NBA 2K23 VC Farming Tips

If you are running short on virtual currency, our guide where will list all the best methods to help you farm VC in NBA 2K23.

Looking for ways to raise VC in NBA 2K23 without having to pay money? Virtual Money, or VC, is the primary kind of in-game currency. If you are running short on virtual currency, our guide where will list all the best methods to help you farm VC in NBA 2K23 without hassle.

Best ways to farm VC in NBA 2K23

You’ll need VC to alter your player’s characteristics. Additionally, you may use VC to purchase Card Packs in MyTeam, moves from the Liveliness Store, and cosmetic goods like clothes.

To answer the question of how do you get more VC in NBA 2K23, we have enlisted and briefly explained all the ways to earn virtual currency or VC in NBA 2K23 below.

Collect your daily VC reward

You can choose to collect Day-to-Day Compensation from a statue in the city each day in NBA 2K23. This is sporadic and occasionally includes XP boosts or clothing rewards. However, occasionally you’ll also be given VC.

You might be wondering what is the fastest way to earn VC in 2K23.  You can simply do this by downloading the myNBA2K23 app on your iPhone or android. By logging and checking in daily to this app, you will get VC rewards faster than any other method.

Watch NBA 2KTV

You may access NBA 2KTV, the weekly program for the series, via the main menu screen or while playing MyCareer by lifting your phone (left d-button) and going to the NBA 2KTV application.

There will be trivia questions in every episode that let you vote or respond to earn virtual currency prizes. This is potentially a very quick and easy way to earn additional money.

Complete quests

In NBA 2K23, there are a lot of missions to complete, and many of them have time limits. Make sure to play frequently and complete as many as are necessary to get VC.

Many of the quests may be completed in a matter of seconds so it is a good idea to set some time aside for traveling the city and doing these quests.

Play daily pick ’em throughout the season

In the minigame Daily Pick ’em, which you can discover in the City and Neighborhood, you may predict the winners of actual NBA games that will be played during the season. In accordance with the outcomes you predict correctly, you can either double your compensation or gain VC.

Playing regular matches

You will receive VC as a result of your performance whether you’re playing in the city or attempting to win the championship in MyNBA mode.

The fact that you cannot purchase VC as part of MyTeam is very important since in this mode, you should instead purchase MT Focuses.

Enter locker codes

For potential VC prizes, keep an eye out for Locker Codes. Locker codes might be a bit inconsistently available but they are definitely one of the easiest sources to not only get some free VC rewards but also other cosmetics.

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