How To Get Gold In MultiVersus

This guide will give all the information on how to earn gold quickly in MultiVersus so you can purchase the characters you desire.

Gold is one of the two primary currencies that you can get in MultiVersus. Unlike Gleamium, you can get gold simply by playing the game. If you do not intend to spend any real money, then this guide is for you. This guide will give all the information on how to earn gold quickly in MultiVersus.

How to Earn Gold Fast in MultiVersus

Earning gold is essential for purchasing the best characters you want to play in the game or to train perks that you can use in battle against your foes. There are many ways for you to earn gold on daily basis.

Doing Dailies

Doing daily missions rewards you with gold that you can save up and buy a character of your choosing. For example, having a first win of the day rewards you with 100 Gold.

Progressing Battle Pass

There are certain tiers in the Battle Pass that will reward you with gold. It’s not necessary to buy the battle pass for Gleamium since there is also a free pass that will reward you with gold.

Leveling up Characters

Think of your characters as an investment that will later return you 100 Gold after you have leveled up to level 5. You simply have to play with the character that you have unlocked and grind for its minor pass.

Playing with buddies

You can play with your buddies which increases the total gold received by 30 percent after every game. This may be a small boost, but it increases for every game you have played in MultiVersus giving you some income if you play for a prolonged period of time.

Toast System

Finally, there is the toast system. You may have received some toasts at some point in the game, either by leveling your characters, progressing battle pass, or simply by logging into the game that will give you 5 toasts for free daily. You can tip your friend that will give additional 20 gold each game. You can also tip a completely random player just for the fun of it.

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