have the best stats on their players and characteristics. This guide will help you increase your overall rating in NBA 2K23 to 99 for every player possible.

How to get 99 overall in NBA 2K23

As you play through NBA 2K23, you get MyPoints, which allows you to upgrade the stats and attributes of your in-game players and characters. So first of all, you need to play a lot to earn these points for yourself.

These MyPoints will go a long way in improving the overall rating of your players in NBA 2K23

Change difficulty

To make things easier for you, you can change the difficulty to Hall of Fame. For this, go into your settings, and change the difficulty to Hall of Fame. On this difficulty, you will get a 160% modifier to your MyPOINTS earning, allowing you to progress much faster and increase the attributes much quicker.

Additionally, you can complete the MyPOINTS Accelerator Quest in the game. Once this is completed, you will get 5% additional MyPOINTS every game.

Don’t miss out on earning VC

The main in-game virtual currency, VC, also contributes to your overalls. As you play, you will get different quests and challenges that you can complete to get VC.

Challenges are just for starting off. As you progress and gain more and more fans, you will be able to secure sponsorships from the various brands in the game.

Different brands, such as Adidas, Nike and Gatorade will offer you sponsorships and you will earn a huge sum of VC in these deals. You get free gear as well from these, and this is one of the best ways to earn VC as you progress through your career.

Play your role

Every player on the court has a role or position that they play in NBA 2K23. There are centers, small forwards, power forwards and point guards among others.

Though you can do anything in the game, get all the baskets yourself, it’s better that you stick to your role.

Playing as a guard or center you can shoot mid ranges, which is easy and almost always guaranteed to get you a lot of MyPOINTS and VC.

Furthermore, play as a team. Pass the ball around and make sure that you don’t hog the entire game to yourself, don’t go on randomly stealing the ball from your teammates. Doing these things will hurt your teammate grade which does play a huge role in decreasing your overall rating.

Focus on your badges

Every playstyle awards you different badges for your game. As you play, the better you play, the more badges you’ll get. These badges will contribute to your overall status in NBA 2K23.

Chasing down badges in MyCareer will not only get you all the badges you might want, but you will also be getting additional points for each match you play.

You can always lower the difficulty if you are chasing badges so you earn more badge points, and play 5v5s to make things easier for you when going after badges.

We don’t recommend that you go after badges that don’t work for your position. Only focus on the badges that compliment your player’s position and play style.

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