Kingdoms of Amalur Side Quests Guide

Kingdom of Amalur Side-Quests Guide - Everything you need to know to complete these side quests.

Kingdoms of Amalur Side Quests side quests give you a chance to take a breather from the main story-line and farm some gold. During your journey through Kingdom of Amalur, you will be presented with various side-quests from different NPCs.

Completing these side-quests will result in rewards and XP which you can use to unlock new abilities and talents to make your character formidable.

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Kingdoms of Amalur Side Quests

Following are some of the side-quests you will come across while playing Kingdom of Amalur:


-Shine and Shadow
Hoinstead – it is given to you by a gnome who can be found in the fisherman’s hut. Some Ettins have held a number of artifacts in Dellach, you will have to kill the three of them and then grab the unique weapons (items) and use them per your needs.

-The Fisherman’s Bride
It is given to you by the Ettinmere fisherman Enconeg Holn, northeast quadrant. He will ask you to kill the monsters which scared off her bride.

Walk towards the south of the East Shore and make sure that you save your game. You will have to kill the Ettin brute who is at the top of the cliff before it kills the fisherman, otherwise you’ll fail the side quest.

-Imdelda’s Charm
This is the continued story to the Fisherman’s bride. You will find the Ettin who stole the dead wife’s necklace, your mission is simple – get it back and get rewarded.


Talk to Didenhil’s healer and she will ask you to locate a Brother Fallon. Just track the quest and look for the so called “plagueshield” shipments. Once you’ve collected all the items, go back and collect your reward.

-Brother Fallon’s Beads
St. Hadwyn’s Beads is an accessory which you’ll get in the Plaguseshield. You will not be able to thrash it, go to St. Hadwyn Mission (Glendara) and talk to Brother Udo. Make sure that you make him certain that you believe in the ways of Mitharu in order to trigger this quest.

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The aetheistic believer will just give you some potions, you can follow Mitharu’s path and unlock all the potentials of the St. Hadwyn’s Beads. This mission will also help you create an item which can be used against Niskaru.

-The Natural Order
This quest is started once you’ve reached Didenhill. Kill the little forker and Thaddeus will give you some information related to Blood Plague & Kester Barclay – Mayor.

You’ll be asked to go towards the Coilsbain Caverns and kill the Jottuns, there are about ten of them. There is another strong enemy named as Balthazar who can summon Faer Gorta. Kill all of them so the Boggarts can go home safely. Now report back to Didenhill.


-The Height of Crime
Haxhi – Stellan Reitan will ask you to do this quest. You can find him in a small camp situated next to the Splitrock Depths’ entrance. Enter the Dungeon and search for the journal, you will have to fight a Leanashe (counter it with ice attacks).

Note: Try to do the Band of Brother Monks and this together, as both are in the same dungeon.

-A Brutal Contract

You have to find about the former Contract holder after finding the contract from the job board in Sheildring Keep. Pick the third contract up, find Declan Malcus the previous Contract Holder in Haxhi. Kill 5 mountain trolls and return to Declan to get greater Flamed Hilt. Take the hilt back to Shieldring Keep and talk to Idwold Freewald to get your reward


-The Flowering
Find and speak to Osdiun (northwest of the Brunath entrance), Lorca-Rane. You’ll be asked to assist a ballad known as the Flowering, collect some Chrysalae seeds from the region and take them to Fae. When you will be planting the seeds in the receptacles, you’ll face a couple of enemies.

Make sure that your defense levels are high and you have two different types of weapons. The fateshift meter can be helpful too, simply build it up by the help of the Barghest in the cave and then talk to Osduin.

Later on, you will have to kill 8 Sprites again (cave). Now talk to Osduin again and try to persue/argue with him for an alternate outcome of the Ballad. If you succeed, you will get a special item “The Gem of Cultivation”.

Stone bridge – Jedda Kerning will give you a quest when you first enter Lorca-Rane. Accept the quest and search for Turnin & search – Southeast of the entrance (Brunuath). You cannot use the sealed scroll, you will break it. Now go back to Jedda to complete the quest

Note: You can also kill Osduin, but this way, he won’t be there as an NPC afterwards.

-The Antelope
Oreyn was captured by the Jottun cause of worming out of a relationship with a woman whose name was Marga. You will have to defeat the Jottun and find Oreyn in a square courtyard (eastern of the Brigand Hall Caverns, Lorca-Rane). After that, talk to Marga to finish the quest.

If you meet Marga first then you can find her next to a small campsite, Lora-Rane. You may have to show the Silver Chain (Jottun Camp) as a proof that he’s alive or not.


-Crisis of Faith
Gorhart, can be activated by Father Dynwel (St. Odwig’s Mission entrance). He will ask you to search for Brother Egan; he’s in the field which is at the eastern side of the town – just next to the O-shaped road. After finding him, follow him into the Waterhall Down for another adventure.

Keep following the tunnel where you will have to make a couple of right turns and fight off some enemies. There are numerous traps in the water and next to the Selkie Veil chest, so be careful.

Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll exit the dungeon and meet some fairies who can be persuaded for the Selkie Veil or killed for looting. Go back to finish the quest.

Gorhart, Collect and read the two letters from the Gorhart Cemetary so you can take the mission from Gizela Wulflac. Her husband is missing, so you will have to find him in Didenhill. He’s in the Three Lamps Inn.

-Members Only
St. Odwig’s Mission, Gorhart. Talk to the crazy women – Sister Zelda, she’ll tell you to get her an Ordination Rites from the mission’s stacks. You can steal the book once the Father is not noticing you. Get it back to her to finish the quest.

-Recipe for Trouble
The apprentice of Naane (Gorhart’s Alcemy Shop) is missing, go and talk to her so she will guide you. He is at the eastern side of the town (Agnur Farhai’ mini dungeon).

You will learn about his betrayal once you’ve talked to him. Destroy all the hostiles/boxes and ingredients of Naane’s formulae.

You may have to track the quest to locate all of the boxes, some are outside too. Simply return to Naane and tell her about this to complete the quest.

-Out of the Past
St Odwig’s Mission’s bunroom – Talk to Brother Delf and he’ll give you the information. Now locate Ugnar in Gorhart, you will have to persuade or fight him to make him give up his dagger.

Find Itran in Haxhi now, you will have to fight a little harder to get his dagger, you can bribe him though. Once you’ve collected all three of the knives, go to Bloodstone Deep (Glendara) and hand them over to the Red Legion’s leader.

The leader will now ask you to kill the Delf, by accepting this you can loot his corpse and take the key to his chest (you can do this by pick-pocket too).

If you decline, the leader will attack you right there. If you decide to kill the leader, return to the Deff and make sure that you don’t visit the place again as the Red Legion members will attack you on sight.

-The Flame Of Rhyderk

You find this Quest in Halls of Ballads. Pick up the the stone labeled The Flame of Rhyderk near Glianal and Echostone. Use the Echostone to start the quest. Go to the Ohn’s stand and clear the area filled with Jottun to loot Rhyderk’s Blade. Create Great Sword in Blacksmithing Forge. Use the Rhyderk’s Blade when asked during the forging process. This will complete the quest awarding you with Rhyderk and some XP.

-Building Bridges

You speak to Aery, A Fae who watches the village from above. She has been attacked and is barely living. The quest starts and you get the  Greater healing potion either from Golden Age Alchemy from Nanne Hanri( She tells you where it is in her shop and you loot it) or you can create it with Alchemy. Now once you have the potion, meet Herc Adwold in Gorhart Inn who will direct you to report the attack on Fae to Halls of Ballads

You can choose to report the attack to Warswom too. Once reported head back to Herc Adwold in Gorhart Inn. The reward is a Easy Locked Chest behind the Shrine found near North of Aery.


-A Tangled Web
You will get quest task from the town, Canneroc (Webwood). Garaner Vernt will ask you to search Barten and kill him.

Find him and then decide his fate, you will get his key to Gossamer End if you don’t (you will have to get back to Canneroc). You can get the same key from his corpse if you do.

-Gossamer End
This is a side quest which will unlock your residence in Canneroc once you’ve completed the Tangled Web. The house costs 2500 gold to upgrade in which you get an Alechemy Workbench, a garden and some storage space.

-Cutting the threads
This also comes after A Tangled Web, go and talk to Barten. You will be sent to Castle Yolvan to observe that how to get rid of Canneroc of the dread Widow.

Follow the castle’s path and claim all of the lorestones on your way. The widow will start attacking you with her colleagues as soon as you see her. Later on, she’ll teleport. Kill all the other enemies and escape.

-Grim Harvest
Menri Togh from Canneroc will tell you to check out her family’s welfare in Webwood – you will have to visit the Togh Farm. The farm is at the south-eastern side of the town, next to Haxhi.

Grab all the items from the house and then go back to Canneroc and look for Cartery Jack. You can either bribe or kill him and return to the daughter for reward.

-The Widow’s Wrath

This is a follow up quest to Cutting the Thread. Return back to Canneorc where the village is under Spider’s Attack, safe the people. Once the spiders are dead speak to person in charge to whom you will explain that The Widow is responsible for the attack. You will be sent to Cathrus to find her so you better take a fire producing  or enchanted weapon to clear off the web during the way to get to the loot. When the widow approaches you and asks you to either kills the villagers or her, kill he residents first and then in Cathrus fight the spiders till you get to kill her. Get back to Canneroc to complete the quest and get your reward including 4000 Gold, Xp, loot from the widow and spiders and Canneroc Gossamer.


-A Brutal Contract
It is given by the Sheildring Keep’s job board. You will have to contact the first contractor who is in Haxhi. Later on, destroy the mountain trolls in the district and collect your rewards from the contractor and the Sheildring Keep.

­-Knowledge Lost
Northern side of the Warsworn’s Shieldring Keep – find Oleander Sinclair and he will assign you a task to locate some items from the Warsworn Fortress.

The potion can be taken from the chest, it’s unlocked. Just make sure that you don’t raise any illegal activity by letting the guard lose all the awareness from you. Take the potion to Oleander to complete the quest.

Note: You can track the quest to reveal the location of the chest.

-Rallying Cry
Another mercenary job – you can take it from the Shieldring Keep’s jobs board. Ettinmere – a warsworn camp was established, but there has been no word from them in the recent few days.

The camp is on the western edge of Ettinemere, just west to the Dellach. The contract will be upgraded once you get to know the situation, kill the enemies and report at the Shieldring Keep.

-Red in Tooth and Claw
This mission can be taken after you’ve located Ainmhi, the wolf who is cursed to live in human form. You can help him by wiping out the sprites.

Talk to him again and collect Leechwood (the large green glowing plants – Eastern Odarath) and get to the teleporting pool before it vanishes. Make the cure and give it to Ainmhi.

-Ungentle Beasts
Simple quest that you can trigger from the Shieldring Keep’s jobs board. Find the book lost in Overgrown Thicket, Kobold Ridden Dungeon and take it to the Warsworn Master.

-Reprisal, Reprised

This quest is given by Penri Kell who is a traveler that you encounter in Yolvan. She wants you to get the ring by killing the Guardian, Lekka the Corpulent.

So first of all get the 4 Antelope heads to summon the keeper and talk to Penri which will tell you to mount them on the nearby ruin to summon the keeper. Penri will help you as Maiden when he arrives, defeat him and loot the Ring.



Go to the Hall of Ballads in Treselli to get this quest. The objective is to plant 8 reagents in the Faelands. The eight are in Gorhart Village( Gohart Inn entrance),Canneroc(By the tree in the center of village), Didenhill( Right by the well in center of town), Ayten ( left to The Hammer Smithy), Emarie( on right o Oddities and Curios),Tirin’s Rest( Across the bridge next to a tree), Mel Aglir( Next to the wall where you fast travel), Whitestone( Next to a metal object near the wall).

When all reagents are planted the quest is completed rewarding Xp

-Oh, The In-dignitaries

The Court Squire wants you to get the Indignitaries in the right order before they can be presented before The High Kind Titarion. You will find the Squire in the Garden of Ysa.

Gather all the Dignitaries in the right order namely The Great Huntress Hartwen, Warlord Whenery, Viscount setter the Allseer, Grand Faemage Gorrenet and present them before Squire Brio to complete the quest and get rewarded with Xp and Gold

-One Drop

This Quest is Given by Nomeron in the Garden of Ysa. Follow the beacons on minimap to the appropriate spots to click the vase that will be beside your feet. After doing this for four vases head to Lyceum Grove. Go around the circle and use the Flow Regulator. Return to Nomeron to get your reward which will be some Xp and an armor

-Order of Operation

Upon the request of Jorum Quintis in Scholia Arcana you have to help him find Aloren, Bertran and Caserra who have gone missing after stealing a gem and have fled into Sidhe.

Find Aloren’s Corpse and the journal just south of Arduath, Find Bertran’s corpse and his journal just north of Rundamir and Find Caserra’s corpse and journal further south on the road to Ysa. Return to Jorum to tell him that Caserra organized the theft, Bertran was murdered and Aloren was killed by beasts. You will get some gold, Mage’s gem and discount at Jorum’s Shop as your rewards.


This quest is about saving Ysa from Varani’s attack so Mythany Keen asks you to kill Ambassador Brenner, steal his daggers and dispose them off secretly.

Using the map, locate the ambassador and kill her when no guards are around but stay in stealth mode. Take the Varani Blades from her and either sell them or Salvage them at Blacksmithing Forge. Return to ambassador Keen to get your reward comprising of Xp and Gold

-What Ales you

Talk to Gerten Asker in Asker’s Valley who will ask you to talk to Jakasen in Ysa’s Lyceum Grove. Jakasen will ask you to test a potion he invented. Upon drinking the potion the Fatless one falls unconscious only to wake up in Asker’s Alley. Travel to the font to harvest the Bristletongue and collect it’s seed upon getting the pop up message to do it. Return to Gertern Asker. Get your reward which is some good amount of XP

Cradle of Summer

-Flood Gates

You wake up in front of Terenia after the screen turns black upon using all the five Lorenstones for the Cradle of Summer. This quest is about saving Terenia from the three waves of enemies as follows.

The first waves is a horde of Sprites, the second wave is a set of three trolls one which you should use your Fate Shift ability, Boggarts and then Leanashe. Once dealing with all the waves talk to Terenia. She will say that the cradle is safe again and will die of exhaustion. You will get some gold, loot from Terenia and a shield she gives you before her death.


-Sisterly Love

This quest is given by Lila Janick and completing it gives the Fateless one discounts at her sister’s shop. The quest starts with talking to Lila Janick, she asks you to kill the spider upon doing so you return to her to get the reward.

You will get some Xp, Discounts at Molly’s Shop but no Gold

-Rivener Tarsus

In the center of Cradle of summer talk to Lord Callor around the Deep Slumber. He will ask you to find the 3 staves namely Dark Silver, Crack of Dawn and The God Fang. You can find these by buying or stealing from Erion Raff in Mull- Rane, persuade or steal from Fae named Purta and loot form Hagni home in Emaire respectively. Now forge these into three staffs, Rivener Trasus, Gloamfrost and Ender’s Fire. Go back to Lord Callor who lets you keep the Staffs and you also get some Xp

Forsaken Plain

-Buried Alive

You search for your beloved Lyra in the Orieator’s Tomb when asked by Ommer Vogard in the Forsaken Plain. You will find the Tomb in the north. Follow the path into the tomb and you will reach Lyra and some others at the end of corridor.

They are prevented from leaving the traps guarded by Faer Gorta. So you will have to fight them off and disable the trap. The lever to disable the trap is in the first room of the tomb. Disable the trap to get your reward from Ommer Vogard in form of Xp and a longbow.

-Raising the Dead

You will have to find the grave of Varani merchant Azo Raemund after you talk to Idwa WidFrond. So you have to find his grave which is an unmarked grave. One of the graves has the letter that can send you to Britt Hagni in Emaire Village. Get the letter and meet Britt Hagni as Azo Raemund and persuade him to give you the three rings: Azo’s Wealth, Wisdom and Wish.

Meet Idwa and among the options available choose whatever reward you want!

-The Treasure of Culn

This quest is about recovering the riches saved in the Bitter cove which can be used to raise money. So enter Bitter Cove to find the first valuable keep away from the traps though. Move further and defeat the Kobold Rougues to get the next valuable. As you move further south you will have to deal with more Kobolds and Kobolds Rogues before coming across the Bear Trap chest. The last one is guarded by Six Kobolds, they sit around the firepit so you can stealth kill them. Watch out for Kobold Nightbald!

Return to Lord Cras to return the treasures to him and he will ask you to follow Urlik to get your reward but Urlik has been advised by the Lord to kill you. You can choose to either kill him or let him live. Return to Lord Cras to get your reward in form of Xps in case you kill him or Gold and less XP if you let him go.

-They Walk Among Us

Elrod Edman, the refugee leader asks you to find the spies( Tuatha Informants) and stop them from doing any harm. Upon meeting the leader he will tell you who you will have to deal with as follows

Nag Fender found in the Refugee camp, standing near a fire. You can persuade him no to inform anymore. Anred Amfast found just inside the door to Blue Bear Tavern or going towards the Cradle of Summer. You can persuade him to stop informing as well. Finally Froma Tonwald found in New Culn in the Southern Forsaken lands. Persuade her aswell

Return to Elrod Edman who will rewards you with Xp.

-Unlucky Charm

A bleeding Villager in Emaire will tell you how he just got robbed and will ask you to retrieve his Amulet for him. When the conversation ends you will see a target fleeing towards Cradle of Summer.

Hunt down the thief in Cradle of Summer who will tell you that the Amulet is cursed and will ask you to dip it into purification water in Fae Hollow Slyk altar! Remember as long as you have the amulet you will have three curses.

After fighting the enemies you can choose to give the Amulet to the thief or to the owner the rewards will vary accordingly.




First of All acquire the money from Meyra Maun at the Tirin’s Rest Inn in Galafor which you will have to deliver to Village Sanctuary but after dealing with the thief.

Donate the money towards the collections. Take the money box to the sanctuary and then deposit the money. You have to lure the thief, Florian Brennac in by getting a room at the local inn and waiting for 12 am.

The rewards are same for letting him go or turning him in  to Priestess Corelon

-Out of the Ruins

You have to look for Anela who headed towards the village of Culn. She is the daughter of Atheof Cergren.

Talk to Bede Pengaras in Pengaras basement, he will send you to Virki( A ruin in Kandarian). Anela can be found in Virki being attacked by various Tuatha. Defeat them and help Anela close the gates by interacting with the levers as seen on the mini map which will close the gates. Talk to Anela, upon she thanking you, you will receive Xp and Gold along with a Doctor’s Medallion.

-The Valley of the Blessed

This Quest is given to you in Galafor by Serbel or Graem Haille in which she asks you to retrieve the Pailing Wand from the Fae Hollow called Adarus. On your way you encounter Graem who tells you a different story so you will have to decide who you will give the wand to.

To get the wand you will have to go to the Adarus Dungeon that is filled with Sprites and Sprite Champions and at the end of the hollow dungeon you will have to fight 5 Boggarts and a High Level Bog Thresh. Upon doing this you will acquire the wand.

If you return the wand to Serabel you are awarded with Xp and six reagents alternatively if you return it to Graem you will get Xp with gold and a random Medallion.




-Tirin’s Secret

The Fae, Adar is captivated in a jail in Burren Cove. The key to the gates rests with Nil Kren and the priestess knows the spell against the curse guarding the door.

You will acquire the quest from Gwastle after which you will examine the Bullen Cove to find Adar, who wishes to be freed.

You need to get the key by stealing it from Kren or Persuading him. Other than that you can also pick the lock which is extremely hard. To learn the spell, talk to Priestess Corelon about Adar. She will send you to a room where you can learn the spell from a book

Free Adar and she will heal you in the wilderness. You will get Xp, a random echanted gem and the Priestess gives you gold if you talk to her after freeing Adar.


-Derfel’s Labor

You will be asked by Derfel in his house in western Kandarian to perform 8 labors for him. First of all Fetch the Rialte Brocair for him by heading north to lucky mine and collecting the whiskey from the chest. Deliver the letter to Mattix Dave, head to Mel Aglir and enter The Raven to show the letter to Mattix.

He will then ask you to Recover Hell Bane from three Sword’s corpse for which head to Kandarian  just south or Virkhi, kill the Tuatha after you find the Corpse. Next, You have to Buy Bloodstone for him so head to Reedsong Inn in Tirin’s Rest, Talk to Kel Cafferty to get the stone. You may also persuade him and when you return the stone you will get 1000 Gold

Steal the Circlet for him by travelling to Scholia Arcana and then go to the library to dispel and pick the lock to steal it. Rebuild the crown by travelling to Ananrach, just north of Mel Aglir. Meet Hendi and ask for his help in rebuilding the crown.

The last labor is where you have to defeat Keurig Shaster. Once you kill him. Derfel will tell you where to get your Xp and Gold.


-The Best Defense

Corporal Ivar was tasked with killing Connovar but unfortunately he cant do it on his own to he asks The Fateless one for help. So in this quest you will help him as follows

Talk to Corporal near Tam’s Wagon in western Kandarian near the pass into Tala- Rane. Head South and kill Connovar then go back to Corporal to get Xp and Gold

-The Lord Kandarian

Eli Tems asks you steal Lord Kandarian’s Signet Ring that he claims, he can use to gain Lord’s help against Tuatha raiders.

Talk to Eli Tems in Mel Aglir, in the Raven where he asks you to perform the task. Now travel to Kandarian Keep to steal the ring and return to Eli. Now Eli asks you to enchant the ring for which you travel to Altar and defeat the Faer Gorta

Then you may choose to return the ring to Eli or may take it back to Kandarian Cove. Either way the ring will finally go to Eli. Go to Eli after placing the Ring back to get your reward of Xp and Gold.

-The Tinker’s Daughter

Bardan Tam’s daughter Julia was captured by Bandit who took her to Kandaria to sell her as a slave. So when you go to Tam’s Wagon you find Bardan Tam who begs you to help him in this matter

Once the quest starts head to Caer Tosai, south of Tam’s Wagon where you will find many Bandits, Jottun and wolves before entering. The place also has more refugees so clear all the area before finding Julia. Remember that the area is packed with Freemen so you will have to fight them to free the refugees. Finally you will find the way to Julia, kill the last Slavers and head out. Go back to Bardan to get your reward, Xp and Gold.


-A Page-Turner

Talk to Idris Theonen in the Scholia Arcana library in Rathir. He will give you Omnibus Arcana for “ various visiting places” quest. The places will open as you complete them one by one.

After going to the 4 destinations and passing the test “ fighting the Ambush”, Go back to Idris and choose “Principle of Observation” when he asks you to choose from 6 principles. The quest will end with you getting Xp and Gold

A Second to a Duel

Talk to Walen Forstid in Seafoam Tavern in the city of Rathir. He will ask you to get the Rose of Shadow to put it on the sword of his Dueling opponent, Daltan Eames

Talk to Daltan and poison his sword, return to Walen and tell him that you have done the job to which he will tell you a name of a ship and will have you alert a man on the dock of this name. Go to the dock and give the name of the ship to Jeibir Calurin. Then go to the neadby Quay to wish Walen good luck for the Duel, he dies and you can loot him. The quest ends rewarding you with Xp and Gold.

-Bad Blood

Talk to Onfie Cather in the upper city of Rathir where she will ask you to meet Coriana Anwon. Coriana will tell you about her son’s sickness and the quest starts.

Obtain the Lapidus root from Acatha in the north of the cave Gloamthicket. Take it back to House Anwon and give it to the son. Mallion Anwon will tell you that he drank wine before the sickness!

The wine was poisoned by Einar Abergast so report him to Favian Tyrn. Confront Abergast after seeing his servant dead in his house. Persuade him to accept his crimes! After which he dies and then you can loot him. Go back to Coriana to get your reward comprising of Xp, Gold and Oakenshield.

Every Sparrow Fallen
This quest is pretty simple – you will be asked to deliver a message to Selni, Lower Tunnels by a wounded man in Rathir.

-Good with Locks

In this quest you will have to pick 5 locks to help Wyl Werrener to retrieve the ledger from Custom house storeroom. The Storeroom can be accessed via the door to the right to Custom house entrance.

There are 15 chest of varying difficulty and the ledger is in one of them. After obtaining the Old Red Ledger, go back to Wyl to get XP and Gold.


-Learning Curve

Talk to Telemacus Rasp in Scholia Arcana grounds in the upper city of Rathir he will tell you that students have been going to Gloamthicket and not returning

Travel to Gloamthicket and fight the Murghans in the narrow cave. At the end of the way you will find a Banshaen Priestess! Kill her and go back to Telemacus to get your reward.

-Mixing Business

In Rathir’s Lower City in Officers hall, talk to Carasta Arawyn who will ask you to get the contract signed from Gwalchamai. For that give him two bottles of Maybryn Wine and then persuade him to sign the contract making it most beneficial for Carasta.

Return to Carasta to get your gold based on your persuasion level you used to sign the contract in Carasta’s Favor

-The Orison

In The Temple of Lyria, talk to Abelyra Seranon. She will tell you that you are welcomed in Orison only if you complete the three tasks as follows

Carry the Temple Amphora to three Sacred Springs in Rathir( North Side),Galafor( Far north to the pass to Forksaken Plains), Snowmelt Pass( In the center West of Galafor)

Go to the Lower Tunnels of Rathir and persuade the Blasphemer to stop preaching. And finally give one of the following to Abelyra, 10% of your Xp, an epic gem or some gold.

You will get Permanent positive effect and Level based Xp.

-Tidings of War

Talk to Rhiad Guth in the lower city of Rathir where she will ask you  to deliver various notices of duty to several citizens of Rathir. Once you successfully deliver those return to Rhiad Guth to get Xp and Gold.

Tala- Rane

-A Pilgrim’s Setback

This quest can be started by interacting with “ Stolen Scrolls- Mull Rane” from the Helmgard Keep contract board.The Objective is to retrieve five scrolls form Mull-Rane. These scrolls are in the possession of 5 Kobolds which are marked in the map. Once the scrolls are recovered the rewards will be Gold and Xp

-Niahm’s Labors

Talk to Niahm Kent who will ask you to kill three Kobolds. You can find him wandering in Tala Rane. The three Kobolds that you must kill are Rotclaw( in the little Cul de sac in the south) , King Fang( On the road leading to Kandarian), BlackShriek( Just across the River from Hemlgard Keep).

Then Niahm will send you to kill a Crudok, Kolmir and Malgar a Jottun Cheiftain after which when you return to him he rewards you with Xp and Gold.

-The Aster Inheritance

Start the quest be acquiring either of the Amulets from Aster brother’s graves. The quest will them lead you to next grave and ultimately you will be taken to Enton Aster, the father, where you will fight 4 Faer Grotas, kill them to activate the grave

You will then receive the Aster key along with the map which you can use to get the remaining treasure as a result of which the quest will end rewarding you will XP

-Vane’s Luck

Vane can be found in the Lucky Mine. To reach him you will have to fight freemen assassins, giant rats and traps. Along the way you will find chests and skeletons too.

Finally you will reach Vane and kill him along with the creatures guarding him. Collect his loot and your reward in form of Xps

-Wrest from Peace

You have to get a wedding ring from a grave as a person has requested you to do so if you are brave enough. From the Helmgard Keep interact with the contract board to start this quest.

Go to the place as indicated on the map to the pile of stones. Loot the ring and keep it. The reward is Xp and Gold.

Tywili Coast

Deserter’s Dessert

Talk to Maedirgal Fenn outside the city of Rathir he will ask you to track down some deserters and collect the Bogstaunch they are carrying. The deserters are marked on the map so collect the stuff from them. Once you have the 5 bottles of Bogstaunch  go back to Fenn to get your reward, Xp and Gold.

The Wolds

-Castor’s Wrath

Head towards the Helmgard Keep into the Eastern Wold to find the Bandit camp. Kill the Bandits and the Castor that will try to kill you by shooting a bow at you. Once done go back to Fynwim Iver to collect your reward which is Xp and Gold.

-One Man’s Trash…

Before entering Ayten you will meet a begger, Ratofer, which will propose a deal benefitting both of you. You will have to sell his items and take your share of profit

When you meet him you can purchase the items from him for 1100 gold and sell them one by one. He will ask you to sell the items from which both of you will share the profit.

-Strict Accounts

Talk to Sigra Thorin in Thorin’s Apothecary in Ayten where she will ask you to help her collect the 5 incorrect invoices raised. The five invoices can be found in Iver House( Steal it from the chest), The Hammer Smithy(Unlock and steal it from a chest), The Golden Plains Inn(Upstairs in the chest),Nell’s Item ( a bag in eastern side of town) and Near Helmgard Keep( West of the keep on a merchants Corpse).Return to Sigra to get your reward of some Xp.

-The Erathell’s Blessing

This quest is given by Singing Nell in the town of Ayten. She is not aware of the correct sequence of the stones to played to summon Erathell to bless the town. So she seeks your help.

The Correct sequence is The sequence is (N in bottom and JUMP POINT on top) from the one nearest N to the right, then to the upper left, then lower left, then straight to upper right(see minimap from yellow to red). Note the stones’ descriptions as you activate them; the order is just Lowest, Low, Middle, High then Highest. Any sequence other than this will summon a Niskaru which will have to be killed in order to retry.

As a reward you get a blessing and when you return to Nell you get XP

The Sidhe

-Dangers of the Sidhe
The region of Sidhe – you can take it from any of the Vorm brothers – Vorm Lodge. A woman is sick and you will have to grab a Searstalk to cure her. It’s pretty simple; just try to avoid the living creatures of the woods.

-Hunting the Thresh
This is activated by talking to the woman whom you had healed in the Dangers of the Sidhe. She will explain what she had been through. Luca Soren will send you to take care of a bog thresh, counter it with fire and from a range.

-Aggressive Brownies
Vorm Lodge, talk to the younger Vorm Brother and he will guide you. All you have to do is sweep and clean the road of The Sidhe to Alserund. Pretty simple and easy if you equip a fast weapon with moderate damage.

-The Brownie Den
It is unlocked after completing Aggressive Brownies. Once you’ve located the agro-brownies, talk to Sihtric Vorm and move towards the Rundamir on the southern-edge of The Sidhe.

This dungeon has lots of enemies, so make sure that you’re well-armed. The brownies are killed easily so try to use ranged weapons against them.

The Crudoc boss will require something heavier and more powerful; the mission is completed after killing the boss.

-Band of Brother Monks
Brother Hold (St. Eadri’s Shrine) at Haxhi will tell you to locate Brother Padric, who’s lost in a dungeon known as Splitrock Depths.

You will have to cross the cave terminals to reach the cliff of Haxhi, where the objective is. When you have got hold of the journal, return to the Shrine and let them know.



Summer Fae has kidnapped Frama Aedic’s Husband, Alard Aedic. She needs your help to retrieve the husband.

In Alserud, Detyre ,on the main road talk to Frama Aedic. Then talk to Florian who will tell you to get the Kora Petal from the thresh in the Cavern of Ingress. Kill the thresh and talk to Florian again who will give you a potion. Give that potion to Alard Aedic to finish the quest and get rewarded with Xp

-FellFire Bloom

Florian will tell you that he need to cure all the Fae for which he need the FellFire Bloom from FellFire Pit. Travel through the pit until you encounter Naksaru Tyrant. Defeat the tyrant and harvest the bloom. Travel back to Circle of Engard to talk to Florian and end the quest rewarding yourself with Xp and Gold.

-The Crossing

When you have retrieved the bloom in Fellfire, Florian will ask you to help him curing Narca. Travel to Eagonns’s tomb and fight Pura. Upon defeating her she will give you the Amulet of the Sun.

Then go to Caer Elatha and talk to Maxen who will then send you to Halcyor. Halcyor will summon spirits and attack you. Kill them and place the Bloom on the Altar. Now return to Maxen and he will give you Whisperskin Sandals. Head back to Florian to complete the chest rewarding you with Xp.

 Twilight Pass


Talk to Esha in Glowload mine in Cul-de-sac where she ask for your help to exit through west. As soon as the quest starts a number of Cave Murghan and Cave Banshaen spawn there blocking the Shadow Pass exit.

Help the survivors reach the exit and talk to Esha she will reward you with Xp


Yet another quest revolving around the survivors of Ashmoor and Eventide. In this quest you have to assassinate Gask who is well guarded by Tuathas. After Killing the Two Knights, head to the main camp Cadsymyr and find Gask. Tuatha Zealots  are guarding him.

Once he is dead return to Aluck, who waits outside the main camp. This will finish the Quest rewarding with XP.


To begin the quest, first of all Free Ordo who is trapped in a cage in Weconai. Ordo will then ask you to help him freeing Maura. Go further and deal with the Murghan Nests.

Once you reach the end Ordo will open the door. In the last room you will find Maura the Fae and Murghans and Banshaens will spawn there. Defeat them and finish the quest rewarding you with Xp.


Unlock Nel’s cage and talk to her. She tells you that Bareth is encaged and asks you to rescue him. Go further till you find the area with Tuarthas and Murghans. Clean the Area which reveals Bareths Corpse but there is no charm there.

The charm can be find near the Murghan Cage. Continue towards the last room where Cryamor awaits. Kill Cryamor and go back to Nel to get the reward, Xp and Erathi Glyph.

Shadow Pass

-The Killing Ground

Talk to Desiderus Trav who can be found just outside Ariad Camp. He wants to clear the way through Shadow Pass which comprises of three phases of attacks.

The first phase is where the Sentry is a Tuatha Priest guarded by 3 Tuatha Melee units. When Trav charges on them you should help him. The next Sentry is where Agarth is resting. Help Trav here killing the groups. Finally you will have to help Trav in killing Witch Knight Dessidyn. After killing him the quest ends and you get a Random weapon and Xp from Trav.

High Fulgen

Bolgane Bane

You have to talk down some Bolgan Masters upon being asked by Knave of Pride in Camp Moondown in Alabastra. The three Bolgan masters are marked on the map. Once you kill them all talk to Knave of pride to get Xp as your reward.

-The Siege of Moondown

After Entering into Alabastra, talk to Captain Canwen. She ask you for defending the Camp, Finding the Healer, Finding the Blacksmith and to bring back the mercenaries. Finally when the tasks she gives you are completed she will ask you to deliver a speech. The words you choose from the speech options does not seem to matter a lot. Once the quest is done you will get Xp and Gold.


Master Belne

Just past the entrance to Amura, talk to Belne in Cann-Rane. He will ask you to help him freeing fromt the guards! The two Tuatha OverLords are waiting in the corridor which contains the second chamber guarding Farraglen and Kriftal.

Kill the guards and loot them to get the Shattered Tuatha Weapon. Return to Master Belne and he will ask you to have the weapon of your choice crafted by him. That is your reward in this quest

-Master Farraglen

Upstairs from Master Belne, go talk to Farraglen. He will ask you to you to fetch three raw prismere shards so that he can make the gem that can damage Witch Knight Anira.

The shards can be found on the locations shown in the map. Once found return to Farraglen to get Farraglen’s Gem.

-Master Kiftal

After Farraglen talk to Kiftal on the other side of the room, she will ask you to get Sorrowgweth Fungus which will be used to kill Anira. The Fungus grows in Cann-Rance, in pool east to the entrance to the Ruin.

The pool is guarded by Murghan and Bansahaen so you have to kill them to get the Fungus. Return to Kiftal with the fungus and she rewards you with Kiftal’s Elixer.

-Heroes Shall Not Pass

As soon as the Master Kiftal Quest is finished this quest starts. Several Tuatha will spawn to protect the Witch Knight Anira when the barrier is disabled. Kill Anira and Tuatha and return to Kiftal to end the quest and get the rewards( Gold, Nearth’s Hammer and 4 Potions).

The Midden

A Time to Reap

You will find the Headsman in south of House of Sorrow in The Midden where he will kill the Alfar Soldier who is Betheli Jon’s brother and will challenge you to a duel.

He uses his prisoner to heal up when near death so has a larger health pool which can be tackled by either being in reckoning mode or by going in stealth mode to take the prisoners away. Nevertheless, the fight will occur and the prisoners will die. Kill the Headsman and go back to Betheli to get Xp and Gold.


-Elf’s Best Friend

After finishing the quest above, talk to Zanvil Whit who is in south of The Midden. He will ask you to follow his wolf to find a scouts’s body. You will have to protect the wolf as it finds the body.

The area will have spiders and Leanashes. And also be aware of Faer Gortas too along with Crudok. You may clear the area before starting the quest. Once the Verni’s Report has been looted, go back to Zanvil to get XP and Gold.

-On the Hunt

In the east side of House of Sorrows, talk to Malthon where he will ask you to force an ancient Leanashe to go back to her den and then kill her. For that you will have to cremate four corpses as marked on the map and then go to Meathgra’s Den.

Barghests and Prestilent Brownies guard her quite well so kill them and Meathgra after which you will meet Malthon outside the Den. He will reward you with XP and an epic Gem.

Mel Senshir

-Malicious Practices

In Mel Senshir’s Hospital, talk to Matrim Hawkins who tells you that death want to take him to the tower. He doesn’t want that to happen for which you will inspect the tower well. While doing so you will find Corialia Scathe, a mage that can summon Sprites.

You can either kill Coriala or kill Martim both with reward you with XP a random necklace in the first choice and only Xp if you kill Martin instead.

-Rite of Honor

Various warriors in the Alfar army wants to try fighting against you. In this quest you will talk to Browen Senn to start the five duels against the 5 champions of Mel Senshir. Finally Senn will himself challenge you to a duel and upon defeating him you will get a Random Long sword.


Aedran Tyr asks you to retrieve the Journal from the Alfar soldier’s grave that once saved his life. You can find the corpse of the Alfar outside Mel Senshir, just south of winter lorestone. Once done take the journal back to Aedran and he will reward you with Xp.

The Kneeing

-True to the Cycle

Talk to Liodran who is located near Balor’s Crossing, from The Kneeing to the path into Drowed Forest. He asks you to deliver Alleia’s ring into a hollow Ranhill. The Ranhill is a Dungeon south of Liodran’s position and is filled with Boggarts and Bog Threshers.

In the end of the dungeon is an altar where the ring is to be placed. Once done Liodran is waiting for you outside. Meet him and he rewards you with Xp.

-Witch Knight of Ghennig

Audra Firan will ask you to get the key to free her as she is trapped in a cage. Talk to her when you kill the 4 Jottun. The key is in one of the Jottun Runelords.  Get the key and follow Audra as she wishes to hunt Khleran.

Audra will take you to Ghening where the only path to Khleran is on the right of the entrance, filled with Tuatha and Jottun. Khleran wields Demon Horns and is accompanied with 3 Jottun. Kill them all and talk to Audra to get your reward comprising of XP.


Dead Eye

Elias Hurk has already tracked down Deadeye but he wants you to kill it upon conversing with him just outside the entrance to ShatterTire Mines.

Deep inside the mine you can find Deadeye being guarded by 3 Bolgan Thugs. Kill Deadeye and other enemies and return to Elias who will reward you with Gold, Xp and a Sin.

-Eyes and Ears

Captain Drefan of the Ariad sent some Scouts into Cursewood and wants you to find out what happened to them. Talk to him outside Mel Senshir and he will tell you about 3 scouts which you can find as follows

Elias Hurk can be found just outside Shattertier mines once you complete Deadeye. A scout Corpse can be found outside 7 Window mine and the last one can be found near the Shrine of Lyria. Talk to the captain and get your Xp.

Drowed Forest

-Artifacts and Castles

Talk to Ariel Perien in the mid west of Drowned Forest. She asks you to retrieve her back pack that can be found on the corpse of Deod Dungaras due north in one of Murghan Nest. Deliver the bag to Ariel waiting outside Bonnlach and follow her.

Inside the castle, loot the chest containing the artifact in south eastern library. Return to Ariel and she rewards you with Xp and Gold.

-Spawning Pools

Talk to Sinnon Carrag in the Alfar Camp located in the Drowned Forest. He will ask you to kill three Nest of Banshaen as marked on the map.

Once done return to Sinnon and get your Random weapon as a reward.

Caeled Coast

-Brun the Bard

Talk to Brun the Bard in the Odi’s camp just north east of Caeled Coast. He will ask you to help him tell his tales. First of all clear the camp to the south upon which he comes to tell his tale.

Similarly you will clear two more areas each containing there tale and finally find the letter from Lord Garren Gastyr. After this talk to Brun, he rewards you with Xp and Gold.

-Ghosts of Seawatch

In the southern part of Seawatch Castle, talk to Byrn Elgar. He will ask tell you that you are the new Lord of Seawatch! But you need to get some tasks done.

First of all you need to get the Fae Gardner, Conni, who can be found in the Dungeon of Castle Ansilla. You will be asked to find the key to the eastern part of castle too. Now you need to get back Erion Odi which can be found in the Odi’s Camp. He will return only if you find Private Cornall as his replacement commander. Persuade Cornall and return to Erion who will return to Seawatch

Astor Colliane is the final person that can be found Mel Senshir. But you need to bring him the Tuatha Dagger. The dagger is in Fridi Edstar’s possession which you need to get from him by persuading him. Finally all of the three will go back to Seawatch, talk to  Bryn Elgar and get your Xp and Gold.

-The Blades and the Seal

Drewn Ansilla will ask you to get the two symbols of her position when you talk to her in Ansilla Castle. To get the first symbol, the key, persuade Hillared Gastyr who can be found in Castle Gastyr. Next go to forest of Seawatch to retrieve the blades and the seal. Finally go back to Drewn to get your Xp and Verdant Blades.

-The Lady’s Children

Private Uda Junara asks you to get the 5 Ansilla dolls as she always wanted them but couldn’t due to the army. Once the quest begins, the location of the dolls will be marked on your map. Retrieve the dolls and meet Uda. Now you can either open the dolls or give her the dolls intact. In both cases the rewards vary.

-The Lost Squad

General Fynn ask you to find out what happened to his squad when they encounter Tuatha. Locate the Squad in Castle Ansilla and the remaining members can be found there. You will find Private Gautliffe, follow him and kill the Ticneri along with his companions upon which you will be cursed by Soulbind.

Follow your squad mate that will take you to the cure, drink it and go back to General Fynn to get your reward(XP and a Crystalline Barrier)

-Worthy of Chernobog

Aloff the hunter will ask you to kill Chernobog after you talk to him in Odi’s camp. In order to summon Chernobog you will need 10 Bolgan eyes and you must place them on his Altar.

Kill the Bolgan thug and finish the quest, sadly Aloff is already dead, your reward will be Xp and Helm of Bolgan’s Bane.

-The Last Gastyr

Hillard Gastyr will ask you to help her in killing the Racinon upon conversing with her in Castle Gastyr. Clear the Castle off of Bolgan and their pet Barghests.

Kill Racinon who is a Fae mage along with two Leanashe with her! Once done talk to Hillared and she rewards you with Xp, Gold and Righteous Sword.


-A Silver Tongue

When you talk to Auden Reis outside Adessa Forum, he will ask you to talk to Nerrene Scholar about a language experiment. Nerenne will help you calibrating a potion that lets you understand multiple languages and then asks you 3 questions the answers to which can be found in the book of Linguistics. The answers are as follows

  1. Tell me my name: Blfi mznv rh Xovzh Mvivmmv. (bottom right) a reverse cipher (a-z -> z-a) for “Your name is Cleas Nerenne.”
  2. Where is the Court of Summer: For nay is a shed gent. (top left) an anagram of “In the gardens of Ysa.”
  3. Where are the Tuatha from: Yzzzzghoi. (top right) a reverse cipher and anagram of Alabastra.


-Applied Science

Ferid Ouet ask you to fight some monster as a part of his experiment in the Adessa Labortaries. The testing ground is in Adessa mine where you will fight 3 Brownies, 3 Boggart Plaguebeares, 2 Kobols, 1 Kobold Rogue and 1 Mountain Troll.

After killing these talk to Ferid, he will reward you with Xp and Gold along with 5 potions.

-Community Service

Redelle mane in Hospitalis Quarters asks for your assistance on the petition posted on Pester’s Path. You need to complete The Tithes that bind, Hand- Delivered and Shipping error quest in order to complete this one. Talk to Redelle and he will reward you with Xp and Gold.

-Executive Orders

Loute Grent in the Grand Bursars will ask you to go to the Apotyre Motus Mining Headquarters to get the book and deliver it to Apul Vire at Motus Mining Outpost! When done, return to Loutre and he will reward you with Xp and Gold.


Interact with “ Delivering a Message” on the Hospitalis Quarters contract board in Adessa. Pick the lock on the Adessa’s Prison, travel inside and deliver the letter to Esklad Teiner. Return to Abblier the Addled to complete the chest rewarding you with Xp and Gold.

-New in Town

This quests basically is based on the choice you make among working with either Reddle Mane, Courdan Passant or Feride Ouet. Upon choosing either the respective quest begins!

-Paper Trail

You need to pick up the chapters of the book as follows:

Pick up a book in the Livrarium, it is the first chapter in the memoirs of Galenun Hegem, the architect of Adessa. Travel to the Praetorian Garrison and pick up the second chapter.Travel to the Adessa Laboratories and head upstairs to pick up the third chapter.Travel to the Domus Politica and head upstairs to the right for the fourth chapter.Run across Adessa to get to the Grand Bursars (Fifth)Into the Arcadium and head in to the right (Sixth)Down to the Adessa Isles and into the Basilica Gnostra, in a room on the left (Seventh)Back out to the Forum and up the back stairs (Eighth)

Return to the Livrarium, and head to the far back right to end this quest and pick up your reward (Xp and Persuasion Book)

-Return to Sender

Courdan Passant in Domus Politica will ask you to retrieve a missing letter! The courier, Parwen Well, can be found in the Sun camp. You can find the letter in Cynric Quarry, at the bottom under the scaffold when she tells you that she threw it there. Courdan Passant will then ask you to confront Scholar Airancourt about the matter. He can be found in the Isles in Basilica Gnostra.

Return to Courdan to get your reward( Xp and Gold).


-Shipping Error

Interact with “ Righting the Wrong” from the contract board in Hosptalis Quarters in Adessa. Enter the Adessa Armory to sneak around destroying six crates. Return to Abblier the Addled to get Xp and Gold.

-The Tithes that Bind

Take the Redistributing Wealth option from the quest board in Hospitalis Quarter! Speak to the three merchants about not hoarding the money if you persuade them you can get some gold. You can find Sari Cember in the corridor of Adessa, Diadore Sele in Arcadium and Renerir Vale also in corridor of Adessa. Return to Abblier the Addled to get Xp and Gold.

-Under Watch

Templar Jorielle will tell you that she need to observe you and that Decanus Bruten is not who claims to be when you converse with her in Forum of Adessa. Upon which you talk to Dencanus Bruten who in turn attacks you as he wishes to kill Jorielle!

After killing Bruten talk to Jorielle, she will thank you and reward you with Xp, Gold and the Deed to Sandstone Villa.


-Bone Town

Speak to Beown at the entrance of Whitestone and he will send you to Mayor Eswin. Eswin will ask you to collect a deed he purchased from Motus Mining Headquarters. Steel the dead to Skoria mine and return to Eswin who will then send you to Adath Skoria.

Find Adath in Cynric Quarry and return to Eswin to get Xp.

-Missing Keys

The Quest starts upon speaking to Lina Ardeen in the Thirsty Wench of the village Whitestone. The first task is to unlock the door to the mayors house and then to unlock the Mayors Cottage! Can open these with the keys found in a chest in the room to the left of Motus Mining Headquarter’s entrance.

Return to Lina to get the reward after giving her the documents(Xp and Gold)

-Opening a Vein

If you continue working with the Mayor, you next task is to obtain a sample of Tyerenuim from Skoria mine. Go to the mine and Persuade Thelogood Skoria to open the door. Proceed further to fight Naksura and Naksura Tyrant to get the sample. When you meet the mayor he tells you that Skoria has to be killed. Alternatively you can work with Skoria, get the sample for Skoria family and kill the Mayor.

Either way the reward is Xp, Gold and Infrequent Cuirass.


You have to free a prisioner, Steg Darkvari and for that pickpocket the key off Beorn. Steg then asks you to get the nest which is in a chest located at the end of the Mine. Hindi Zungar who also needs the chest will approach you and you should persuade him no to take it.

Return to Steg, he will give you Darkvari Treasure map, Xp and Gold.

-The Cynrics

From the Bonewall Quest board in Whitestone, acquire this chest. The quarry is located directly south of Whitestone and is filled with Cynric Outlaws. Kill them all and go to Hera Orhelm to get Xp and Gold.

-The Darkvari

Acquire the Chest from the Bonewall Quest board in Whitestone. Kill the Darkvari Outlaws and the giant rats in the Darkvari Mine located west of Whitestone. Go to Hera Orhelmto get Xp and Gold.

The Messenger

Deliver the Four Death notices to the recipients upon being asked by Squrie Coran in the Thirsty Wrench. The recipients are Mal Dydn in Infrost Keep, Tak Edstar in Mel Senshir, Joanne Gortan in whitestone and Ram Leodwald in Rathir.

Once delivered go back to Coran to get Xp and Gold.

-The Zungars

Acquire the quest from Bonewall Quest board in Whitestone, Clear the Zungar Shaft located just North of Whitestone and get your reward from Hera Orhelm( Xp and Gold).

The Hollowlands


Talk to Capstan Odvar in the Motus Mining Post building who will send you to talk to Edgar Aron. Edgar will ask you to kill some of the brownies south-east of Shadowthorn. Bloodbane, a Crudok will appear which you will kill and then return to Capstan to get Xp and Gold.

-Fae at the Mine

In the south of the HollowLands, meet Enser in the Mining Outpost. Follow Enser and kill the Sprites and Boggart Planguesbearer on the way till you find Aurenda. Enser will tell you that the Fae is just Aurenda’s dream self and will direct you to get Aurenda’s light.

Light light can be found in the nearby camp when you jump past Aurenda. Get the light from the corpse and return it to Aurenda and go back to Enser. He will reward you with Xp, Gold and Random Amulet.

-Miners in the Sand

Talk to Apul Vire just outside the mining outpost, he will send you to talk with Calovar about the miners going insane. He will tell you that Crudok attacks and miners insanity is due to an ancient relic lent to Edgar Aron by him.

Now you will travel to Aron Excavation mine to talk to Edgar and persuade him to hand over the relic! He will deny and will summon sprites. Kill him or not that is upto you. Talk to various miner on your way out and go to Apul Vire who will give you the key to Aron Excavation office.

Finally go back to Calovar to end the quest. Reward is Xp and Gold.

-The Century Flowers

In order to restore the Hollowlands, Cavolar asks you to help him in making the Century Flowers Bloom. Use the Petrichor given by Calovar to bloom the flavors on the map and return to him to get Xp.

-Aron Excavation

This quest is associated with Aron Excavation office and Aron Mine. Go to the office and the mine to upgrade it three times each. Once done the quest is completed and you get Xp for it.

The Red Marches

-Her Righteous Fury

The third of the Four quest of the Red Marches that begin in the town of Gallete. Talk to Eathe Dunbert, she wants to take revenge from Belen due to his testament against his Husband.

Head to Tomb of Fyragnos and kill the Kobolds. Follow Kathe and kill the Belen’s Testament member with her. Once they are dead she will thank you and reward you with Xp and Gold with another key to The Tomb of Fyragnos.

-His Brother’s Keeper

You have to help Colm Alba to find his brother Giran Alba who has been coerced into a death cult called Belen’s Testament. Follow Colm into the Tomb of Fyragnos and kill the enemies on the way. When you reach Giran, talk to him and fight him after which you will talk to Colm who will reward you with Xp and Gold with a tomb key.

-Worth Fighting For

Talk to Hried Amelthoe to start the first quest of The Red Marches. Meet him in the Galette Tunnels and fight with the Kobolds. Return to the lever located near the entrance. Interact with Hried otherwise the quest marker does not update.

Now you need the combination to the lever in which you will inspect the corpses of potential Hried members! Once the combination is obtained with Hried’s help, use the lever to loot the chests inside. Finally win the fight against the Belen’s Testaments to complete the quest and get Xp and Gold with the Ring of Fyragnos

-Into the Beach

Meet Colm Alba in Galette, he will tell you to kill Naksura that is being summoned. Travel to The Tomb of Tyragnos and fight your way with the help of your companions. They will also open each door for you on the way. Finally you will see Fyragnos ( Naksura Tyrant). He will summon more Naksura which you will fight and finally lay the final blow on Fyragnos. Speak to the allies to get Xp and Gold.


-Making Enemies

Talk to Orsinian Paige in the north west Menetyre near the pass into Alserund. Steal the Kobold’s Clan Totem and return to Paige. Deal with Ragnar’s Chosen. Kill three Jottun with the name Ragnar Chosen and walk upto their corpses to place Kobold dagger in them.

Meet Orsinian again and talk to him as you see Jottun fighting with Kobolds. Kill the remaining Jottun and go back to Orsinian who rewards you with Xp and Gold.

-Running with Scalpels

Pick up the “Secure Delivery-Adessa” from the Ironfast Keep contract board which will direct you to Adrith Deofrit to pick up a package from. She will give you the Surgeon’s Blades.

Head over to Adessa, once you are in the Isle duck into the Baslica Gnostra and give the blade to Vian Cervus who will reward you with Xp and Gold.

-Spider Season

Pick up the “Spider Thinning-Metyre” from IronFast Keep contract board. It will ask you to kill the spiders in Mentyre Region. You need to kill 8 spiders and get their stingers. Once done, return to Adrith Deofirth to get your reward( Xp and Gold).

-Time of Need

In this quest you will need to retrieve the three items as marked on your map. Spidersac Ichor, Fennwrac Leaf and Grist From Jottun’s Pot. Once you have these return to Efyr Dynnwel, remind him that he is need at the keep. The quest ends and you are rewarded with Xp.

-Whereabouts Unknown

Interact with “ Missing Person-Alserund” from the IronFast Keep contract board to start the quest. You need to loot Eldric Orhelm’s walking stick to get the reward. Once done, return to Adrith Deofirth to get Xp and Gold.

Let us know which side-quest you have trouble completing and we will try to help you out.

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