How To Complete Knight Bernahl Quest In Elden Ring

Just like most of the side quests in Elden Ring, Knight Bernahl also has multiple steps which are required to complete the quest.

Many NPCs in Elden Ring give you a quest to complete. Knight Bernahl, who is a merchant and has a quest for you. Follow the guide below to learn how to complete Knight Bernahl’s quest line.

How to start the Bernahl quest?

It is the first location of Knight Bernahl. To get there, you can fast-travel using the Warmaster’s Shack (Site of Grace). Although it is not necessary to talk to Bernahl in this location. If you want to purchase any Ashes of War, you can visit him there and buy different Ashes of War for some runes.

The next location you want to go to is Volcano Manor, the second location of Knight Bernahl. Use the Volcano Manor (Site of Grace) to save time and head inside. If you look around, you will find Tanith sitting on a chair with a knight beside her.

Talk to her and accept the invitation to join the family. She will give you the Drawing room key, take the key and enter the second room on the left. Inside, you will see Knight Bernahl sitting on a chair. However, talking to him will not start his quest; you must complete the two assassinations.

Pick up the letter on the table and head to the location, as shown in the map image above. Examine the red stone at the location to begin your fight with Knight Istavan (as mentioned in the letter). He will be easy to kill, just parry its attack and use Bow Ashes of War.

Return to Volcano Manor and talk to Knight Bernahl in the Drawing room. After talking with him, pick up the letter and read the instructions for the second assassination.

Reach the location, as shown on the map above, and examine the stone to start your fight with Rayleigh the Idle. He is also easy to beat; he will start the fight by shooting arrows at you. Dodge attacks and uses magic to defeat him.

Return to the drawing room in Volcano Manor to begin the Knight Bernahl quest.

How to complete the Bernahl quest?

Follow and complete all the activities in the quest to conquer it.

Receive the letter from Knight Bernahl

After completing the second assassination, go to the drawing room to talk to Knight Bernahl. While talking, he will give a letter with the instructions to kill Vargram the Raging Wolf, and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm.

Kill Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm

Use the map image above to reach the cathedral, where you must examine the stone to begin your fight with Vargram and Wilhem. Knight Bernahl will join you in this fight. Focus on one target and let Bernahl deal with the other one. With patience, you can easily defeat them.

Talk to Bernahl

Once they are defeated, go to the Drawing room in Volcano Manor. Talk to Knight Bernahl and receive Gelmir’s Fury.

Complete the events of Volcano Manor

The next thing you want to do is complete the remaining events of Volcano Manor quests. The remaining events involve fighting Juno Hoslow, as mentioned in the red letter on the table beside Knight Bernahl.

Once he is defeated, return to Tanith, who will teleport you to fight the boss (Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy). The serpent-Hunter sword spear is the perfect weapon to use against Rykard.

Talk to Bernahl Again

After completing the remaining events of Volcano Manor, return to Knight Bernahl’s spot in Volcano Manor to talk to him.

Knight Bernahl invasion

Now, you must wait until you are in Crumbling Farum Azula next to the last event. You can also summon Knight Bernahl as support in your fight against Godskin Duo in the dungeon in Crumbling Farum Azula. The path isn’t that difficult from Beside the Great Bridge Site of Grace. Use the broken stars and go down the slop and then straight ahead.

Enter the area marked in the image above and descend the stairs. Turn left and use the ladder to go further down. Walk ahead, and you will see Recusant Bernahl has invaded. If Knight Bernahl is not invading, update the game.

Because with the old update, Knight Bernahl will not invade if you have killed Maliketh, but with this new update, it is no longer the case.

Now you must fight Recusant Bernahl and kill him to complete the quest line. Be patient and block its attacks and perform counterattacks to kill him.

Rewards for Completing Knight Bernahl Quest

After Knight Bernahl is defeated, you will receive Blasphemous Claw, Devourer’s Scepter, and the Beast Champion Set. The Blasphemous Claw is a very useful item to use against Maliketh, The Black Blade boss. You can use the Blasphemous Claw to parry the boss’s attacks in the second phase which can be quite useful. So if you are struggling with Maliketh like me, you can use give the Blasphemous Claw a try.

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