How to Find All Songs in Lost Ark

In this guide, we’ll let you know how to find and get all Songs in Lost Ark and list them all.

In Lost Ark, songs help you perform several different tasks like shifting your character from one place to another or revealing the passages that are invisible. This makes them an important tool for players to use and essential to collect. So, in this guide, we’ll let you know how to find and get all Songs in Lost Ark and list them all.

How to Find All Songs in Lost Ark

To get all the Songs in Lost Ark, players will need to complete a variety of quests or even pay for some. Below we’ve listed each song and outlined how to find all of these songs in Lost Ark.

Song of Escape Location

Players can use the Song of Escape to escape from any play place whenever they want. For example, escaping from a dungeon or escaping before an unprepared challenge.

You can get this song by completing the mission “Legends and Fairytales”.

Song of Trixion Location

This Song will help you to immediately teleport to Trixion. Trixion is an important location because of the NPC Beatrice, who is of great importance to the main story. So, you will need to work a bit more to get this Song.

First you need to complete the quest “The Wingless” and then you will be assigned with the quest “To the Edge of the World”.

Completing this quest will allow you to learn this Song and teleport to Trixion anytime.

Song of Return Location

While completing the quest “Song of Return” which is a part of main story, you need to speak with bard Shannon and set any of the portal statue close to you as the place where you will return. Shannon will then make you learn Song of Return as a reward.

Song of Hearth and Home Location

By completing a series of small quests, you will then be able to receive the quest that will reward you with this song. So, after capturing Luterra Castle, first complete the quest “Clerk Theo’s Invitation”.

In the Castle, speak with the receptionist two times, before and after the cutscene.

Players will receive the quest “Song of Hearth and Home” and can earn this song as a reward for completing this challenge.

Song of Valor Location

This song is used to increase your Rapport with certain NPC’s, allowing players to earn some items. You need to complete the quest “Song of Valor” to learn this song.

This quest requires you to speak with Captain Mak who will tell you to meet Maller.

Next, collect the Silver Bush Leaves to meet the Maller again. After a cutscene, speak with the Maller for one more time and he will provide you with an item that will teach you the Song of Valor.

Heart’s Melody Location

Again, this is used to develop your Rapport with certain NPCs. Receive and complete the quest “Time of Treatment”.

This quest asks you to look for herbs at first and then you are required to investigate mysterious tablets which teach you the Heart’s Melody.

Song of Temptation Location

Players can learn this melody by completing 50% of your Adventurer’s Tome in Yudia continent. To do so, you need to complete the activities like examining vistas, unlocking fast travel points, and completing dungeons.

Once you reach the required mark of 50%, you need to clock on rewards by going to Yudia section of Tome.

You can now learn the song easily. The purpose of this song is to develop Rapport with certain NPC’s.

Song of Starlight Location

Players can buy this song from NPC named Favreau to increase Rapport with NPCs. Favreau can be found at the Isle of Starlight, and you can buy this melody by trading 3,300 Gienah’s Coins. One can easily earn these coins by completing co-op quests.

Serenade of Love Location

You can earn this quest by completing the quest “Relationship Guru” at the Island of Liebeheim. Players need to speak with some NPC and write love letters.

Once you complete this quest, you can earn Serenade of Love as a reward. As the description above suggests, this song is used to increase Rapport with NPC’s.

Heavenly Harmony Location

This song is dropped from the co-op mission part of Harmony Island. If the players still haven’t got this one, they can try again to learn this song and increase their interaction with the NPC’s.

Remember that you need to have Serenade of Love in your inventory to take part in this mission.

Elegy of Serenity Location

Players need to complete a series of quests beginning with “Iceberg Inquiry”. Other quests include “Justice Achieved” and then eventually completing “Elegy of Serenity” will let you learn this song and develop Rapport with NPCs. You need to form up a celebratory recital to complete this quest

Song of Resonance Location

You will have to purchase this song from Treasure Hunter Igran in exchange for 16,500 Pirate Coins. Pirate coins can be earned by completing several Island quests that are available throughout the world.

This song can reveal hidden passages and improve your connections with the NPC’s.

Forest’s Minuet Location

Visit Lullaby Island and receive the quest “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” from Traveler Eclipse.

You will then have to complete a series of quests to reach the Fairy and make a number of interactions with them where you are required to choose correct responses from given options.

Here is a suitable way to interact with the Fairies.

  • The Forests Where Fairies Sing: Whistle, Wait, Whistle again.
  • I Can Hear You: Put down the shiny pebble, “Remember me?”, “It’s a gift”, Wait quietly.
  • It’s Ok, Miss Fairy: Just watch, Listen with your back to her, “I’m Listening”, “I’ll Look for one.”, “Sure.”, “No worries. I’m an adventurer.”

After completing these steps, you need complete the co-op mission “Magic Melody” for three times and then you can learn this song as a reward.

Keep in mind that Song of Resonance is a prerequisite for this song. Collect the song to increase Rapport with NPCs and open blocked passages.

Song of Eternity Location

Players need through 60% completion of Rohendel at their Adventurer’s Tome to learn this song and increase their Rapport with the NPC’s.

Song of Reminiscence Location

To learn the Song of Reminiscence, you need to complete the quest “Strange Mail” by going to Rothun with the condition Twilight as well.

Now, complete the quest “Lost Footsteps” by going to Frozen Sea. Here, you need to pick suitable emotions while interacting with one of the NPC’s Allegro.

After completing the stated task, you can learn this song to develop a strong understanding with the NPC’s.

Song of Spring Location

Approach Shangra Island and complete quests “The Garden Path” and “Shangra’s Pure Energy” to learn this quest. The purpose of this song is the same to develop Rapport with certain NPCs.

Requiem of Twilight Location

Players need to reach Island of Eternal Rest where they will find Derisa. Talk to her and she will assign you a quest “She Only Dreams of Peace” which requires you to find and collect lilies and place them on some of the graves.

Once you complete these tasks, you can collect cash and Requiem of Twilight as a reward and thus can improve your connections with some NPCs.

Romantic Weapon Location

This song can be unlocked through 60% completion of Adventurer Tome at Yorn. The purpose is to increase Rapport with NPCs.

Soulful Requiem Location

This song can be unlocked through 60% completion 60% of Adventurer Tome at Feiton. The purpose is to increase the interaction with NPCs.

Song of Harmony Location

This song can be unlocked through 50% completion of Adventurer Tome at Punika. The purpose is to increase Rapport with NPCs.

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