Kingdoms of Amalur Gold Farming Guide – Infinite Gold and Easy Money Cheat

Gold, gold and more gold is what you want when it’s the currency of an RPG like Kingdom of Amalur, but it doesn’t come easy if you go by the book, isn’t it ? Luckily, in Reckoning, you won’t have to grind much if you following our tips on farming gold.

Some of these tips may require you to mod your game and same may require you to repeatedly do the same task, but all these tips will yield enough gold for you to fill your inventory with some of the most expensive items in Kingdom of Amalur.

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So without further a do, following are the ways you can farm gold in Reckoning:

Kingdom of Amalur Gold Farming

Earning Gold By Looting Chests
Be a pirate or thief, loot everything that comes your way. You won’t find gold in every chest but the items you found through the kingdom are worth selling.

If you find something more valuable than your current gear then you can not only upgrade that particular item but also sell the old ones to get some gold. Now these chests aren’t that obvious so try to keep your focus and don’t miss any corner worth searching.

Farming Gold By Destroying Objects
The imploring gameplay of Amalur makes you feel like destroying everything that comes your way or lying nearby and that’s exactly what you need to do to farm gold.

Destroying objects like boxes and urns earn you gold but how to make them respawn is the question, because we also want to save our time, don’t we ? You can make them re-spawn by sleeping. You can either sleep in the inn or at your house.

You can sleep for a couple of hours and when you wake up, wait a bit to allow the boxes to respawn since they need both game-time and real-time to respawn.

Farming Gold By Collecting and Selling Plants
Similar to boxes, you can collect and sell plants to earn gold. You can make the re-spawn by sleeping in the inn or at your house. After you wake up, wait a bit and go collecting these plants again. You can sell them to merchant and earn Gold.

Earning Gold From Shards and Gems
Don’t be too hasty in selling these valuable items. Fuse them into Gems preferably and then sell each Gem for 1000 gold. Alternatively, you can sell them individually in pairs to bag some gold.

Looting Treasure Boxes For Gold Under Water
Whether you like swimming or not, there is plenty of loot waiting for you hidden under water throughout the kingdom. You can spot these treasure boxes by ripples on the surface which will indicate the presence of a treasure box in the depths of water. Dive in and loot it for gold.

Farm Gold With Detect Hidden
Yes, the particular skill is expensive but once you have upgraded, picking those hidden chests will be just like a walk in the park. With Detect Hidden, you can spot these treasure chests easily and that’s what makes gold farming easy even at the start of the game.

First unlock of Detect Hidden earns you more gold as you loot treasure boxes. Second unlock enables you to find hidden treasure boxes and as you spend more points in these skills, it pretty much increases the amount of gold you will earn by looting chests and finding treasure boxes.

The best thing about Detect Hidden skill is, it spots the treasure chests on your mini-map in the areas that you have explored. So as you explore more of the Kingdom, it will help you locate hidden chests and you can follow the directions to loot these chests for gold.

Farm Gold With Respec Exploit
You can exploit Respec if you want to farm Gold to purchase valuable equipment or unique items. You can respec and then invest all your Skill Points in SageCrafting to become a master gem crafter.

You can then combine shards to make powerful gems which you can sell for thousands of Gold. Or you can invest all your Skill Points in Blacksmithing and craft a high-level armor and either use it for yourself or sell it.

Reckoning Infinite Gold Glitch

It’s pretty simple glitch to farm infinite gold. When you are about to sell any equipment piece you have in bulk, but always decrease it by 1 from its total. Like if you have 8 pieces, sell 7 and keep repeating this process to get rich.

Reckoning Easy Money Cheat – Save Files Gold Mod

This cheat is for advanced users and it requires you to mod your save game files. So before you attempt this cheat, back up your save files. (Courtesy of Se7ensins Forums)

Step 1
Open your save file in a hex editor of your choice.

Step 2
Search the player name (CTRL+F), let’s say ‘Flame’. It will show you two instances of player name – It is the second one you want to edit in hex editor.

Step 2
Make sure data-type is text and search direction is set to forward in your hex-editor.

Step 3
Hit OK and you will find the first instance. Click the cursor forward a few bytes and search again. It should find second instance.

Step 4
Count 4 bytes back from the beginning of your character name and 4 bytes before them are the ones you need to mod. (Check the Pic)

Step 5
Change the HEX value of the 4 bytes to 3B9AC9FF and you should now have 1m Gold next time you play the game with modded save file.

Easy Gold Cheat Using Cheat Engine

If you are on PC, you can use cheat engine to mod your game save files – though, try it at your own risk and back up your save game files.

Step 1
Install Cheat Engine (Free Download).

Step 2
Take a note of your current gold – how much you have in-game.

Step 3
Alt+Tab and disable your internet connection, just in-case.

Step 4
Start Cheat Engine and search the game (See Video Tutorial).

Step 5
In the value box type in your gold value and search. You will see several values up on your right and all the values will be same as the amount of gold you have.

Step 6
To narrow it down to the value you need to edit. Sell an item in-game and Alt-Tab back. Search your new value and hit next scan button.

Step 7
In the value box, type your gold value and search.

Step 8
Repeat the process till you narrow it down to one value. Once you have found that value, double-click it and edit to how much Gold you need in-game. It may take some time but will work eventually.

These are some of the ways you can get easy gold in Kingdom of Amalur. If you have found something quicker and effective, do share with us in the comments below!

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