How to Collect Voices of the Forest in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, Forest’s Minuet or Voices of the Forest is a song that will help you open up different paths in the game. In order to obtain Forest’s Minuet song, you will need to complete a time-gated quest. This guide will explain how to get Voices of the Forest in Lost Ark.

How to Get Voices of the Forest Song in Lost Ark

In order to obtain the Voices of the Forest song, you will first need to complete a series of quests, starting with the ‘The Forest Where Fairies Sing’ quest. However, you will need to have at least a character level of 50 to start this quest.

You will also need to have the ‘Song of Resonance’ unlocked and require sailing access to the Lullaby Island to get Forest’s Minuet song.

How to get the Song of Resonance

To get the Song of Resonance, head to the Peyto cruise ship. The cruise ship is located south of Pleccia Island in the Credos Ocean. For your ease, we also have an image below showing the location of Peyto cruise ship.

Once at the Peyto cruise ship, you can purchase the Song of Resonance from Igran, the treasure hunter. It will cost you 16,500 pirate coins.

How to Start Quest for Voices of the Forest song

Once you have completed all the requirements, head to the Singing Sea island located south of Tortoyk Island in Platina Ocean. Talk to Traveler Eclipse on Singing Sea Island to start the quest.

In the quest, your objective will be to talk to 3 different hidden fairies on the map and choose the correct options to her questions.

Answers to ‘The Forests Where Fairies Sing’ Fairy

When talking to this fairy, choose the following answers to her questions.

  • Whistle
  • Wait
  • Whistle again.

Answers to ‘I Can Hear You’ Fairy

When talking to this fairy, choose the following answers to her questions.

  • Put down the shiny pebble.
  • Remember me?
  • It’s a gift.
  • Wait quietly.

Answers to ‘It’s Okay, Miss Fairy’ Fairy

When talking to this fairy, choose the following answers to her questions.

  • Just Watch.
  • Listen with your back to her.
  • I’m listening.
  • I’ll look for one.
  • Sure.
  • No worries. I’m an adventurer.

Once you talk to the fairies, it will be time to head to Lullaby Island’s Secret area. It will be marked on the map with silver hands symbol. The area opens approximately every 2 hours, and you need to collect three Voices of the Forest to complete the quest.

You’ll be requested to perform the Song of Resonance twice when the secret area opens up. A tree will sprout as a result of this, and you’ll receive one Voice of the Forest for the “It’s Okay, Miss Fairy” quest.

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