MultiVersus Perk Guide: How To Unlock/Train Perks

Perks are special modifiers in MultiVersus that improve your characters by granting them various buffs. You can pick from over...

Perks are special modifiers in MultiVersus that improve your characters by granting them various buffs.

You can pick from over three dozen different perks in the game, all of which are split between three categories: offense, defense, and utility.

It all comes down to you to decide which perks are the best power-ups for a specific character or synergize with your team composition.

The following guide will show you how to unlock perks to turn your c-tier character into an a-tier fighter in MultiVersus.

How To Unlock Perks

The first thing to understand is that every character you unlock in the game comes with a set of perks. These are part of the character’s progression path. You can unlock these perks by simply leveling up the respective characters.

However, if you want to unlock a perk that a character does not possess, you will want to train the perk. Do note that perk training is also specific to each character. If you train a perk for Batman, you cannot use the same perk for Shaggy. You will have to train the perk again for Shaggy.

Furthermore, there are signature perks that are exclusive to each character. These are the staple perks that every character needs to have in MultiVersus. You also unlock signature perks by leveling up the character.

How To Train Perks

You need to reach mastery level 9 with a character to be able to train perks. Hence, you must level up every character in the game to level 9 in order for them to access perk training.

Once the level requirement has been met, you must spend 150 gold to train a single perk from the Collection menu. Training the same perk for another character will cost 100 gold.

Considering the number of perks and characters in MultiVersus, you will have to grind a lot of gold to unlock all the perks for all the characters.

Perks that can be unlocked by leveling can also be trained if you have the gold to spare. This will allow you to save time and surprise opponents who will not be expecting your low-level character to have access to high-level perks.

Signature perks, however, cannot be trained. They can also not be unlocked by any other character except for the character they are designed for.

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