Microsoft Talks About Investing Aggressively in Cloud Gaming and Content

Microsoft's Satya Nadella recently talked about how they are investing aggressively in content, community and cloud gaming services.

Microsoft is having a very busy 2018 as they are working on bringing new services like cloud gaming with Project xCloud and more. To discuss the present and the future, Microsoft recently held a yearly meeting with shareholders to discuss various topics.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft took the stage to discuss the future plans of the company. He also talked about how Microsoft is aggressively investing in content, community and cloud services to expand their engagement with gamers.

In gaming, we’re pursuing an expansive opportunity from the way the games are created and distributed to how they’re played and viewed. And we’re investing aggressively in the content, community and cloud services across every endpoint to expand the usage and deepen engagement with gamers, including the 57 million monthly Xbox Live users. Finally, we added seven new gaming studios to bolster the first party content for fast growing gaming services like Xbox Game Pass subscription service as well as Mixer.

Then another representative of Microsoft took over the stage to talk about the main objectives they have planned to complete. Microsoft insisted that they are going to continue to create more amazing content and new games. They also talked about Xbox Game Pass which already has above million subscribers. They are expecting Xbox Game Pass to be a service similar to Netflix and Spotify. It will also help them to reach more than two billion people that are currently playing games today.

Today, four billion people are connected to the Internet and over two billion play games online. As Satya mentioned, over the next decade we’re going to continue to create amazing content and games, invest in the cloud and build communities that allow anyone to participate. We have a mix of incredible games for people of all ages but we want to make it easier to discover new games and play them either on your Xbox or your PC.

Earlier this year, we introduced the Xbox Game Pass, a content subscription service for gaming. Just like with Spotify and Netflix have done for music and video, Xbox Game Pass will allow us to reach beyond the two billion people playing games today. With over a hundred games available for just $10 a month, we are truly excited to bring gaming to everyone. But we’re also building a robust cloud platform so that anyone can play the games they want with the people they want at any time and place, and most importantly, on any device.

Earlier this year, we announced Project xCloud, our future streaming gaming platform with the goal of delivering a quality experience for all gamers on all devices. We’re building a service that’s consistent with the speed and high fidelity that gamers expect on their PCs and their consoles.

It’s not hidden anymore that Microsoft is trying their best to gain the number one spot in the market whether it’s in terms of games or new services like cloud gaming.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud is already in Beta and it’s said to bring your favorite Microsoft games to PC and mobile devices. Luckily these games on Project xCloud will also support Xbox One controllers. Public testing for Project xCloud is scheduled to take place in 2019.

Now there’s one thing that Satya Nadella didn’t discuss openly and it’s none other than the next-gen Microsoft gaming console called “Xbox Scarlett”. Xbox One hasn’t been able to defeat Ps4 since launch but Microsoft now has the chance to turn this all around with their next-gen Xbox Scarlett console.

Xbox Scarlett is currently rumored to release in 2020. We are expecting the official Xbox Scarlett reveal to be at E3 2019, unlike Sony which is not going to be a part of it.

It’s good to know that Microsoft is really working hard to deliver the best possible experience to the gamers. This also why Microsoft has been busy buying some of the big game studios in the industry to overcome their lack of first party games. The above statement assures us that Microsoft is going to continue to invest further and they are not going to lack behind giants like Sony or Apple.


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