How To Get Pianist Of Krat Achievement In Lies of P

Become the Pianist of Krat

Unlike other games, unlocking achievements or trophies in Lies of P can be complicated. Pianist of Krat is one of those achievements in Lies of P that will have some players scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to play the perfect tune.

Luckily, you don’t need to know how to play the piano or even have to play the piano in Hotel Krat. Let us explain how you can play the perfect tune to unlock the Pianist of Krat achievement/trophy in Lies of P.

Unlocking Lies of P Pianist of Krat

While you can interact with the piano at any time in Lies of P, the achievement can’t be unlocked until the end of the game. To get the Pianist of Krat achievement or trophy, you will need to finish Lies of P. The ending you get doesn’t matter; you can do the next step with any Lies of P ending.

Once the game has ended and the credits rolled, you will get a prompt to start New Game Plus.

You might be tempted to press OK, as some storylines make more sense with different routes. However, you should hold off on starting NG+ for now. Instead, cancel this message and choose to resume the game. After the selection, you will spawn in Attacked Hotel Krat and be free to explore the game world and find any items you might have missed.

Make your way to the piano in the hotel, interact with it, and you will earn the Pianist of Krat achievement/trophy.


How to find the Piano in Hotel Krat

It is unlikely that you haven’t seen the piano by now, but if you missed it for some reason, the piano is on the hotel’s ground floor. Go to the room in Hotel Krat, where Antonia sits on her chair. On the ride side of that room, you will see the piano in front of some bookshelves.

Once you have ended the game, return to this piano and interact with it to unlock Pianist of Krat.

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