Black Ops 2 – Mob Of The Dead: How To Get The Golden Spork Fast

Best upgrade for your regular spoon in Black Ops 2.

The Golden Spork is one of the most powerful melee weapons that you can acquire in Black Ops 2 zombies. It is the upgraded version of the regular spoon found in Mob of Dead which requires a hefty amount of legwork.

It should come as no surprise that a weapon with the capabilities of one-shotting zombies on round 34 would be easy to get. But with the help of our guide, you’ll have attained Golden Spork before you say Alcatraz.

How to get the Golden Spork in Mob of the Dead

Before going ahead with this guide, there are a few prerequisites that must be completed to progress further. We’ve mentioned all of the steps down below.

Step 1 – Claim the Hell’s Retriever

The Hell’s Retriever or the Flaming Tomahawk is a throwable weapon that can be acquired in Mob of the Dead. You, basically, get infinite ammunition (or throws) with the Hell’s Retriever, making it incredibly overpowered against the undead.

To acquire the Tomahawk, you must feed three wolves found around Alcatraz Island. A good indicator to spot the wolves will be to look out for a red spray-painted picture of a wolf on the wall.

What you need to do is kill a zombie in front of the wolf painting and it’ll come to life. Now all that’s left is to keep feeding the wolf zombies until it’s fully fed. Repeat this process two more times until all wolves are properly fed.

Once all three wolves are fed, head on over to the Citadel Tunnels and walk across the staircase to spot the Hell’s Retriever in the corner room.

Do note one thing, for the first step to be counted, you must complete a whole round on the bridge while having the Hell’s Retriever equipped.


You’ll earn an Achievement/Trophy for collecting the Hell’s Retriever in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Step 2 – Get the Acid Gat Kit for the Blundergat

The next prerequisite step for the Golden Spork is to build the Acid Gat Kit for the Bludergat and Pack-A-Punch it to the Vitrolic Whithering in Black Ops 2 zombies.

To build the Acid Gat Kit you must search for three parts around the Prisoner Island in Mob of the Dead.


It is important to PaP the Acid Gat Kit to acquire the Golden Spork in Mob of the Dead.

The parts usually spawn around the cafeteria, Citadel Tunnels, and the Warden’s Office. Once all three parts are collected, head over to the available workbench and craft the upgraded kit for the Blundergat.

Step 3 – Electrify the Spoon

After building both of the prerequisite items, the next step is to start electrifying the hidden spoon in the walls of the Cell Block.

Start by finding a green poster inside a Cell right in front of the Warden’s Office. The poster won’t be hard to miss due to its color. Throw the Hell’s Retriever at it to make it disappear.

After the poster disappears, use the Afterlife switch in front of the Warden’s Office to switch into Spectral form.

After switching simply look to your left to see a portal form that leads into a hallway. Enter through the portal and look at the ground to spot the spoon. Electrify the spoon using the shooting key until it disappears and a laughing noise is heard.

Step 4 – Tomahawk the Spoon in the Cafeteria

The next step to acquire the Golden Spork is to locate the electrified spoon and use the Hell’s Retriever to tomahawk it in Mob of the Dead. The spoon can be found through the back windows of the Cafeteria.

Stand in front of the window and find the spoon on the metal table. Throw a Hell’s Retriever at the spoon to make it disappear. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if you hear a loud voice threatening you in Mob of the Dead.

Step 5 – Stir the bathtub

Now that the spoon has disappeared, head over to the Infirmary to spot the spoon placed inside the Bathtub filled with blood. The bathtub can be found in the corner of the room right in front of the Mystery Box location.

What you need to do is press the interactable key and begin stirring the bathtub. Keep on holding the button until the spoon completely drowns inside the bloody tub. If you’re playing solo, it is recommended to build the zombie shield to protect yourself while completing this step.

Step 6 – Kill zombies using the Acid Gat Kit

The last step to acquire the Golden Spork is to kill zombies around the bloody bathtub using the Pack-A-Punched Acid Gat Kit for the Bludergat. Simply stay in the vicinity of the bloody bathtub and kill zombies until a laughing sound is heard.

If done correctly, you’ll spot a hand raised inside the bathtub holding the Golden Spork, press the interactable key to acquire the weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombies.

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