How to Marry Ryker in Rune Factory 5

There are a number of bachelors to choose from in Rune Factory 5. Ryker is one of the six courtable characters in Rune factory 5 and arguably one of the most sought-after marriageable options for players. The following guide will show you how to marry Ryker in Rune Factory 5.

How to Improve Relationship with Ryker

Ryker is always busy making furniture and will you out in case you’re interested in freshening up your living room. You can find him at his studio Palmo. The suitable time to get to see him is in the daytime.

In order to marry Ryker, you need to get hearts and improve your relationship with him. To do that, be aware of his likes and dislikes, and complete a set of requirements in the game.

Ryker loves french fries, popcorn, and sweet potatoes. You can get these items by farming Yums in summer and cook them. So it’s not much of a complicated thing to get these.

Talking about dislikes, curry is the best word to describe that list. He is strongly against curry rice, curry manju, and curry bread. You shouldn’t have these items if you are interested in marrying Ryker.

One more thing you should know about Ryker is his birthday which is winter 27. You can earn some bonus points by bringing him gifts on his special day. You should also talk to him on the rest of the days as well, with gifts, to further increase your relationship with him.

How to Marry Ryker in Rune Factory 5

Once you earn enough points and get to the HEART LEVEL 7, you can confess your intentions to Ryker. If he accepts, you both will be able to go out on dates. Take note that you can date multiple characters at the same time, but can only marry one.

The marriage option will be available after fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Once you have completed at least 3 events with Ryker, you’ll be notified by a pink spot on the map.
  • The final story event of Ryker should be completed.
  • You need to meet everyone in the town.
  • You should have made an engagement ring.
  • You should have ten hearts.
  • You should have a double bed.

These are the requirements to get married with Ryker once you get to meet the criteria you’d have an option to purpose him for marriage.

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