How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

This guide will teach you how to get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark. It appears to be an easy quest...

This guide will teach you how to get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark. It appears to be an easy quest but still offers a decent amount of Silver and a music sheet as a reward.

How to Reach Harmony Island in Lost Ark

Harmony Island will occasionally emerge around Rohendel, towards the east side, within the Elzowin’s Tears Sea. It is not to be confused with Harmony Shards or other occurrences of the same name.

Players can check their Procyon’s Compass, a tool that lists various Dungeons and upcoming events in which they can participate to see when the island is open.

By pressing the compass logo under the minimap, players can open the Procyon’s Compass. A menu with different activity tabs will display, from which you can pick.

By navigating to the “Appearance Info” for “Adventure Island,” players can find the scheduled information for Harmony Island.

Harmony Island is sealed behind a timer therefore, it will not always be available. Players can, however, set the alarm within Lost Ark to track when the island event begins.

How to Get Heavenly Harmony Song in Lost Ark

Lost Ark players can obtain the Heavenly Harmony Song after arriving at the Harmony Island and completing Coop quests. However, before taking part in these green group tasks, players must complete the prerequisite quest “Heavenly Harmony” on Harmony Island.

Players can participate in three planned Co-op Quests after listening to the Gardener NPC’s description.

A green mission called “A Pure Sound” requires players to transfer a total of 80 Sacred Spring Water to a flower in the garden. While this may appear to be a time-consuming process, many other players will most likely be performing the same work at the same time, making the job much easier to finish.

“A Fragrant Sound” is another quest that requires players to collect 300 Fragrant Pollens. “Harmony? Help!” is the third Co-op Quest on Harmony Island in Lost Ark, and it requires adventurers to perform Serenade of Love 80 times.

After completing certain group objectives, players will be awarded a Chest of Aromatic Sound, Chest of Clear Sound, Chest of Harmonious Sound, or Chest of Sparkling Sound.

Although each of these boxes will always yield Silver, you might get lucky and receive Heavenly Harmony Music Sheet. Assume that players do not earn Heavenly Harmony on their first pass through the Harmony Island group quest chain.

In such situations, players can return to the island when the event site reappears and try their luck again.

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