Black Ops 2 – Mob Of The Dead: How To Build The Zombie Shield

Better defense, better protection!

Looking to boost your defenses in Black Ops 2 Zombies? Look no further than the Zombie Shield, one of the few buildable items on Alcatraz Island. It can also be acquired fairly early in the game.

Building the Zombie Shield is quite similar to the Acid Gat Kit for the Blundergat in Mob of the Dead. You must collect three parts around the prisoner island. As easy as it sounds, the process is still very hectic because each part has three different spawn locations around the map.

To counter this, we’ve curated a guide that lists all locations for the shield parts and how you can get them in Mob of the Dead.

How to get the Zombie Shield in Mob of the Dead

There are three buildable item parts that you need to find to build the Zombie Shield in Mob of the Dead. The parts are Dolly, Clamp, and Grate; each having multiple spawn locations. We have mentioned all possible spots on the map where you can find all three parts.

Part 1 – Grate

The first part of the Zombie Shield is the grate which can spawn in three different locations around the Citadel Tunnels in Mob of the Dead. The first location where the part can spawn is next to the metal door which leads to the spiral staircase. The part will be placed in the corner next to the metal door.

If the part doesn’t seem to spawn there, go across the spiral staircase and through the door that leads to the underground area. Use the staircase to go down and pass the Mini Uzi wall buy. Once you reach the wall buy, turn right to spot the grate placed next to the corner wall of the hallway.

Alternatively, if the shield part doesn’t spawn in any of those two locations, head out of the Citadel Tunnels and travel toward the Generator Room. Before entering the room, look to your left towards the dead end. The grate will be placed on the floor in front of the green furnace door.

Part 2 – Clamp

The second part for the Zombie Shield can spawn in four different locations around the Generator Room. The first location where the part can spawn is on the bookshelf opposite the generator in the Generator Room.

The part can also spawn next to the uninteractable generator. Walk in front of the Afterlife switch and turn to the left to spot the part on the floor next to the generator. If the part doesn’t spawn there, walk across the MP5 wall. You’ll find the part sitting on the small wall shelf on the pillar wall.


Use the Afterlife to turn on the generators and unlock the Warden’s locked door in Mob of the Dead.

The final location where the clamp can spawn is on another bookshelf found in the western corner of the room. From the entrance of the Generator Room, turn left to spot the Zombie Shield part in Black Ops 2.

Part 3 – Dolly

The last part of the Zombie Shield can be found in three locations around the main Docks area. The first location will be right in front of the Mystery Box spawn. The part will be tucked in the corner next to the barrels.

The second location for this shield part will be in front of the Tommy Gun wallbuy. Walk across the wall buy to spot the dolly placed in the corner of the wooden crates. If the part doesn’t seem to spawn there, simply walk toward the wooden plank in the center of the docks. The part will be placed in the corner.

How to build the Zombie Shield in Mob of the Dead

Once all three parts of the Zombie Shield are acquired, head over to any of the three workbenches and begin crafting the shield. The workbenches can be found in the corner of the docks, in the main cafeteria, and on the second floor of the Cell Blocks next to the Electric Cherry Perk machine.

Simply approach the workbench and press the interactive key to begin building the shield. Once the crafting process is complete, equip the shield and you’ll be good to go.

How to use the Zombie Shield

The shield works quite similarly to other weapons in Black Ops 2 minus the shooting part. In order to equip the shield, press the upper key on your D-Pad. Once the shield is equipped you can press R3 or the designated Melee key to bash zombies and push them away.

There’s also a feature where you can deploy the shield on the ground and use it for cover. Press R2 to deploy the shield at a flat surface and begin decimating zombies in Mob of the Dead.

Do keep in mind that after significant hits from the zombies, the shield will break. If that happens, simply head back to the workbench where you crafted the shield and equip a new one.

Another thing that you need to take note of is that the shield doesn’t protect against Brutus. If a Brutus spawns try to take him out with your weapons and leave the shield for defense against regular zombies.

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