Kingdom Hearts 3 AP Boost Locations Guide

Our Kingdom Hearts 3 AP Boost Locations Guide will help you learn all about finding the AP Boost in Treasure Chests scattered in KH3 Worlds.

Using standard moves in combat will get the job done… MOSTLY! This is because when hordes of enemies swarm you or you engage in a tough boss fight, chances of victory become slim… that is without the use of abilities. For that purpose, we will be discussing more about the locations where you might be able to acquire Kingdom Hearts III AP (Ability Points) boost and thus unlock more of the perks to bring into combat.

Kingdom Hearts 3 AP Boost Locations

Most of the abilities that you will unlock will range from combo extenders to evasive techniques to strengthened defensive measures. Majority of these will require you to have certain ability points in order to utilize them.

Although natural progression and leveling up in the game will earn you AP, these opportunities are far and wide. You can also purchase the Skill Ring from Moogle Shop to boost your AP.

The Photo Missions that prompt you to use your Gummiphone on Lucky Emblems and other sights award you with Kingdom Hearts III AP Boosts.

Nonetheless, the most convenient and consistent method of obtaining Ability Points is via items called AP Boosts that are found within Treasure Chests riddled around the world. Here are the locations for these Treasure Chests.

Olympus #1
Towards the start of the region, right as you enter Thebes. Look for the chest on the mountainside directly across from the flame cauldron on the left.

Olympus #2
After enhancing the shield for Goofy, look on the roof of an area in Thebes for the chest.

Olympus #3
From the alleyway in Thebes, climb up the right wall and then onto the grassy area to find the Treasure Chest.

Olympus #4
Towards the mountainside of Mount Olympus, climb the left wall and make your way to the top as you encounter Rock Titans throwing boulders from above. Just before the top, take the ledge on the left.

Twilight Town
From The Neighborhood region when you enter the woods from the Underground Conduit, climb up a fallen tree to find the chest to the side of it.

Kingdom of Corona
From Thoroughfare, enter the Shore region find the chest just straight ahead lying on the ground. Open it for the AP Boost.

In the Valley of Ice region, towards the central section, head southwest and continue up the path where you will encounter the Heartless enemy type while you ascend.

Avoid the path on the left and then jump across the gap and onto a ledge by using the Doubleflight ability. Look for the chest around the corner.

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