Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems Locations Guide – Hidden Mickeys, Unlock Secret Ending

There are 90 Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems scattered across the World of KH3. You need to find these Hidden Mickeys to unlock Secret Ending.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems (Hidden Mickey heads) is one of the collectibles scattered around the game’s world. Mickey Emblems, when collected, provide you with rewards but the bigger purpose to these Hidden Mickeys is that they are the key to the *Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3*.

The number of Hidden Mickeys to be collected depend on the difficulty level of your game. The higher the difficulty level, the more Hidden Emblems can be left behind.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems

The Lucky Emblems are very sneakily hidden everywhere and are camouflaged in the environment around you which makes the player look at all highs and lows and search in every corner for them.

Your start your search for these Lucky Emblems after you receive the Gummiphone in Twilight Town. The phone is what will collect them hence all the places you left before will be searched again for these emblems.

You have to keep an eye out for these Mickey Emblems all the time but often the game also alerts you when you are in an area where the Emblem is near you. Your support characters will inform you about that.

All you have to do is after being alerted snake out your Gummiphone and look with it around you.

It will show you a red box when you will be looking at the wrong angle and the box will turn yellow when you will put your camera on the right angle, just above the hidden Mickey Head.

Capture the Lucky Emblem and start your search for the next one. There are a bit too many of them. The Kingdom Hearts 3 Hidden Mickey Locations for all of them are listed down below:

1. Toy Box Lucky Emblems

These emblems are in the world of Toy Story. Following are Hidden Mickeys found inside Andy’s House:

Your first Mickey is in Andy’s room on the top of his bookshelf pasted on a bluish grey box.

The second Mickey is outside the room’s window on the right-hand side of the garage’s roof.

The third Mickey is outside the window that is over the desk in the room. Jump out of the window and follow the pathway towards the front door. You will find the Mickey made of leaves in the pathway.

The fourth Mickey is out on the street on the back of a van.

Now to the Toy Store:

The fifth Mickey is behind the counter in the wrapping station and is made up of Tape Rolls.

To get this sixth Mickey, use a robot to clear up the pile of toys opposite of Gigas store. The Mickey’s head is hidden underneath the pile.

Your seventh emblem will be on the second floor in the action store. You will climb a vent from which you will reach a tunnel, go inside and you will see Mickey on the wall.

Go to the third floor, in front of the pink store you will see some benches. Climb on the rail over the benches and you will see your eighth Mickey on the head of the spaceship.

Now move towards the pink store and climb on the counter and you will see the ninth Mickey made up of three disco balls.

For your tenth Mickey, just go towards the giant statue with the purple head and you will see Mickey pasted below it.

Move towards the entrance of the ground floor where you will see the Mickey made up of stickers on the wall.

2. 100 Acre Wood Lucky Emblems

Following are the locations of all the Mickey Emblems you can locate scattered all across the 100 Acre Wood in KH3:

For these Emblems, enter the Rabbit’s House. You will see your first emblem from your fast travel point. It is pasted on a Pumpkin in front of the scarecrow.

Now, from the fast travel point, move right towards the purple elephant and you can see the Mickey’ head from far. It is made on a tree, the tree leaves are cut in a shape of the Emblem.

Start walking back towards the Rabbit’s house and you will see a bucket next to a purple towel. You will find your emblem inside the bucket.

3. Kingdom of Corona Lucky Emblems

This is the Tangled world. Continue to read to know where to find all the Hidden Emblems in the Corona:

The first emblem can be easily seen below the tower. It is made up of three rocks.

There will be a swamp in which you have to enter and follow with the wall on your right. Soon enough you will see a big rock on which you will find your emblem.

You will see a canyon in the opposite direction of the field. Enter the cave from the right side. Inside you will find the emblem on the barrel.

Crossing the bridge into the forest, you will find your emblem on the kingdom’s wall.

You will find this emblem inside Corona on the left side of the stone arc.

After crossing the square, you will see a wooden door on your right side. On the very left of the door, you will see your Mickey.

Inside the kingdom, you will see a small tower. Beside the wooden door of the tower, the emblem is carved in the stone.

Downstairs by the save point you will see an emblem which will be made up three barrels.

The last emblem in this place is on the top of the lighthouse over the pier. It is shaped in the ashes.

4. Arendelle Lucky Emblems

This is now the Frozen world we have entered. Following are the locations of all the Mickey Emblems found in Arendelle:

The first emblem is made on a tree. You have to follow straight in the mountains where you will find a canyon. Enter it and turn right, moving down you will reach a valley. On the left side over the valley, you will see a tree with the emblem on it.

You have to move in the corridor of the Ice Labyrinth and you will find a bridge. Climb it and you will find your emblem.

From the fast travel point, go towards the small room where you will see an emblem on the wall.

On the floor above you, you will find a room with a bridge. Halfway on the bridge, you will find an emblem on your left side.

From the elevator move on the top floor. In the middle of the big room, head on the hill and you will see an emblem made from rocks.

This emblem is on a rock near the fifth fast travel point.

5. Twilight Town Lucky Emblems

Following are the Hidden Mickey Marks that you can find in the Twilight Town:

Above your first fast travel point, slightly to the left, you will notice a diamond shape. You will find your emblem below the diamond shape.

For the next emblem, climb on the building beside the grey path. You will see a cable car coming, jump on it and you can spot your emblem with your Gummiphone. It is not hard to miss.

Climb on the pointy roof near the fast travel point. The emblem is on one of the chimneys on that roof.

Another emblem is in the cinema near the store. The emblem shows on the screen only when there is no movie on it.

Your fifth emblem is in a cafe on a roof in the east side of the town. Climb over the rooftop of the cafe and you can see your Mickey made up of plates on a table.

This next emblem is at the exit of the sewer from which you exited the town. It is at the door of your exit.

The seventh emblem will be found in the woods. You can see it from the narrow pathway.

The next emblem will also be found in the woods near the grass. The emblem will be orange and easy to spot.

The last emblem is at the end of the woods on the left wall of the entrance to the mansion.

6. Monstropolis Lucky Emblems

Following are the Hidden Mickey Marks that you can find in the Monstropolis:

The area where you activated the laugh special move, you will find the emblem behind the metal gate.

In the office space, go towards the clown statue and hit it until it moves. You will see your emblem on the floor.

Another emblem is in the corridor next to the big white room near the elevator. It is pasted on a wall.

Near the same elevator, you can see the emblem painted purple on the floor.

Go to the next floor from the elevator and move until you reach the stairway. The emblem is on the wall of the room at the end of the hall.

One is on the side of the cabinets near the fifth fast travel point.

From the last travel point head outside the tunnel and climb up the stair. Look down and you will see the emblem.

7. Olympus Lucky Emblem

Following are the Hidden Mickey Marks that you can find in the Olympus:

The first emblem is on the wall of the main plaza in Thebes.

When you reach the statue of Hercules, you will see the staircase to the Temple. The emblem is carved on the staircase.

Another emblem is near where Perseus is holding Medusa’s head. You will see a waterfall there. To stop the water coming out of the fall kill the enemies and you will see the emblem behind the waterfall.

Climb the wall near that waterfall and you will see another waterfall. Climb over it too. Take the pathway towards the trees from the cave and look down when you reach the end. You will see the emblem made of rock.

Another emblem is located in the Gods of the Realm area. You will see it on the wall of the staircase.

Our Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Marks Locations Guide is a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more Hidden Mickey Marks in the coming days.