How To Get More Fans & Endorsements In NBA 2K23 MyCareer

You will be a nobody when you first start your MyCareer journey in NBA 2K23. That will begin to change...

You will be a nobody when you first start your MyCareer journey in NBA 2K23. That will begin to change the more you play and win.

Growing your fan base is an important gameplay system in NBA 2K23. The more fans you have, the more endorsements will make their way to you. Ultimately, giving you an opportunity to launch your own fashion label.

The number of fans also helps you earn VC that can be spent on improving your player attributes in MyCareer.

However, increasing and maintaining your fan base is not an easy thing to pull off in the game. You need to be constantly performing and entertaining on the court in addition to winning as much as you can.

The following guide will help you get more fans to increase your endorsements in NBA 2K23.

How to increase your fan-following in NBA 2K23 MyCareer

The only thing that matters on the court is your performance and that is exactly what you need to increase your fan base. The better you perform, the more your fan base will increase.

Entertain the crowd with your skills
You can use moves like dunks, alley-oops, and blocks to excite and draw in more fans for your team. Having a dunk build, for example, will allow you to dunk on your opponents to please the crowd every time.

Score in style

Scoring is always good but scoring in style is even better. Make sure to use your dribbling movements such as crossovers and spin moves before scoring to put on a show.

Mix your moves
If you keep pulling the same moves over and over again, your fans will eventually become bored. Mix them up in every match and use moves that you have not or normally do not.

Check your new fans
Once you complete a highlight move, the camera will cut to the stands which will allow you to see the number of new fans you just gained by using your moves. That will give you an indication of how well you are doing during the game and shift gears if some of the benchers are empty.

Change your clothing
The recommended method to do that is to alter your jersey/clothes before each match to gain the media’s attention to make you the topic of discussion. Thus, intriguing more faces towards you.

How to get endorsements

You need to increase your fans to get and increase your endorsements. So, to get good endorsement deals you will need to constantly perform better in your games.

The better your performance gets the more your fans will increase, and the better sponsorship and agreement deals will be offered to you. As you perform better and as your fanbase increases you can yourself demand better deals.

Endorsement deals and agreements
Once you have unlocked endorsement offers after gaining yourself a fan base, you will get messages from brands asking you to negotiate the contract.

Upon negotiating incentives, you can choose your own rewards based on the challenges you complete. For instance, with Mobil 1 you’ll receive the following incentives:

  • 2x VCs for Flashy Assists
  • 2x VCs for Pick & Roll Scores
  • 3x VCs for Up & Under Shots
  • 3x VCs for Hopstep Layups
  • 3x VCs for Spin Layups
  • 3x VCs for Eurostep Layups
  • 3x VCs for Runners & Floaters
  • 15x VCs for Win Game
  • 15x VCs for 3 3PM Games
  • 15x VCs for 3 Dunk Games

There are several incentives associated with each brand deal. However, choosing the right one will net you a good number of endorsements. You’ll receive these incentives from brands who provide you with endorsement deals and then offer you a good amount of VC for your appearance at their event.

They will ask you to attend their activities and reward you with virtual currency in exchange for it. You are forced to attend these activities once every few games.

You can even renegotiate the endorsement agreements. Once you have a contract and wish to negotiate it you need to visit the endorsement page and there you will see different brands, from there you can choose which brand you wish to renegotiate the contract with.

It is important to remember that in order to be able to renegotiate the contract you need to be able to hit the minimum number of fans required for the renegotiation.

Once you have landed an endorsement you can boost the rewards you get by playing regularly. If you perform better that’s just going to prove to be more beneficial for you.

It is important to know that not all transactions include an incentive so if you need one you have to counteroffer to include one. Also, before signing a contract, you can examine the offer to check whether there are incentives included in it or not. If there aren’t then make sure to counteroffer to include one.

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