Mafia 3 Are We Cool Side Mission Guide

Mafia 3 Guide to help you complete Are We Cool side mission for Emmanuel Lazare, requiring you to collect drug caches.

Lincoln Clay and Emmanuel Lazare, Cassandra’s Lieutenant, join forces in Mafia 3 Are We Cool mission. Cassandra deals with running weed in the Bayou, which gets taken over by the Dixie Mafia. Though Emmanuel and Lincoln have a tough history, they still need to work together to take back the Bayou.

Both of them must get the weed shipment while facing off against the Dixie Mafia members. This is one of the side missions in Mafia 3, which can be unlocked after completing an Emotional Attachment in Bayou Fantom. This guide covers everything you need to know about “Are We Cool” Emmanuel Lazare’s side mission.

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Take The Boat To The Weed Drop

To begin the Are We Cool side mission, you need to complete an Emotional Attachment in the Bayou Fantom: Sitdown. To do this, you need to take over the Hollow and make Cassandra the Gang Leader.

You need to meet Lazare at the boathouse on the backside of the First Baptist Church in Delray Hollow. After accepting the mission, your first task will be to get a boat and use it to air-drop the weed and bring it back.

The first mission begins with getting to Smuggler’s Dock after stealing the boat from Church Dock. You need to focus on four things,

  1. Get in the boat
  2. Drive to drop location
  3. Wait for the drop
  4. Take the weed back to the boat.

There are almost three delivery crates of weed; take all the crates to Cassandra in the Church. Once you get the drugs in the boat, take them back to the boat house, then hijack a truck to deliver them back; this completes the trafficking.

Hijack The Second Shipment Boat

After completing the first half of the mission, head back to Emmanuel and begin the second half of the mission, “Our Losses.” This mission involves stealing the weed shipment boat from the Dixie Mafia. Kill the gang members that come across your path, hijack the boat, and deliver it to the delivery point.

You can increase the amount earned from Rackets by completing the smuggling runs successfully in Mafia 3. Initially, you can perform two smuggling missions only considering Cassandra’s rackets, but as she earns more rackets, you can take down more trafficking operations for Emmanuel and increase Cassandra’s total earnings.

Once you give the rackets to Cassandra, you can activate the objective for this side mission from the bayou and repeat the process.

Mafia 3 Are We Cool Rewards

Once you have successfully completed the mission, you will raise the racket’s earned by $20,000. Note that this is a repeatable side mission, so you can go for it again to keep increasing the racket run by Cassandra.

Are We Cool Bugs

There are a few bugs associated with this quest in Mafia 3 that can arise due to certain conditions. In fact, they aren’t bugs per se, just that the game does a very poor job of explaining its features. Due to this misunderstanding, players can’t seem to advance this quest. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you exit the car when you arrive at the destination after completing your first errand.

Two problems can arise if you don’t:

  • Missing map marker: You won’t get a map marker at all for the next objective.
  • Map marker showing wrong place: You may be sent back to the same place where the first part took place, but there’s nothing there.

These are due to poorly explained features of the game, and not a bug. To fix these, ensure that you have a racket that isn’t fully developed. If you take on this quest with fully developed rackets, the quest may not proceed.

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