Best Perks And Tips For Shaggy In MultiVersus

Shaggy, the famous character from Scooby-doo, is one of the easiest characters to learn in MultiVersus. However, don’t get fooled...

Shaggy, the famous character from Scooby-doo, is one of the easiest characters to learn in MultiVersus.

However, don’t get fooled by the simplicity of his moves. Being from the Bruiser class, his powerful attack combos and brutal attacks are going to be a serious problem for you and your team.

During a face-off with Shaggy, beware of his rage state, known as the Ultra Instinct, as it can easily defeat you in just a single move. No one has been able to reach his maximum potential up till now and still, he can be far more dangerous than most of the other characters in the game.

If you decide to continue with Shaggy, then read on through the following article to learn about his best perks and a few tips to sport in MultiVersus.

Best Perks For Shaggy In MultiVersus

Signature Perk: One Last Zoinks
This signature perk is, without doubt, the best of all as it will provide you with buffs, powering up your attacks; especially in rage mode where you can easily ring out your opponents with the increased strength of your combos.

Also, this perk will automatically activate your rage mode once you reach 100 damage so that you can easily defend yourself at the last minute.

Perk Slot 1: Lumpy Space Punch
This offensive perk boosts up the strength of melee attacks performed midair. Shaggy’s airborne side attack is a perfect fit for this perk as it will power up his attacks and enable him to effectively deal with enemies and save himself too when in a pinch.

Perk Slot 2: Last Stand
Combine this with the signature perk we just mentioned above and your attack power will be boosted once you take 100 damage.

Rage mode will be activated and your power will be further boosted which will let you escape from tight situations and defeating your opponents will be a piece of cake afterward.

Perk Slot 3: Snowball Effect
This is another attack buff perk and is the strongest as it provides a boost to your attacks against enemies that have received the highest damage.

Shaggy Tips

  • His simple moves can perform powerful attack combos so make full use of his capabilities and especially his rage state to defeat your characters with ease. One thing you need to keep in mind is to get to safety before charging up because during that time you will be extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • His Side Special and Air Down Special have a wide range and high strength that can end the game in a single move while in the rage state. Also, apart from the speed, his air down attack has an amazing spike that can create serious problems for your opponents.
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